Don't Let Me Go

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - An unexpected friend

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013




Chapter 2: An unexpected friend


 The rest of the day passed slowly. When I finally got home I locked myself in my room and called Shellie, my “B.F.” from Ney York.

 “Jess! Where the hell have you been! I called you like… a million times!”

“Sorry… I was at school, I couldn’t pick up!”

“School? What time is it in Germany?”

“It’s about five o’clock!”

“Wow! I’ll never get used to this!”

“Me neither…”

“So, How was your first day?” she asked with excitement in her voice.

“You know… pretty much nothing… Let’s not talk about my boring life! Let’s talk about the kids there! How is everyone?”

“Well, everything seems the same here! We miss you!”

“I miss you too! More that you can possibly think! I’d give my life to be back there with you guys… and Kith! How is he? Is he sad?” I asked.

“He looked ok today. But I know he misses you! You guys were perfect together!”

“I know, right?”

“Jess!” I herd my dad.

“Oh, Shellie, I have to go! Sorry!”

“It’s ok! I’ll call later!”


 I hung up and went to the kitchen.

“What’s up, dad?”

“So, you didn’t tell me, how was your first day?”

 I didn’t want to tell him the truth and make him feel guilty for bringing us here so I lied again. “It was fine!”

“Did you meet any kids?”

“Not really…”

“You should make friends!”

“I’ll try, dad!”

“Good! Now, tell Jack to come here. I’m going to need help with the dinner!”

 We made dinner all together and ate it while watching TV.

 The next morning, when I got in the classroom, I left my bag on the desk I had the past day and started looking for my books so nobody would notice me. I wanted to be invisible.  

 “Hi!” I heard a girls voice behind me.

“Hello!” I replied turning to look at her. She was the redheaded girl I had noticed the previous day.

“I’m Abby!” she said.

“I’m Jess!”

“So, you’re new here?” she asked.


“That must be hard!”

“It is!” I answered honestly. “It’s just that I don’t know anyone here yet!”

“You know me!” she smiled.

 I smiled back.

“Dou you mind if I seat here?” she asked pointing at the seat next to me.

“Not at all”

 The teacher came in.

“Good morning!” he said.

 He did not talk much he just started the lesson. I hated math, but I did try to solve the exercises! I had nothing better to do anyway.

 During the lunch break, I ran into Abby again.

“You want me to show you around?” she asked.

“That’d be great!” I said.

 I wasn’t sure if I was quite in the mood for that, but it was nice to know someone here and I didn’t want to be rude.

“So, how is life in New York City? Is it as magic as it is in the movies?” she asked while we were walking in the halls.

“Well, definitely not, but it’s very different that life here! I was in a great school, I had lots of friends, a boyfriend…”

“Really? What’s his name?”

“His name’s Kith!”

“That must be terrible for you! Did you have to bake up before you came?”  

“No! We love each other. Distance does not matter for us!”

 She smiled.

“So, do you have a boyfriend, Abby?” I asked. I didn’t want to be the only one talking about these kinds of stuff.

“Nope… Not really. But I have this big crush on…” she looked around her “That guy!” she pointed.

 I tried to see where she was pointing.

“The one in the blue T-shirt?” I asked. He was really someone any girl would like. He had those blond hair, big blue eyes, a totally sexy mouth and his body seemed perfect. He was standing next to his locker with his back on the wall, listening to music.

“No, the one next to him, wearing a green jacket!”

 I turned to look. He was definitely not as sexy, but he was cute. He was quite tall, dark hair and blue eyes as well.

 “Oh! Who’s the other one?” I asked still staring at the guy in the blue T-Shirt.

“He’s Dylan Ford, but he talks to nobody.”

“Why not?”

“Well,, not really nobody, sometimes he hangs out with Christopher!”

“Who’s Christopher?” I asked confused.

“The other guy! The one I like!”


“I know, he’s hot, but he’s… a little weird!”

“What do you mean?”

“He has very few friends, he doesn’t talk to people, he’s never around girls…”

“Please, don’t tell me this boy doesn’t have a girlfriend…”

“No, he doesn’t”

“Why not?”

“No idea…”

“Let’s go get something to eat!” she said.

 I followed her with my eyed sill on this strange boy. He looked up for a second. His eyes focused on me. I became really nervous and I took my eyes off him. When I turned again, he was looking away.


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