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We walked along the path as we turned into a small street with a river and tree's surrounding it. She turned to me and smiled "Jayson, this is where I live" she said pointing to a house as she ran over and I ran after her. She opened the door and walked inside "mum! dad!" She called out as a very stressed out looking lady came out of what I presumed to be the kitchen. The lady smiled at me "hello darling who's this?" She said as Jacinta smiled, Jacinta grabbed my hand "this is Jayson, my boyfriend" she said as the lady nodded "I’m Brenda, Jacinta's mother" she said as she then looked at Jacinta "your father had to work the late shift tonight sweetie he'll be home by dinner." She said as she nodded towards me "is he staying for dinner?" She asked as Jacinta looked at me and as did Brenda and waiting for an answer. I nodded as Brenda smiled and walked away into the kitchen. Jacinta grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight as I smiled and she took me upstairs. She knocked on a door and out came a very well built guy, about 17 or 18 wearing no top only boxers. He raised an eyebrow at her then me "what?" He asked as Jacinta giggled "this is my boyfriend Jayson." She said as he nodded slowly "okay..." He said as he looked at me "hi my names Ben..." He said and even I could tell he was out of it, either drunk or high. Either way I didn't feel particularly safe around him. He raised an irritated impatient eyebrow at her and she rolled her eyes "he's my brother." She said as I nodded and she dragged me back down stairs. He closed the door and then I heard the voice from a girl and then nothing. She looked at me "don't mind him he's got his girlfriend over" she said as we sat down at the couch. She turned on the TV and threw me the remote "you look for something" she said as I nodded and flicked through channels till I came across the Simpsons "leave it I like the Simpsons." She said and I smiled and nodded.

After a while I heard a car pull up in the driveway. Jacinta smiled at me "that'll be dad" she said as she stood up and pulled me up. A braid man with thick red hair and an orange floor vest walked inside the house. I guessed he walked as some kind of builder or something. Jacinta ran over and hugged the man "hi dad" she said as he hugged her to. She pulled away and he immediately shot me a look. A look of a concerned father. Jacinta pointed at me "dad this is Jayson, my boyfriend" he said as her father examined me then held his hand out for me to shake. I took his hand and shook it and he smiled "what do you do Jayson?" He asked "I work as a cashier at Safeway." I said and he nodded "nice one" he said and I laughed and nodded. We all headed into the kitchen and saw that dinner was dished up on the table.

After dinner Jacinta's brother still hadn't come down and Jacinta brung me upstairs. She took me into her room and I sat down on her bed. She sat next to me and I smiled when my mobile rang. It was Jack "hello?" I asked and he began yelling in my ear "JAYSON YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME RIGHT NOW YOUR MOTHERS WORRIED SICK!!!!!"  I ignored his tone “tell her I’m at my girlfriend’s house and she can ground me and you can punish me when I get home.” I said as he went silent and then laughed. I instantly hung up wasn’t gonna put up with him laughing at me all because I got a girlfriend and he didn’t think it was possible. After that I put my phone back in my pocket and looked at her and smiled. She smiled too “my friend’s boyfriend is having a party tomorrow and he wanted me to bring a date if I could…would you want to come?” She said and I shrugged “sure.” I said and she hugged me “thank you Jayson, are you allowed stay the night?” She said as I shook my head “no, my mum’s already gonna ground me and my step dad’s gonna chop my balls up and hang them up around the house for decoration.” I said as she giggled at me and then I laughed to. She then nodded “ok then I’ll get my dad to take you home” she said as I nodded and stood up “yeah that’ll be fine.” I said as she grabbed my hand and took me down stairs into the lounge room where her parents were watching TV. “Daddy can you take Jayson home?” Jacinta said smiling and her Dad looked up at us then grinned and nodded “yeah sure thing, I’ll do that now.” He said standing up and walking over to the bowel and grabbed out his car keys. I looked at Jacinta and we hugged goodbye then I followed her father outside into the car.

I got into the car and put on my seatbelt and then so did her father as he started the car and began driving. “Where do you live mate?” He asked and I hesitated to tell him. Not only was my street the place where so many crimes were committed but it was also the street everybody knew and nobody liked it at all. “24 Grade street” I said as he looked at me then shook his head and looked but at the road “that’s not safe, your parents don’t care?” He asked and I shook my head “we don’t have much of a choice were poor and we lost my old house because of settlement so they put us into a temporary house which happens to be in Grade street.” I explained as he nodded and I noticed the rusted green street sign that said ‘Grade ST’ and I realized I was almost home. I also realized I was in love. I was in love with someone that was way out of my league. A few hours ago and that would be the case. But for whatever reason she reason she thought that I was alright. Not only was I alright I was actually lovable.

When we drove into the street instantly there were people outside drinking. I saw Jacinta’s father shake his head in that disapproval parent way the way my mum does. I pointed out my house and he drove into my driveway. I got out of the car and I expected Mr. Brown to say ‘goodbye’ and drive off. But he didn’t he got out and walked with me to the house and knocked on the door. It was Charlie who answered he looked at Mr. Brown and grinned “what’d he do?” He said as Mr. Brown laughed “nothing I was just bringing him home-’’ He said as Charlie nodded and stepped to the side and let us in. I saw my mum in the kitchen and when she saw me she ran and hugged me. “Mum I told John-“ I said before she began yelling at me “yes John told me and yes you are most definitely grounded young man.” She said as she looked at  Mr. Brown and smiled “thank you for bringing him home” she said he nodded. “No problem, I gotta go right now and make sure everyone gets to bed that seems to be my job lately” he said as he offered a nod and walked out the door. I looked at Charlie who laughed “were you with Connor or with Connor’s friend who happens to be a chic? Because I dought you would ever have a real girlfriend.” Charlie said as Mum hit him over the head “don’t me mean to your brother Charls!” She yelled as she walked back into the kitchen. I looked up at Charlie “Charls, Jacinta Brown is real” Charlie’s jaw practically hit the floor as I smirked and walked into my room and prepared for when John finds out I’m home what sick punishment he had in mind for me.


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