Justin Bieber Love Story Part 1

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This story is about a girl who finds a childhood best friend and eventually falls in love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Justin Bieber Love Story Part 1

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



I woke up. It was three AM, and I was feeling quite sluggish. I sighed. It was too early in the morning for my mom’s nightmares.
 I went to her room downstairs and I opened her door. She was crying and she was covered in sweat. I threw the blanket off of her. I started shaking her shoulder. “Mom! Wake up... It’s just a nightmare.” She was still crying. “Mom! Mom!” She started waking up. “Mom, are you awake?” “Yes, sweetie.” I went into the kitchen. Mom followed.

"Sweetie, I think it's time I went to the doctor about these nightmares." "I think you should, too." "What if I get put into the hospital?" "Then it's for the best. Mom, I have Justin. He'll be here if anything like that happens." "I know.. I just want you to be safe." "I will." I walked back into my room with a Coke and drank it until I fell asleep. Sometimes, I feel afraid that my mom might start sleep walking. After dad died she's been having all these nightmares that she's the one that got killed and not him. I told her that dreams are connected to thoughts. And that's how I knew that eventually she was going to start feeling suicidal. Which is why I am afraid she'll kill herself in herself in her sleep.

"Goodnight mom!" I yelled.

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