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I woke the next day and rubbed my eye where John punched me last night. I had to tell mum that I fell off my bed and hit my eye. No matter how stupid it sounded. I slipped out of bed and went out into the lounge room where Charlie and James were already eating. I sat down next to Charlie I didn’t wanna risk sitting next to the ring leader out of the two. I turned the TV on and started watching the TV. Charlie and James were debating cars. On which were better Holden? Or ford? Charlie liked Holden’s better but James disagreed and liked Ford’s better. I was uninterested in the subject and began channel surfing. James then nudged Charlie gently and pointed in my direction and whispered something. Before I could even try and listen in on their conversation Charlie grabbed the remote from me and handed it to James. I rolled my eyes as James changed it and smirked. I sighed “you guys seriously need to grow up” I said as they both laughed. I sighed relieved that it was finally Saturday and I also got to see Jacinta again today. I couldn’t wait to see her again and hug her tight and smell her sweet vanilla scent. And kiss her cherry lips. I caught myself smiling and saw that James and Charlie were watching me. I looked at them “what?” I said as they both laughed at me. I felt my cheeks burn up in anger and realization that they caught me smiling and they knew how deep I was. Deep in love. With Jacinta. “Were you thinking about Jacinta I know that look just about anywhere?”  Charlie said as I felt finally close to my older brother for the very first time in my life. I nodded and Charlie smiled thoughtfully “for once Jayson I feel that you’re my brother…I don’t feel like making any stupid remark about you and Connor or anything being in a relationship though I know it’s not true, I actually feel…Close to you…That look you had in your eyes just now shows me that you really love this girl Jayson.” Charlie said as he smiled. A feeling of warmth filled my body as I smiled and nodded. “Charlie what are you-“ James said but got cut off as Charlie scolded him “James, Jayson deserves our respect at this moment!” He yelled but even so his voice was still very comforting. James looked like he had just been slapped hard across the face. He stood and nodded as he walked into the kitchen. I looked at Charlie “are you just gonna let him go just like that?” I said as I caught Charlie smiling to himself and I guessed he didn’t hear me. I smiled and guessed he was thinking about Becks. About his undying love for her. Same for my love for Jacinta. No one and I mean No one could take her away from me.

After a while James came back in and grabbed Charlie and pulled him into the kitchen. I now wished I could read lips so I knew what they were talking about. James had tears threatening to form in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.  Then Charlie hugged his brother and let James cry into his shoulder. I raised an eyebrow my initial thought was that they were talking about Charlie be nice to me when we were supposed to be enemies. But why would James cry over that. Apparently James wasn’t the big tough guy I though him to be. But I was left wondering what the problem was that James had to cry into his younger brother, and partner in crimes against me. And Charlie being nice to me for one second wasn’t that reason. Then a knock at the door filled my ears as I stood to answer it. I pulled open the door to reveal Jacinta grinning at me wearing a tight black singlet with a florescent blue belt and dark blue skinny jeans. And converse shoes. I smiled at her “I’m not even ready yet Jacinta” I said as she nodded “I’ve noticed” she giggled gesturing to the fact I only had my pajama pants on and no t-shirt. I laughed and let her in. James and Charlie and moved to James’s room and had the door shut. She looked around the house “I know it’s not particularly large but It has to do…Did you walk here?” I asked and she shook her head “my dad dropped me off” she said smiling as I nodded “ok now…Hurry up and go get ready.” She said, I nodded and walked into my room as she followed “wear something good…actually let me chose what you wear.” Jacinta said opening my wardrobe “no, no, no, no, no” she said shaking her head “do your brothers wear better clothes than these…no offence?” She asked when I shrugge she helped herself over to Alex’s room and opened his wardrobe. Alex had his eyes pinned to his paper as he did his much overdue homework. When we came in he focused his attention on us “oi wh- what are you doing you retard Jayson?” Asked Alex, I shrugged as Jacinta glared at him “apologize” she said “what?” He said looking at me. She then rolled her eyes “DID I STUDDER? DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU? I SAID APOLIGISE TO YOUR BROTHER!!!” She yelled, Alex look as shocked as I was as he made eye contact with me “sorry.” He said as I nodded and she continued her search. She opened the wardrobe and grabbed out some black skinnies. I looked at Alex “those are mine anyway, I wondered where they went.” I said crossing my arms in front of my chest and raising an eyebrow at Alex. Jacinta giggled as she grabbed out a ‘blood on the dance floor’ brand t-shirt and threw the jeans and t-shirt on Alex’s bed and pointed to them “change” I decided not to argue with her as I threw the t-shirt on and looked at Alex. “I’d suggest you look away unless you like looking my ass” I said as Alex turned and looked back at his homework. I pulled down my pants and put on the skinnies and admired myself in Alex’s mirror. She smiled “now your hair” she said as I walked into the bathroom and turned on the straightener and began straightening my thin brown hair. When I was done I brushed my teeth then grabbed her hand and we headed out the door. We were holding hands and when I saw her dad’s car I got a sudden wave of relief that we wouldn’t be walking anywhere. When there were people in the street you just know they want drugs or money so they’d terrorize every poor person that dared to go near them.

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