Unicorns are real

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I Stubble on my past,
Like a present from my scars.
And all the tears left on my wings neither glade nor fly.
The stars is my home but the closest I ever came was an picture:
Memory, empty, with nothing but a faded light,
But it extraordinarily captured the paramount times there.
(Page Turned.)

An ink of a creature created my existence.
I’m nor horse; nor bird but an unicorn,
Trying to find a new chapter.
But every step taken pauses a breath of laughter.
“I don’t belong here!”
But why would anyone answer to ink?

Hours turn to days.
Neither chapter nor sentence
Has been found.
It seems every breath is a cry of a regret.
Suddenly a man walks upon my shadow:
You’re not real but a tale with an ending.
You don’t belong here. You’re not real.
Reply: If I’m not real why am I standing next to you?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unicorns are real

Submitted: November 24, 2007

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Submitted: November 24, 2007



A fog, a shadow of all sheets, circles around a forsaken street as a Horse like creature walks upon it. The creature has a scar on its head glowing, but fading, while the streets carried the footmark of pain. The Horse creature is a crystal white Horse. His tail is detailed with innocence; he has golden-eyes and a sun-mark below his stomach. But he isn’t like any other Horses, this Horse has purple horns with thick sliver-white wings, and his name is Cummings. Cummings, the Horse creature, hasn’t eating since the war of the trilogy, two months ago. The fight took place in a distant land called Brute.
The battle was caused by the enthusiasm of power, fought between Horse like creatures and Bird like creatures.
Cummings is the only creature, on Brute, to have the characteristics of a Horse and a Bird. His friends say he's a Horse with wings and he doesn’t belong with those vice Birds. But Billie, the baldest Horse creature in Brute and leader of the Brute tribe, didn’t want him in the tribe: “He could be a spy.” His voice ricochets. But later on Cummings joined the tribe, thanks to his long time friend, Alistair, but he later on got captured by the Written Wings (The Bird creature tribe). Rumours suggest he's dead, but Cummings still has faith and believes he is still alive. The battle between the Birds and the Horses lasted for a hundred and four years and still continues till this dark-and-light. But the true wonder still hasn’t been told.
For the last A hundred and four years the war would go on for four dark-and-light non-stop.
“No rest for the wicked” Billie’s voice echoes in the soldiers head every night quoting on their dreams motivating their will to kill Written Wings. Billie, the blue-coated Horse like creature, had armour attach all-around his body. Billie is tailless and has three eyes, third one on his forehead. As wise as he is, he is also egoistic creature and hated the Written Wings more than death and promises to destroy them, before death arrives upon him.
Cummings used to make up jokes just to try to help the soldiers sleep with a rest of conscious. “Or a ego in denial.” Cummings laughs while making up a joke about a Frog and a Dragon.
Suddenly a huge wing, about as big as a willow (tree) fell in Cumming’s direction. The wing suddenly started to alter into a black hole focused on nothing but Cummings.
“What the hell is that?” said Ralf, the Technicolor Horse (Cummings good friend.)
“Your Mom.” Joked Cummings.
“That thing is heading for you Cummings, Run.” Billie shouted realizing what it was; a Black-hole sucking up its victims to the world of no-return, “Run!”
Cummings began to run as fast as he can. The Black hole attacked in all angles, anything, anywhere near its path, (Cummings), was vanished. But fortunately no living species dared to step in its way. Suddenly Cummings body began to feel light. The Black hole started to suck up Cummings.
“Oh no Cummings!” Billie shouted. But they was nothing he could do but watch, maybe with popcorns.
“Cummings!” Ralf shouted. But no amount of screaming could bring him back.
“His gone.” Billie whispered to himself.
The rest of the soldiers stood in silent while trying to keep path on what happened. After a hundred and four years the war has at long last started.
Which brings us back to…

A fog, a shadow of all sheets, circles around a forsaken street as a Horse like creature walks upon it.
The creature has a scar on its head, glowing, but fading while the streets carry the footmark of pain.
Never before has reality seen such species before. It was nor Horse nor Bird but an unknown creature over the gloomy nights.
“Look Mom.” Said a girl holding her Moms hand and pointing at Cummings in excitement. (The girl is a blonde, pale girl. She’s also wearing a bright little pink t-shirt with a ‘music’ logo on it. She has Shadow girl wristband, half way down her wrist and has blue jeans and also a red-highlighted trainers.) “Can I keep it?” she asks carefully.
“No Sophie, we can’t keep a Horse in the house.” Her Mom said. Her Mom is a tanned brunette with a white shirt and a jeans jacket over it. But while the fog started clearing her hazel-eyes began to spot Cumming’s wings and horns.
“Is that a…”
“Unicorn.” Said Sophie finishing her Mom’s sentence.
Sophie’s Mom started running while dragging Sophie as fast as she can. Cummings was too weak to notice such fear.

Its been three dark-and-lights; since Cummings was send to this world and, no sign of him getting back to his world. Cumming had to sleep in haphazard fields filled with stretched grasses. It’s been a while since Cummings has ever eaten grass, so it tasted bizarre.
For the last two dark-and-lights, Cummings would wait till dusk, to eat something. And not to mention having to run away from the public eye and live in the gloom of everything. After three dreadful dark-and-lights, his wings crooked from silver to rust. His purple horns gaze like spoons. His golden eyes express Fools gold. Coming to this world is the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

Two dark-and-lights later, things still seem to be bad. After walking ten miles he still hasn’t found any wing or Black hole. Cummings couldn’t fly his way to freedom because his wings couldn’t carry him. Ever since he was little it has been that way. He still tries his luck till this dark-and-light, but luck never wanted him. Suddenly, while literally crawling his quest to return back to his world, he speckled a Horse.
“The… they have Hor… Horses?”
The Horse was standing near a tree and was looking up at the sky, while the sky set over his uncanny eyes. Cummings began to slowly, step by step, walk towards the Horse.
Every step taken Cummings took a deep breath to reduce tension. After five steps towards the Horse, he began to feel a strange combination of invasion and joy.
Cummings took a deep breath; “One, two, three, four” Cummings counted himself in for the next step. The Horse then noticed Cummings endeavour to get near him so he began to scream. “No wait” Cummings said while trying to make it clear his a friend, not foe. “Please give me a chance.” Cummings shouted.
“Yo… you got wings and horns.”
“It’s a long story.” Said Cummings.

After explaining himself to the Horse, Cummings and the Horse became friends. The Horse's name is Carl, named by his former owner who worked in a farm. Carl is a skinny paranoid Horse with a fair white skin. He wore greenish black horseshoe and has a tail, as firm as a natural death over the street. “So how many dark-and-lights have you been on this world?”
“Five.” Cummings replied
“Is this the first time this has ever happened before?” Carl asks while trying to imagine the pain Cummings had been through.
“No, this is not the first time, five thousand and nine years ago, a Horse was once sent here by an ancient genius called Sony. The written wings must have learned it so they can send every single Horse to this world, of no return, and be the supreme tribe of Brute”
Carl: “Wow I’ll never look at a Bird the same way again.”
Cummings smirked and Carl, strangely enough Carl started not to care about the fact that Cummings was physically different. While Carl and Cummings continued their conversation Carl noticed that the sun was about to set.
“Look I’m not trying to burst your bubble but if the owner of this farm finds out you’re here he might kick you out. He doesn’t mind if Horses come here, but seeing one with horns and wings well he might…” Carl swallowed his breath to find the correct worlds… “Shot you!”
Carl then heard the front lawn door open…
“Oh no the owner is here!” Carl gasped.
Cummings stumbled to the nearest bush, in order to remove any trace of him being in the farm.

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