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Chapter 6

After school I got my bag and headed over to Jacinta's locker to see her bending over getting her things. She stood up with her bag as she locked her locker and threw her bag over her shoulder and when she realize I was standing there she smiled. I returned her smile as she walked over to me smiling. I smiled "thanks for coming Jayson" she said and I nodded  as she took my hand and walked towards the oval and stopped just on top of smokers hill. It was called that for a reason to. Because that was where everyone smoked cigarettes, weed or anything along that line. She looked afraid "I really like you" she said as she looked down at her feet "I like you to Jacinta." I said and she looked at me and "I mean I like you, more than a friend Jayson." She said and I nodded "I know, I do to" I said as she smiled big. She grabbed my hand "then come with me" she said and I raised a confused eyebrow at her. She lead me towards the front of the school and out of the gates. She lead me towards the path towards Safeway. I followed her "come to my house, I want to be your girlfriend Jayson...But I want to know if you like my family" she said as I nodded and she and I walked along the path holding hands. She looked at me "so Jayson" she said and I looked at her "do you have anything to ask me?" She asked and I stopped her from walking and shook my head. She furrowed her brow and I smiled "why ask when I could show?" I asked as I pressed my lips against hers slowly. We then kissed. It was the best moment in my life. For the first time it felt like I was wanted, like life was worth living. All because I was kissing the girl of my dreams. When we pulled away I caught her blushing. She smiled "so...You're asking me out in your own special way?" She asked and I nodded. She had the voice of an angel and the softest lips that I could kiss all kiss all day if I wanted to. She hugged me "Jayson, you're amazing" she said as I laughed "I wouldn't say that" I said and she smiled at me as we continued walking again.
I grabbed hold of her hand and we walked along the path holding hands. She looked at me "this will be a good memory for me Jayson an anniversary if you chose to be with me for a year" she said as I nodded. She smiled and checked her phone "it's Friday the 4th of the 5th that’s going to be our anniversary."

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