Don't Let Me Go

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Lonely and Mysterious

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Submitted: March 29, 2013




Chapter Three: Lonely and Mysterious


 A week had passed since school started. I was definitely not a part of their society, as I was back in New York but I had met some more kids and Abby had become something like my best friend. Not as Shellie was… but I knew I could trust her and we spent the whole time at school together.

 It was that Thursday, Abby and I were talking in the classroom, waiting for our Physics teacher.

“You should talk to him!” I insisted, referring to Christopher, the guy she liked.

“I can’t do that Jess!”

“Oh, come on! You’re a beautiful girl, you are so kind and smart! He’s lucky that  you even noticed him!”

“Are you kidding me? He can have any girl he wants! Why would he pick me? I am embarrassed even when I look at him!”

“Don’t be silly! You just need the right moment!”

“Hey girls!” I heard a voice behind me.

“Hi, Susie!” Abby and I both said together.

 Susie was one of our classmates.

“I wanted to invite you both to my party!”

“You’re having a party?” I asked excited. That would be a perfect chance for Abby.

“Yes! It’s on Saturday! I’m inviting everyone! You should come!”

“Sure! Thanks, Susie!” I smiled.

“No problem!” she left us.

“Oh, my God! That’s your chance!” I turned to Abby.

“No! I am not talking to him at that party!”

“Yes you are!”

“Why are you so obsessed with this?” she asked me.

“I’m not obsessed!”

“Yes you are and we both know the reason, Jess!”

“What are you talking about? I asked confused.

“You hope that if something happens between me and Chris, you’ll find a pretty good excuse to talk to Dylan, who happens to be his best friend! Isn’t that right?”

 Not even I had thought of that. Well… it might was partly true but… I really wanted Abby to be with Chris anyway. She was a great girl and she deserved it… but wait a minute! I never said I liked Dylan! I didn’t even know him! Well, I had spent hours staring at him during the lesson but… we’d never talked or anything… And I had a boyfriend! Oh my God, Kith! How did I forget about him? I felt ashamed. Of course I didn’t like Dylan Ford, I was in love with my lovely boyfriend, Kith! End of story!

 “No! How could you think of that? I don’t even know the guy!”

 Abby laughed ironically.

“Abby, don’t do this! I would tell you if I felt something about him!”

 She kept laughing. I was insulted!

“Abby!” I yelled.

 The teacher walked in and I had to stop. I went to my seat and didn’t talk about that again.

 On Saturday Abby came over to my house. We wanted to get ready together for the party. I had asked my dad’s permission earlier that morning and he agreed to let me go as long as Abby and my brother were with me.  I accepted his terms. Jack was invited anyway. The whole school was invited!

 “Should I wear a dress?” Abby asked.

“I will!” I replied, with my head in the closet.

“Ok, let’s wear dresses!” she said with a tone of excitement in her voice.

 I picked a black strapless one. We put some makeup on and left the house. 

 The party was in Susie’s house. My brother drove us there. Music was too loud. Everyone was dancing or making out. The lights went on and off in the rhythm of the music. It was too crowded. I thought of getting something to drink but there were like seventy people waiting to get a drink, so I regretted it.

“I’m going to look for some friends! If you need anything, I’ll be around!” my brother said.

“Ok!” I replied.

Then I saw him. Dylan Ford… in his jeans and a white shirt. Oh God, he was like you pulled him out from a movie scene! He was standing by the bar alone, drinking, looking lost and melancholic. I suddenly felt the need to go talk to him. Maybe, Abby war right… Maybe I did like him! He was so… mysterious and so… sexy!

“What are you looking at?” Abby asked me and turned to look. “Oh, it’s him! I knew it!”

 I smiled blushing.

“Let’s go, get a drink!” she said and winked at me.  

 I just followed her. I couldn’t say “no”. I had to get as close to him as possible!

“Abbs, look who the bartender is!” I said as loud as I could so she would hear me above the music when I saw Christopher serving the drinks.

“Oh, I can’t talk to him!”

“You’ll just ask for a drink! That’s all! Go!” I said and pushed her in to take a place in the line of people waiting to get a drink.

“Hey, girls, what can I do for you?” he asked some time later when it was our turn to order.

 “Am… I want a…” Abby looked around her nervously. “A… A beer! That’s it! I want a beer!”

 He slightly laughed. “What will you do for me if I get you one?” he asked her with a smile.

 Abby looked so surprised that I was afraid she would stop breathing “I…”

“Will you save me a dance?” he asked her.

“I…” she swallowed. “Sure!” she finally answered. “Definitely, a dance!”

“Good! Then, this is yours!” he said and gave her a cup full of beer.


“What do you want to drink, new girl?” I was surprised he knew who I was.

“Well…” I surly wasn’t much of a drinker. I actually hated alcohol! “Get me a beer too!” I asked.

“There you go!” he handed me the cup.

 I found Abby sitting on a sofa, looking nowhere.

“Did you hear it too, or I dreamt about it?” she asked me.

“I did hear it! But he won’t come ask you to dance if you’re sitting here! We must get up!”

“Ok…” she said still lost in her thoughts and we started dancing around.

 Dylan wasn’t dancing with anyone. He stood there alone during the whole party, drinking and smoking. I didn’t like people who smoked. I actually found it pretty disgusting but… cigarettes looked sexy in his lips. Oh my God… Why was this happening to me again? I should not like this guy! He would never look at me!

“You really like him, don’t you?” Abby asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“What? No!”


“Ok, he’s attractive… so lonely and… mysterious!”

“You should talk to him!”

“No, Abby, I won’t!”

“You made me talk to Chris and it worked! By the way, I still don’t know how to thank you for that!”

“No problem, that’s what friends do!”

“Then that’s what I should do! I’ll make you talk to Dylan Ford right away!”

“Abby, no!”

“I think someone owes me a dance around here…” that was Christopher’s voice behind us.

“I’ll see you later, Jess!” Abby said to me.

 Chris took her hand and they started moving. It took nothing but some minutes for them to start jumping around together. He was holding her and she looked so happy. For a second I felt a little drop of jealousy burning me. I felt alone… I was still happy for Abby, it’s just that I had nobody. And I knew nobody here. Some people pushed me away so they had more space to dance and I felt even more unwanted. My eyed filed with tears. No! It was not the right time and place to cry! I had to wait to get home! I turned to go away when I caught Dylan staring at me! I stood there for a moment with my eyes on him and to my surprise he did not look away! 

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