Don't Let Me Go

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Get away

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Submitted: April 01, 2013




Chapter 7: Get away


 I went to find Logan. I told him that I would be his co-driver, anyway! Dylan was strange again. When he finally decided to be honest with me and tell me what he really thinks, then I would be nice to him too. Until then, I’d go with Logan! At least he didn’t do crazy things…  I mean, how could anyone explain the fact that last time Dylan was extremely mad that I came to the races and now, he is mad again because I don’t chose to go with him! The guy must really be a psycho!

 But I liked the way he touched me… I really did! And the way he was looking at me… All those things got me confused once again.

“So, sunshine… Are you ready?” Logan asked me and put his arm around my shoulders.

 I felt weird. “Ah… Yeah! Sure!”

“Great! Get in the car and I’ll be right there in a sec!”

 Right that moment Dylan passed us by looking down.

“What happened, pretty one? Why do you have that I’m-gonna-cry-face? Your… co-driver left you? …or maybe your girlfriend? Oh! Sorry, I forgot! You don’t have one!” he said and laughed.

 Dylan glared at him and kept walking.

 I looked down. For some reason I felt ashamed and the need to apologize, but what for?

“Oh , you’re leaving us? We’re going to miss you! But I think we’ll find something to do that will take our minds off this, right Jess? What do you say about some… “physical exercise?” he laughed with his dirty joke.

 Before I managed to tell Logan to shut the hell up, I saw Dylan punching him on his face. I instinctively took some steps back.

“Dylan!” I yelled.

 He glared at me. “Get away from here!” he said.

 It was a bad idea to destruct him. Before he finished his words Logan was punching him on the stomach.

“Oh…” Dylan tried to keep his body together.

“Logan! Stop it!”  I screamed.

“I’ll be with you in a minute, sunshine!” he said, grabbed Dylan and threw him on the ground.

 Dylan kicked him. And punched him over and over, but Logan was on top and it was hard to fight back.

 Other boys tried to stop them but they ended up in the fight too.

 Some minutes later we heard the police cars coming. Everyone stopped and took some steps back.

Logan’s nose was bleeding heavily and he was holding his hand like he was in a lot of pain. Dylan, on the other hand, was not in any better condition. His lower lip was bleeding and his left eye looked badly injured. He tried to get up.

 Without thinking about it I run close to him to help him. At first he looked at me surprised and I thought he was going to turn away but then he got my hand and got up fast. He took my hand and made me follow him. He seemed like he was looking for someone.

“Hey Chris!”

“What were you thinking, dude?”

“I have no time to explain, the cops will be here, soon! Take my car and get her out of here!” referring to me again, to my surprise.

“Your car?”

“Yeah! It’s way faster than yours!”

“What about you?” Chris asked.

“I can’t leave the rest of the guys, man! This is my team! There’s no time for all of us! Take her in a safe place! It’s your responsibility that she’s here!”

 I looked at them confused.

“Fine! Thanks, man! Take care!” Chris said.

“You too!”

“Come on, Jess let’s find Abby and get out of here before the cops arrest us all!”

“What about Dylan?” I asked.

“He’ll stay here!”

“But they will arrest him!”

“I’ll explain in the car! I have no time, now!”

 I stopped walking and turned back to look at Dylan. We couldn’t leave him here! I run trying to reach him before the cops arrived, who were actually really close, now.

“Dylan!” I called his name.

 There was panic but nobody else tried to leave.

 He saw me running to him and came closer.

“What the hell are you doing, Jess? Dou you want to get caught?” he asked me. He looked mad.

 What the hell?

“Why aren’t you coming with us? Dylan, they will arrest you! Come on!” I said I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me.

“No! Jess, listen to me! I’ll be fine! Just go with Chris!” he looked back to see the police men getting out of their cars. “You have no time! Go! Go!”

 Ha was screaming panicked! He scared me. I did as he told me. Chris leaded me and Abby to Dylan’s car and we left. He was driving too fast at first so the cops wouldn’t see us.

“Will someone explain to me what’s going on?” I asked when I made surewe were 


“There is a code!” Chris replied.

“What kind of code?” I asked even more confused.

“These street races have been going on for years… We are actually two different teams! Dylan

is our coptain. Logan leads the other ream! We know that there is actually the possibility of this happening, you know, the cops discovering us. So, there were two choices. Either we say that when this happens, whoever makes it out first, gets to leave and the rest just stay behind and get arrested or we all stay there like a real team and face the problem! We all chose the second one. So, Dylan couldn’t abandon everyone… That’s why he stayed back!”

“Why are we here then?”

“Would you prefer to stay back there?”

“No! But… why…?”

“Dylan wanted to make sure, you were safe!”

“I thought he… why?”

“Well, you’re not in the team! You didn’t need to stay there! You and Abby are out of this!”

 I was confused. Why did Dylan Ford actually cared about what would happen to me… or Abby? And why did I care what would happened to him because right now I felt like I needed to get back there and make sure he’s ok! Was he?


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