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Chapter 6

After the bell went I headed over to my locker and shoved my bag in and grabbed my books and me and Connor ran to class. We lined up and I looked around looking for Jacinta but didn't see her anywhere. Then I saw our English teacher Mr. Button walking over to the classroom as he unlocked it and we all headed inside. We sat down as Mr. Button walked to the front of the class room and spoke loudly "now I want you to all to move the tables into four's and get into groups of four." He yelled as we did as he instructed as. I grabbed one side and Connor grabbed the other as we joined our table with the 'class clown' Harley Heckleton but none of his friends were at school today. He was the only one out of his friends that was in class today. He had thick brown hair that was so thick it nearly looked as if he had dreadlocks. He didn't but it looked like he did. We all sat down and I was sitting across from him. He looked at me then grinned at me "hey sweetie" he said and I looked down at my book and Connor shot Harley an angry look. Harley screwed up his face "sorry" he said. Everybody always sucked up to Connor because he was pretty tough because he played rugby. The teacher looked at us "excuse me Mr. Matthews, Mr.Fonka and Mr.Heckleton do you think your private conversations more important then what I’m trying to teach you?" Mr. Button asked and Harley smirked "no Mr. Button" he said as he laughed. Mr. Button shook his head "do you find my name a joke?" He asked and Harley held in laugher as he shook his head "no Mr. Button sir your name is not a joke." He said as Mr. Button turned his head to face the class and started talking again. Connor laughed and so did I. Harley did to and neither of us knew what we were laughing at we just laughed. Just then there was a quiet knock at the door as Mr. Button opened the door and Jacinta walked inside. Mr. Button didn't look impressed at her lateness "Miss Brown do you have a reason for being late?" He asked and she nodded and showed him her planner and he nodded and handed it back to her. She walked over and sat on our table. She sat next to Harley. Harley smirked at her and she smiled at me. I felt my heart pound against my rib cage as I forced a smile. She opened up her work and began wrighting down the notes from the board. I then realized I forgot to bring my book. I bit my lip and saw that Mr. Button noticed it to. He glared at me then walked over to my table then he saw that Harley didn't have his either "Mr. Fonka yet again you come without your books." He said as he glanced over at me "and Mr. Matthews you don't have yours? How are you two going to write down notes so you know what to do-" He said as Jacinta interrupted "sir I’ve got paper I’ll give them some" she smiled. He looked at her "would you mind giving them pens?" Mr. Button asked and she shook her head "no they can have pens." She said as he smiled and nodded. She returned his smile "thank you miss.Brown" he said "you're welcome sir" she said as Mr.Button walked over to his desk and sat down. Jacinta ripped out paper from her book and handed one to Harley and then a pen to him also. She then ripped one out for me and handed it to me. She smiled and I returned her smile and grabbed the paper off of her. She then handed me a pen and I began wrighting the notes off the board.

Mr. Button began calling the role, I listened for my name and when he said it we had to yell because he never heard "yes" I said as he continued the role.

"Now you're to make up a scenario between your group that you have to act out and I will give you a piece of paper with one word on it. It might be death or losing a running race but I want you to make up a scenario for it." Mr. Button explained as he handed the pieces of paper to Trent. He and Harley were absolute enemies. He handed them to every table and I lifted the piece of paper. It read bullying. Harley grabbed it off of me and smiled "I’m the bully" he said pointing to himself, "AND! you" he said pointing at Connor. Connor raised an eyebrow "you will be my little friend" he said as he looked at Jacinta "you're our friend" he said pointing at her. His gaze turned to me as he pointed at me "you're the dude we bully, we call you...emo boy." He said. I knew he was referring to my many piercings, choice of friends other than Connor and the fact I straightened my hair. Jacinta looked at Harley "that’s not very nice!" she yelled and Harley shrugged "so what?" He said. She sighed and smiled at me and I smiled back at her "you're an idiot" she said as Harley laughed. Connor looked at me with an unsure glance. I offered him a reassuring smile and he looked away. Harley took the lid off the pen and began wrighting "ok so me, Connor and Jacinta catch you slitting you're wrist and we all laugh at you then you cry and run home to kill yourself." Harley said and I felt tears begin to form. I forced them away as Jacinta slapped Harley hard "no, Harley" she said as Harley rolled his eyes and shrugged at her. He looked at her "fine" he said "we walk over to you and start bagging your hair or something then you can't take it anymore and you start bagging our hair." Harley said as Jacinta nodded. Harley was right, I was nearly fed up with the shit I put up with at school. I nodded "ok then what do I say about your hair?" He said as Harley smirked "you call it feral or some shit then I run off crying." Harley said as Connor laughed and so did Jacinta. I smiled and nodded "sounds good" I said as Harley began wrighting the script.

After watching Trent's group's performance on 'sexuality' it was our turn. Mr. Button pointed to us "Harley's group" he said as Harley smirked and got up followed by the rest of us "it's rude to point sir" he said as Mr. Button shook his head. Harley stood up the front and spoke "HI! I AM HARLEY AND THIS IS CONNOR, JACINTA AND JAYSON OUR TOPIC IS ABOUT BULLYING!' Harley spoke loudly as everyone laughed. We all got into a spot in the room. Harley stood in the middle of Connor and Jacinta wearing my hat backward and his pants half way down the back of him obviously trying to imitate a gangster. Everyone laughed as I sat down on a chair at the front of the room and pretending I was wrighting. They all walked up to me and Connor whispered to Harley loud enough for everyone including me to hear "hey look at that kids hair" Connor said. Harley and Jacinta fake laughed as they walked over to me. Harley pretended to chew chewing gum as he spoke "nice hair" he said and I smiled pushing up glasses that were Jacinta's reading glasses. Jacinta giggled at me "he's kidding emo" Connor said as I pretended to be offended then stood up and stood in Harley's face "nice hair." I said imitating the tune in his voice as I spoke. Harley touched the hair coming out from under the hat and grinned "thanks" he said "I’m joking you look like a hobo." I said as he ran to the other side of the classroom pretending to cry. Everyone laughed at him including Mr. Button as he came and stood next to me and shoved the hat on my head and I handed Jacinta's glasses back to her. Everyone clapped "what did you think of that performance...Leo?" He said and Leo looked at him screwing up his face "it was alright" he replied looking out the window again and leaned back on his chair. Mr. Button looked around the room "Miss.Wink what did you think?" He said asking Cleo Wink. She smiled "good" she said and Mr. Button nodded and waved us back to sit at our table again. I looked out the window hoping that this day would end already.

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