The Alinjah Realm: Chapter One, Jessalyn Maries Death

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Burial of Jessalyn Marie shadowbane

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The evening breeze filled the air, not to cold but not to warm, just right as cool as could be...The monks moved from the temple followed by a coffin and two straight lines of the people of the Alinjah Realm. Following behind them was the Goddess Tennarrathe with her head lowered in honor of the funeral going on. The monk's soft voices of the song of the Alinjah realm filled the evening through the wind. The wind carried their voices over the entire realm which awoken the other creatures of the realm whom began to gather within the walk. .

Tears flowed down Manie's cheeks and soaked her red silky blindfold given to her by her twin sister Jessalyn Marie Shadowbane. Ravn walked in silence with her head lowered not a word spoken from her as she continued on her way behind the casket that carried Jessalyn. The sun within the sky was shining brightly however it was not filled with warmth and happiness as it normally was but on this day it was filled with sadness and pain it would seem like. Tennarrathe stopped and turned to watch as others of the realm, of her people, and of the visitors following with the funeral... Tennarrathe counted everyone but one that was not there at the funeral... Ashram lifted his head as he moved up next to the Goddess and stood by her side as he followed her gaze up onto the rooftop of the temple where Lillican Phaedra stood.

"Goddess, why won't she come down to the funeral?" Ashram asked as he continued to watch Lillican upon the roof...a bad feeling could be felt as the look upon Lillican's face was of hatred mixed with sadness.

"Because my child, Lillican is filled with much grief and pain at this given time. Her pain is far more and her hatred is growing" Tennarrathe spoke softly as she turned her eyes looking to Ashram as she narrowed her eyes.

"But this is her sister's funeral. Shouldn't she be down here paying her respects at least to her sister and to say goodbye?" Ashram's head tilted a bit as he looked back to the goddess in question as he did not understand the whole story for he had only arrived within the realm not to long ago.

"She blames herself for Jessalyn's death, she believes she had failed to save her sister the night her sister was killed...she has not forgiven herself when her sister took the blade for her to live. Mythkekal took the life of one of his own child...he is very power hungered and the start of the war... and now the war will grow worse. Within time you will come to understanding more of the details...but as for now my child, let us go on with the funeral, and let Lillican grieve upon the rooftop." Tennarrathe looked to Ashram and placed a hand upon his shoulder as she turned with him to walk along with the funeral.

Soon the monks stopped walking as they have arrived to the burial grounds where Jessalyn's body was to be laid to rest. The earth was soft and a hole was already dug for Jessalyn's casket to be buried in. The leading monk took his place at the head of the hole and began to speak a soft prayer that Jessalyn's soul will always be at peace but also be with her family. After the monk was done speaking the prayer the casket was placed into the hole and buried with the soft dirt of the earth. The monk then began to say another prayer, a prayer that mother nature will watch upon Jessalyn's body and let no harm come over her. After the prayer was finished a special statue was then placed before the tomb.

The statue was of a young woman standing with her head lowered and a few strands of hair fallen over her face, the woman had her arms lowered holding another young woman. The young woman was Jessalyn Marie, and the young woman she was holding whom was sitting before her was Lillican Phaedra. Lillican remained on the rooftop watching the funeral. When she saw this statue that was made by her mother, Tennarrathe, and Manie, it brought tears to her eyes which fell down her cheeks. Lillican unable to take anymore of the funeral turned and moved away from the rooftop heading off back to the Castle.

Ashram kept his eyes upon Lillican watching her every move to make sure she would not lose her mind. He narrowed his eyes a bit as he watched Lillican walk off back to the castle. He had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen but for now he just brushed the feelings off as there were more matters at hand at the very moment. Tennarrathe placed a hand upon his shoulder and whispered to him to not worry. Ashram only nodded his head quietly and turned back to the funeral. Ravn was also watching Lillican as her heart broke not just for the loss of her second oldest daughter Jessalyn but also for Lillican. Ravn could not imagine the pain of her youngest daughter, nor could she imagine what it was to feel like to be there at the fight and watch someone close to her die and not being able to do a thing about it.

Manie buried her face into her hands and began to cry uncontrollably as she fell to her knees. Ashram moved to her side and placed a hand upon her shoulder to comfort her. He did not know what to say or do to make her feel better so he just stood there by her side with his hand on her shoulder as she cried. Tennarrathe moved up to Ravn, Manie, and Ashram and spoke to them softly and gently as her voice always has been.

