Don't Let Me Go

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - My enemy, his enemy and I

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




Chapter 6: My enemy, his enemy and I


 A little while after the race, I was sitting on the edge of the pavement. Trying to understand even in the list bit Dylan’s behavior! Not possible… After we got out of the car he didn’t even look at me. Everyone was hugging us and congratulating us, but he acted like he didn’t know me…

“Hey!” I heard someone behind me and turned to see Dylan, to my surprise.

“Hey…” I repeated breathlessly.

“I came to give you these!” he said and handed me some money.

 I looked at him confused. “I thought the driver was supposed to take these!”

“No! It’s fifty-fifty!”

“That’s not fifty-fifty! That’s all the money we won!”

“Keep it… I don’t race for the money, anyway!” he said and tuned to leave.

“Why do you race, then?” I asked him in a last effort to understand him and get him to talk to me.

 He kept walking away.

“Wait! I’m not going to take this! I wasn’t even driving!”

“Give half to your friend, and ask her not to bring you here again!” he said and left.

 My pride was as hurt as it had never been!

 A week passed without us speaking at all. Once or twice I caught him looking at me but there was nothing more. I was bored and depressed. My life seemed miserable. I felt like Kith and I had lost our connection. We barely spoke to each other on the phone, but sometimes, I felt like we did it just because we were a couple, not because we wanted to be with each other! I was lonely as Abby became closer to her boyfriend every day. It wasn’t like she had abandoned me, we still had fun together, but we talked about Chris too much.

 “Tomorrow, there’s another race!” she said to me on a Friday morning.

“Why are you telling me? Nobody wants me there!”

“That’s not true! Dylan is the one who doesn’t want you there! Everyone else does!”

“Did you ask Chris why he acts like this?”

“Yes, but he refuses to give me a clear answer! He only sais that you shouldn’t take him seriously!”


“You should come to the race! It’ll be fun!”

“I don’t know Abbs… what am I going to tell my dad? Sleepover again?

“No! It’s Saturday! We’ll say that we will go to a party!”

 I hesitated. I hated lying to my dad.

“Come on! You’re not going to do him a favor! You’ll go where you want to go! Dylan Ford has no right to tell you what to do or where to go!”

“Fine… But if he dears to insult me again! I am going to say really bad thing to him!”


 When I returned home, I told my dad I was invited to a party. He asked me if my brother could come. I said no but I assured him I’d be with Abby all the time, which was true so it made me feel a little better.

“Then you can go!” he said.

 I spent the rest of the day studying to take my mind off. The next morning Abby and I went shopping. We promised not to talk to about boys this time, but soon we broke it! It was a fun day. Abby told her mom she would go to a party, as well.

 Chris picked us up from Abby’s house.

“Hey girls!”

“Hi, baby!” Abby said and kissed him.

“Hi, Chris!”

“Are you ready to go?”

“Sure!” Abby said enthusiastically.

“Let’s put some music on!” Chris said and turned the radio on.

“What song is that?” Abby asked.

“I think it’s… Muse! The song’s called “Resistance”!

 Chris’s phone rang.

“Hello!” he said “Logan!... What?... I think we talked about this…! Yes he is going to be there!... Look, what you guys have between you, it’s between you! You can’t make such a big deal about it!... No, I can’t kick my best friend out of the game just because you ask me to!”

 Was that about Dylan?

“No! I don’t want any fights!... I don’t want to hear about it, Logan! If you touch Dylan, you are out!” he said and hung up.

“What was that?” Abby asked.

“Logan Green! He is the best driver there is, in our races. You haven’t met him. He wasn’t there the last time.”

“What’s wrong with him and Dylan?”

“Dylan is the second best… You know… there is competition. They have gotten in fights a lot of times!”

“Why am I not surprised?” I asked ironically.

“Jess” Chris started “I know Dylan hasn’t been exactly nice to you, but he is a good guy!”

“You know what, Chris? I don’t care! He can be as good he wants…”

“We’re here!” he said and we all got off the car.

 That was a deferent location. Probably so we wouldn’t get caught.

 I saw a tall boy, with brown hair and green eyes coming close to us.

“Hi, Chris!”

“What’s up, Logan?”

 Oh, that was Logan! I could see why Dylan and him were so competitive! You couldn’t say who was the sexiest!

“Who are these beautiful girls?” Logan asked smiling.

“They’re taken!” Chris said and put his arm around Abby.

“Both your girlfriends?” Logan asked.

 Chris looked around him trying to find an answer.

“No! Abby’s my girlfriend and Jess, here, has a boyfriend! Don’t you, Jess?”

 He said it like he was asking me to say yes. Well, I did have a boyfriend but I knew it wouldn’t last for more than a week.

“Well, not really! I mean… not anymore!”

“That’s great!” Logan said. “Would you like to be my… co-driver for today?” he asked me and slightly touched my arm.

“Hands off!” I heard Dylan’s voice behind me.

“What’s your problem?” Logan asked and he turned to me “Please, don’t tell me he’s your not-any-more-boyfriend!”

“No!” I said, a little louder than I planed “Not in his wildest dreams!” I added looking at Dylan.

“Great! So, there is no problem! You are going to be my co-driver!”

“I’m sorry, but this is not going to happen!” Dylan said.

“Do you need anything, mate?” Logan glared at him.

“Jessica, is my co-driver!” Dylan stated.

“I don’t think she is anymore, right, Jess?” Logan turned to me.

 I had no idea what to say. But Dylan had peased me off.

“That’s right!” I replied.

 Dylan did not move for some seconds. He stayed there looking at me. Expecting me to say or do something.

“I want to talk to you.” He said looking at me “In private!” now he was looking at Logan.

 I didn’t move.

“Now!” he ordered.

 I followed him.

“Why are you going with him?” he asked me.

 For a moment I thought he was hurt.

“I…” I hesitated. I had no answer “Because… he is actually nice to me!” I said.

“I’m not nice to you…?” it was something between a statement and a question, but I think he was talking to himself.


 I saw his eyes open widely when I said his name.

“I..” I had no idea what I wanted to say. I couldn’t breathe. He was standing so close to me now, I could even feel his breath on my face… “Just…”

 He touched my face. “Come with me!” he asked me.

 For a moment I thought he would kiss me.

“Or just go with him…” he said and left.

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