Angel of Light and darkness

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The bible, Genesis 6:4, have spoken about Nephilims, offspring of angels(Sons of God) and women(Daughters of men). What if that was not a myth, instead, reality? What if the offprings of those angels that sinned(Fallen) are literally depended to be bad influence? Then what about Lia? What is she? Would she embrace the light or the forbidden?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Angel of Light and darkness

Submitted: August 10, 2012

Reads: 156

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Submitted: August 10, 2012





Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles


Sixteen years ago.....


The newborn girl wailed as the midwife wrapped her in a blue receiving blanket left right beside her and quickly handed her to Sister Mary as if afraid. The midwife left immediately after packing up her things and kept murmuring scriptures under her breath as she walked past Sister Mary. Even stooped with age, the oldest and wisest nun at the convent exuded a regal presence as she shushed the tiny bundle, smiling and praying to the Gods in happiness. Then she heard a wheezing gasps behind her and realised it came from the child's mother. She quickly attempted to shield the newborn from the sight of her mother's last breaths.

"Lia....Lia.....that's her name," The woman on the bed gasped as if she could not  breathe properly.

In the corner of the room a large man stood watching, his emerald eyes shone with affection and happiness at the newborn. Then darkness fell over his face as he realised the woman on the bed was dying. Sister Mary handed the newborn to the man as she tried to resuscitate the woman. Sweat ran down Sister Mary's temples as she continued chest compressions. The man stood watching as the newborn begun giggling and moving. Eyes that were not Emerald nor lilac, instead a blend between both stared at him, full of knowledge.

A soft simmer of mist resembling a winged woman rose from the woman's chest and lingered in the air for a second, floating closer to the man and the newborn. His eyes widened as another mist, this time not winged arose from the woman's lifeless form. The winged woman took shape to become a winged being of purity and blinding light. Sister Mary gasped in wonder and went to knees, in honour of the winged being. The large spirit covered the infant in a kiss as soft as a summer breeze before touching the man who choked out a single sob who reached for her. A bloody tear escaped and the being wiped it away using her finger. She rubbed her fingertips and the tear drop transformed into a stalk of rose that was the most beautiful rose he had ever seen since the one that he had given before. She bend and kissed the man on his lips before vanishing in a shower of sparkles.

Sister Mary then stood up, praying and her prayers echoed off the walls, giving her words an illusion of a higher being's words with double echoing. The man then suddenly perked up and handed the bundle to Sister Mary right before the police rushed into the small room. Sister Mary backed up to the point that her back was against the wall and held the baby close to her bosom.

The man was unfazed even as the cops surrounded him.

"Jonathan Vanders." The officer in front mumbled in the form of an answer instead of a question.

"You're under arrest for trafficking illegal drugs across the state and international borders......" He continued before signaling to his subordinates to arrest him.

They pulled him out of the room, citing a list of crimes and he turned to give the infant girl a look that spoke more than words. The infant girl's eyes shone with knowledge and he left.  The baby's wail rose again to his departure.













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