The Alinjah Realm: Chapter One, Jessalyn Maries Death

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The Alinjah Realm is a dark, Medieval, romance, war based storyline. Alinjah means Shadow! The Alinjah Realm was created for a rare race of demon known as the Shadow walker demons. The shadowwalker demons are the ones whom protect anything that is of the shadows. However, during the times of the Alinjah Realm, a war broke out between two sides. The war that has broken out was caused by a very powerful sword which holds the original shadowwalker demon first created.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Alinjah Realm: Chapter One, Jessalyn Maries Death

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The sky above was a black color as violet lightning struck the sky lighting it up perfectly as the thunder roared within the distance the arena was filling quickly with those of the Alinjah Realm as Mythkekal sat high on the throne starring out into the distance waiting for the right moment and for the arena to finish filling before he stood up and began to speak. "Citizens i have brought fourth today a prisoner to be punished for they refused to join sides with us,she has said no to us and no to ever being apart of us for we will all be destroyed by the one of the alinjah realm who we know as to being dead!" With him saying this everyone within the arena started to laugh along with Mythkekal as he then raised his hands to silence everyones laughter and the silent whispers spreading through out the arena.Moving down the stairs Mythkekal walked to the middle of the arena with his hands up in the air he turned to the guards holding a young woman in tattered clothing with her head lowered he began to speak to the guards."Bring her fourth the woman who dares to speak of us in such a manner bring her fourth and stand her tall for all to see her face and what she looks like now,because when we are through there will be nothing left of her"


 The guards moved dragging the woman acrossed the arena to the middle standing her up and tall for everyone to see the woman gasps and whispers moved throughout the arena as the face of Jessalyn Marie appeared starring up at everyone the woman trembled abit in fear now of her life gonna be taken,tanding within the arena hidden by their cloaks standing tall and silent spread through out the people of the arena was Lillican and a few of the people she has been running with.The cloaked figure known as Lillican slowly began to make her way down the stairs of the arena her voice cold and dark with a hissing sound as her anger began to rise,knowing Mythkekal had someone she knew,someone that was close to her but never thought Mythkekal had stooped so low as to catching the twin sister of Lillican Phaedra the woman that is extremely close an dear to lillican the woman who lillican spent her almost entire life with.

"MYTHKEKAL YOU BASTARD" Her voice boomed from under the cloak as she flipped up onto the wall crouched down her eyes flarring swirling with many colors until they became pitch black she remained crouched down on the wall glarring down at him as her fangs began to bare completely she growled her long sharp black fangs curled under her chin as she spoke once more. "Let Jessalyn go,she has nothing to do with you and me for everything that has happened and is gonna happen is between you and me and we will finish this tonight!" Lillicans voice flowed out from under the hood of the cloak as Mythkekal starred at Lillican as he then let out a wild laughter shaking his head,he waved the guards away however he told them to keep Jessalyn where she was not to move her.

"Ahhhhh Lillican! I see you have decided to come back and for what this time,to save your sister? Now why would you want to save her when you didnt even bother to save your husband and four children back then? Why bother saving this woman who you hold close to your heart if when back then you couldnt even care to save them back then?" As Mythkekal spoke,he moved behind Jessalyn trailing his fingers down her cheek and neck resting his chin upon her neck grinning evilly as he watched Lillican.Whispers rose from the crowd within the arena as Lillican stood up growling softly.Jessalyn's eyes grew abit as she looked up to Lillican as pain suddenly showed within her eyes as she stared deep into Lillican's.A single tear flowed slowly down Jessalyn's cheek as Lillicans eyes became narrowed for a second but then she glared once more at Mythkekal hissing and snarling down at him. She began to speak once more growling angrily now."You lie you bastard when i got to them it was to late they were already dead however thats not the matters of now,the matters of now is you have my sister and i will not allow you to harm her like you did to them"