"The loss of Jessalyn will never be forgotten, but the memories of her when she was alive shall never be forgotten as well." Tennarrathe lowered her hand down to Manie's other shoulder and looked down upon her as all three looked to her as she spoke and continued to speak. "Jessalyn's death was Invaine but fear not for nothing is forever." with those last words Tennarrathe turned and slowly made her way through the weeping crowd gathered and to the Temple back to her private area. Manie lifted her eyes with a raised brow not understanding the last part spoken by Tennarrathe but Ravn did. Ravn looked down to Manie then to Ashram as she lowered her head again.

"Jessalyn's death will be avenged, and I fear that Lillican is going to go mad." Ravn's voice shook as she spoke. Her voice was filled with much sadness as a few tears finally began to leak from her eyes. She then turned and took off towards the temple to speak with Tennarrathe. She had to know what was going to happen and only Tennarrathe could give her the answers she seeks. Manie finally stood wiping her tears from her cheeks as she turned her head to speak to Ashram.

"I must find my youngest sister and make sure that she is going to be fine" Manie spoke softly as she held her hand out to Ashram. "Come with me? Please." Ashram tilted his head a bit he did not really know Lillicans family but he did learn of them through her sword. However he did accept and took manie by the arm to lead her towards the castle to find her sister.

"I will come with you as you ask me to milady, but I do not understand as to why you are asking me to come with as we do not really know each other milady Manie." He walked quietly with her by her side looking at her. He had already took note that she was blind by the blindfold she wore over her eyes but he did not dare to ask her how she became blind for it was rude to ask those kind of questions and at the time he did not feel the need to show any signs of disrespect incase it would upset her.

"I am strong with my anger as well as any other shadowwalker demon, however, Lillicans is a lot worse then all put together. Her anger and her hatred towards our father is very strong and it scares me. I thank you for coming with me." she tilted her head as she drew into a silence as Ashram guided her to the castle within his own silence. He just nodded his head as he listened to her speak before she fell into a silence.

The castle stood so high it almost looked as if it could touch the sky. Visitors always marveled at the castle when they would visit the Realm. The black crystal that the castle was made of always shined within the brightness of the sunlight and within the moonlight. However today the castle seemed to have lost its shine. The doors of the castle were closed so no one except for family and other shadowwalker demons could enter. This was never a good sign and it worried Manie when she saw the doors were closed.

Lillican paced within the halls of the castle. Her movements were fast but steady as a beating drum. She never once spoke to any of the servants or guards as they all stood with their heads lowered. Her footsteps could be heard moving up and down each stairwell and down each hallway as she was in deep thought. The wounds that she carried did not seem to be healing very well as some were infected already. Anyone that came near her she would growl at and bare her long sharp black crystal fangs threateningly. She did not want to be bothered nor touched at the given time. Manie and Ashram slowly and quietly entered the castle and moved into the throne room. They both seemed a little startled to see everyone within the throne room in silence.

"What is going on?" manie asked as she tilted her head to see who would answer Ashram or another.

"The queen is pacing and plotting within the halls of the castle. She does not wish to be bothered at the given time." One of the guards spoke up as she stepped forward and towards Manie. Manie just kinda stood there sighing as she shook her head.

"Then an attack is going to be given by her. But when I do not know when" manie spoke up as she tilted her listening to the murmurs around her. Her long sharp pointed ears perked up as she tilted her head a little more as she suddenly heard a hissing voice within the doorway that lead from the throne room to one of the hallways.

"An attack? More like a bloodbath" Lillicans voice came out snarling and hissing full of haste and darkness. Nightrose was slowly showing through and growing more and more awake and violent then ever. Manie gave a small whimper and slowly began to move backwards as Ashram just stood there crossing his arms. He took a quiet note of the changes within Lillican. Her eyes, nails, hair, skin. The little and the major changes he took note of. He was not liking these changes either as he turned looking to the female guard whom was standing before them now moving back to her place to where she stood like a coward. He was not really understanding the fear they were having of Lillican at this given time but turned back to Manie as she motioned for them to leave.

"We must go at once and speak with mother and the goddess at once." she grabbed his arm and lead him away from the castle. He remained silent until they reached the temple of Tennarrathe. He figured he would ask his questions there instead and get a better understanding of the going ons of the changes within Lillican. He noticed as they were outside moving towards the village that the sky was changing from the normal blue to a sudden black and the clouds and thunder were rolling in and quickly. He took that as not a very good sign and hurried Manie towards the temple.

