When He Loves You Back

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For 11 months Brooke has been the victim of her boyfriend's verbal & physical beatings. When he finally breaks her heart she has to pick up the pieces and try to live again. That's when the "bad boy" of the school, Nick catches her eye. Should she give him a chance and potentially have her heart ripped out again? or should she play it safe?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - When He Loves You Back

Submitted: September 20, 2008

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Submitted: September 20, 2008



"Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?"

Ever felt alone, in a crowd of people? I know I'm not the first person to ask that question or to feel that way. In fact, I never quite understood what it meant until today. Two hours and seventeen minutes ago to be exact. People were everywhere laughing, smiling, joking around and there I was, sitting there, just watching. Sure I smiled, I even laughed a couple of times but it was all fake, simply an act I put on so people wouldn't ask me what was really wrong and I wouldn't have to tell them. See if I told them it would be the first time I said how I really feel out loud. It would seem so concrete and final. I don't know if I'm ready for that. I should be, I mean what he's been doing to me is wrong, I now realize that, but I just can't seem to erase all the good memories. It's like my brain is trained to think of the positive things and it refuses to let me face the whole reality, you know?

For eleven months I dated this boy, Matt. In the beginning it was pure bliss. He would compliment me, take me places, and hold my hand. He just made me feel good about myself. That's important I think every girl should have a boy that makes her feel like a princess. As the months passed I really started to love him and he said he loved me back, that's when most people would think everything was perfect. However, it was just the opposite. Every time he would repeat those empty I love you's, the phone calls came less often and when they did they were much shorter. The compliments were replaced with fights, not petty little fights but fights that included hateful words and I would usually end up in tears. In the matter of a month I fell from being a princess to a servant girl.

I ignored the problems; everyone has relationship troubles, right? Besides he loves me and I love him. Boy was I wrong. That was just the beginning. He started getting possessive. According to him, I had to quit dance and spend the time talking to him. I apparently danced too much. I love to dance. It's my most favorite thing to do in the world and if anyone asked me to quit I would laugh right in their face, anyone but him. I seriously thought about it. If it would help our relationship, why not do it? Next came the insults. "Oh Brooke, you shouldn't wear that shirt, its just not hot." "Brooke you're so stupid, I can't believe you would say something like that." "Brooke you're so ugly when you wear your hair like that." "God, you're so fat, you need to stop eating Brooke." Stupid me I ignored them as well. He was just being honest. Besides the shirt wasn't that cute anyway and yeah I say my fair share of stupid stuff. As for my hair, it is a little frizzy and way too curly. Maybe I was putting on a few pounds even though I hardly ate anything. So, I didn't wear the shirt anymore, stopped saying stupid things, actually I stopped talking to anyone I could avoid, I got a new haircut too and I went on a diet. It was to make the relationship better, right?

Wrong. It didn't help at all. Everyday I got a little more afraid. Afraid that the next time he got mad he would hurt me. That little voice in my head screamed "Get out of this relationship Brooke. It's not good for you!" Did I listen? Of course not and that faithful day came. We were going to the movies and he wanted to see some stupid movie I didn't want to. So he hit me, straight across my face. I started to cry and ran right out of the theater. He followed me and told me how sorry he was. He didn't mean it but I was blind and forgave him. We pretended like that incident never happened and went on living our lives, putting on a facade of happiness.

It was going good for a while. I was actually fooled to think we worked out our problems. Then he noticed Jade. Jade's been my best friend for 3 years. She's been around the entire relationship. It's not like she magically appeared out of thin air! But for some reason she caught his attention one day and held it. They started flirting all the time. Then when he was on the phone he asked me to 3-way Jade. Then when we went out we had to invite Jade. I knew the end of our relationship was coming. It was quite obvious. I didn't want to lose what we had though. I tried so hard to hold on. The day he broke up with me he told me he was going to ask Jade out. I wanted to crawl into a little hole somewhere and die. I felt used and abused, which technically I was.

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