Snarling,Mythkekal pushed Jesslayn off to the side glarring now up at Lillican he laughed shaking his head even more . "And what are you gonna do if i harm her? Do you think its proper for the queen of the Alinjah Realm to be caught up in a fight? Oh no no,you need to learn your manners and your place as the queen and i will be glad to teach you those manners" As Mythkekal spoke the whispers within the arena grew louder and stronger. Jessalyn's eyes grew wide as she was pushed off to the side having fallen over Looking up to Lillican blinking so suddenly and coldly as Lillican hissed. She flipped off the wall landing crouched down infront of Mythkekal. She slowly stood up growling deeply with much haste much darkness the shadows began to move around swirling around her as extremely large wings of 120 feet long and 100 feet width spread the bloodred streaks ripped wildly through them. She suddenly became a very deathly sickly pale white color her long sharp black fangs baring to their fullest as her long black bloodred streaked hair blew within the now rising violent wind blowing all around them. The black sky seemed to grow blacker causing everything around them to grow darker as a large sword appeared within her hand, however this sword seemed to be made the same as the shadowwalker demon sword except for the blade was only made of a bloodred crystal which has never been seen before. The twin of the shadowwalker demon sword. Mythkekals head tilted as a grin crossed his black lips as he stood completely still moving his hand up over his shoulder he unshealths the shadowwalker demon sword grinning hastefully as he takes his stance as Jessalyn crawled backwards away from the two. Everyones eyes grew wide as they all leaned forward to watch intently cheers rising around them voices flowing through the air turning into shouts as Lillican leaped forward lunging at Mythkekal who steps aside of her allowing her to fly through the air passed him she lands face down on the ground growling threateningly she turns her head eyeing him coldly as she stood up slowly.

"Now now Lillican,where are your manners?" Mythkekal let out a laughter before growing serious once more. "Oh wait, I forgot your mother was Ravn Shadowbane and she held no manners. Always seeing fit to running and protecting the innocent ones and the weak ones for that matter" He growled as he suddenly lunged towards Lillican with the sword held high up into the air bringing it down the swords blade slammed into Lillicans shoulder causing Lillican to fall down to her knees. He growled as he leaned forward glaring at her with haste and a darker darkness that's deeper then hers. Lillican let out a scream of sharp pain feeling her own blade cut deep into her shoulder, eyes widening as her body began to shake as her blood began to pour from the deep wound. Mythkekal ripped the blade from her shoulder turning around a cold wicked smile crosses his lips as he made his way slowly towards Jessalyn who starred in a shocking horror, watching as she scrambled to her feet as Mythkekal's left hand sweeped out in one swift movement he grabbed Jessalyn by the throat. His grip very tight making it very hard for Jessalyn to breathe as he moved behind her watching as Lillican sat on her knees holding her shoulder the blood trailed through her fingers. She slowly lifted her head glaring at him the crowd within the arena began to cheer the cheers of the fight echoed loudly through the air.

"Let.her.g-go" Lillican's voice was a meer soft whisper as only her eyes were lifted she tried to stand as Mythkekal only grinned with much haste and darkness. Jessalyn suddenly from nowhere bit into Mythkekal's hand causing him to yell out and release her. She ran to Lillican pulling her up as she did this neither paying attention to Mythkekal. Lillican losing to much blood barely able to stand and able to see the blade of her own sword cut straight through Jessalyn's stomache pericing into Lillican's already wounded shoulder. Jessalyn let out a gasp for air as she lowered her head abit,her voice soft and quiet. "L-Lilli.." Was all she can say before her body slowly fell to the ground laying still as Mythkekal removed the sword from her back.

"ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Lillican screamed in pain and sorrow breathing heavily as she tried tolunge once again at Mythkekal. However,from her body being so weak and unsteady now because of the wound and blood loss it made easy for Mythkekal to catch her and bring her back to her knees as he gripped the wound causing it to bleed more and the wound to grow wider he growled at her "Believe me child, you shouldn't have come back for anyone not even for me. I am to powerfull for you you little weakling and it would be so much easy for me right now to kill you! But I think I will wait until the time we meet again" He growled at her deeply as he let her go. She fell back down to the ground breathing heavily she cried Jessalyn's name over and over again. As her silverish blue tears flowed down her cheeks turning her head she began to go into a deep shock,her body shaking as her blood began to coat the ground a dark crimson red and her eyes fluttering as she slowly passed out seeing nothing but black. She stopped moving the only thing heard was her soft whisper. "This-is-not-over-yet! I will"

Before she passed out for good laying still as the moon's light washes over her body as the crowd laughs leaving Lillican to her death along with Mythkekal leaving her on the ground next to her already dead sister Jessalyn Marie whose eyes were still opened she looked peaceful. Jessalyn's eyes were starring up at the midnight sky as the rain began to pour down around both their bodies. A tear fell from Jessalyn's cheek down her neck and to the ground slowly,as it melted into the ground a beautiful crystal red rose bloomed near her dead body
((the end,to be continued))

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