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In a world of darkness and violence, a young princess and heir to the thrown desires revenge.
What is your desire?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Desires

Submitted: July 20, 2013

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Submitted: July 20, 2013





Once upon a time, there was a kind prince. When his father died, he married a beautiful princess and together, they became the king and queen of Destinus. The land bloomed under their rule. The people lived happily and proudly praised their rulers. When the king and queen had a little baby daughter, all the people across Destinus and neighboring kingdoms paused for a moment, to pray for the wellbeing of the little princess. Eva, they called her. Soon after, the queen became infertile, after giving birth to a stillborn son. The king announced Eva as his successor, a move which startled the kingdom.

The little princess was loved by all the people. She received gifts from lords, dukes and even butchers and farmers. She grew up respecting her slaves and rewarded them with kindness. As she reached the age of fourteen, people would speak of her unbelievable beauty. Many men came before the king and queen, offering their hand to the princess. Her parents would only shake their heads and say that it is up to her who she married. They would not force her.

Some grew jealous of the royals and sought to overthrow the crown, and rebel and steal, they did. A rebellion rose in secret and one night, they broke through the castle’s defenses. They slaughtered the king and queen but when they went to the princesses’ room, she was gone. For a knight had dashed to the princess and guided her out of the castle and into hiding.

Since that day, the kingdom was seemingly cursed. Crops did not grow, the people grew restless and violent. Destinus was isolated from the neighboring kingdoms, crime rates soared and no one was safe.

I am seventeen. My parents and friends were murdered out of jealousy and thirst for power. My only ally had died from the flu a couple days ago and I was now all alone. I had no guidance, no protection.

My name is Eva Rose Celeste.

I am all alone in a dark world with a desire for revenge.

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