Tennarrathe stood starring out the window thinking and listening to Ravn. She watched the clouds rolling in and let out a heavy sigh before turning and looking towards Ravn shaking her head in silence. Ravn tilted her head as she paced the room in rubbing her chin a bit before turning and looking back to the goddess. Ravn took note of the look within her eyes before she softly spoke to her.

"Tennarrathe, what you said earlier, what did you mean by it?" ravn tilted her head abit as she awaited or an answer from the silent goddess. Tennarrathe turned back to the window and looked out watching people hurrying to their homes to take cover from the storm. She also watched as Manie and Ashram were hurrying towards the temple.

"Ravn darling, I will explain my words with you in a better and more pleasant time. However right now I can not explain them to you. There is a more serious matter at hand." As she spoke she motioned out the window to the sky. Ravn walked to the window to look out to the sky. Her eyes grew wide as she knew what was happening. Tennarrathe looked to Ravn as she then turned from the window and took her place upon the throne. No sooner after she did so, Manie and Ashram hurried into the temple and into the room both Ravn and Tennarrathe were in.

"My goddess Tennarrathe, I fear that Nightrose is awakening once again. Lillican is not doing so well with our sister Jessalyn's death. What are we going to do?" Manie asked as tears rolled down her cheeks. Manie was not only worried for her sister but also for the people of the realm. The last time nightrose had awaken, the realm was almost destroyed and thousands were killed. Ashram tilted his head abit as he was listening to the conversation. He did not really learn much of the demoness through the sword as the sword still held many secrets from him. He turned only his eyes to look to Ravn who continued to stare out the window with sorrow.

"My darling Manie, please do not fret over the awakening of Nightrose.. I already know of the going ons and there is a solution to the problem. You just gotta look for it." as Tennarrathe spoke Ashram suddenly took a step forward listening to the conversation even more. His interest was now peaking as the questions were filling his head. He lifted his head abit as he finally spoke up joining in on the conversation.

"I think I can help knock Nightrose back out. Shadowwalker demons don't like the light, I know this from what I have done. However before I help, I need to know one thing... who is Nightrose? And wh is she so feared by the people of this realm?" Ashram was very curious as to what the answers were going to be. He wanted to know everything within the history of Nightrose. He looked from Tennarrathe to Manie as Manie kept her silence. Ravn however turned from the window and walked up to Ashram.

"Tennarrathe I think it is time that he learns of the realm in itself. If he is willing to help, then he needs to know" Ravn spoke softly to Tennarrathe as she nodded her head in agreement. Tennarrathe then turned to look to manie as she tilted her head a bit. She seemed to be thinking for a few moments before she spoke up once more.

"Ravn, you are very correct. He does deserve to know everything, and I will be glad to tell him of our history. However please take Manie home and allow her to get some rest. You get some rest yourself." Tennarrathe motioned for the door and they turned to leave. Once they were gone she turned back to Ashram and motioned for him to follow her to the thrones. Ashram followed Tennarrathe to the thrones and sat beside her on the second throne as she had asked him to.

"Who is Nightrose Goddess?" Ashram asked as he looked to her. Tennarrathe looked back to him and only smiled. She knew she would have to tell him everything that had happened from the beginning of the time up until now. Tennarrathe's heart however seemed to be breaking for the realm she had asked to be created. Ashram could tell of her heart breaking. However he also knew that if he did not get the answers he was seeking out he might not be able to help without killing Lillican.

"I will tell you of who Nightrose is within a few moments. However first lets go to the very beginning to how the realm was created up until the wars began" Tennarrathe's voice was soft and gentle. Her voice was almost a whisper. She looked to him as she stood up and began to walk back and fourth as she began to tell him the story of Alinjah.

"A very long time ago the Alinjah Realm was created by the Empress Maylen. I was Maylens right hand goddess. Maylen and I were talking about the few little realms that were already created. How each one was different however with the same traits. Maylen and I agreed one day however, to create a new realm. Something very different and with different traits. That's when she came up with the Alinjah Realm. Maylen had also agreed to me being the goddess. Since I was the one whom gave her the idea for it." Tennarrathe lowered her head abit as she spoke. She continued one to telling him everything of the beginning. How the realm was created, and so were the shadowwalker demons.

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