When He Loves You Back

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: September 27, 2008

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Submitted: September 27, 2008



"& then you thre me up against the wall

Who said it was better to have loved the lost?

I wish I had never loved at all"

Every day since then, I wish I never went out with Matt. I regret meeting that boy. I wish I listened to my conscious. The next few weeks were complete hell on earth. I felt awful. I barley ate, my grades slipped drastically, and I stopped talking to everyone. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was still so in love with who I thought he was during those first few months.

The end of school came and it got a little better. I wasn't forced to see Matt and Jade on top of one another constantly. I started hanging out with my other friends. But something was still missing in my life.

About a month after we broke up, my dad's best friend's father died. I hate wakes. They just freak me out. The dead people look the same, yet different, in a creepy way lying there in the casket. Then you have the whole go through the line, look at the dead body, then say your condolences to the family. They've probably heard everything that's supposed to make them feel better but it doesn't really.

So my parents gave me the option to go or stay home. I figuredSarah & Timmy are my friends, and it was their grandfather, so I decide the mature decision is to go. It was news to me however they had the hottest cousin in the world. SERIOUSLY WHERE WERE THEY HIDING THIS KID?! Oh my Goodness. We started talking and he was so nice. It was the first time I felt like myself in a really long time. He had this infectious smile that you just had to smile back. People say you find love when you least expect it. I definitely think a wake is where you'd least expect it. By the end of the night I was happy again. Not totally happy. The memories weren't erased completely but I could manage. Mike made me realize there were a lot more fish in the sea, a lot nicer, less jerkish fish. As it turns out, Mike lives 3 hours away in Vermont. Great, just great. I got his screen name though.

For the rest of the summer Mike and I talked everyday. He was becoming one of my closest friends. I know we can't be anything more then friends for now, 3 hours is a lot more distance then I need. My dad once told me,"You can't always get what you want, but if you try you might find you get what you need." I completely agree with this. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense! At that point in my life I didn't need a boyfriend, what I needed was someone to listen to me who didn't know Matt. I needed someone to give me non-biased advice and that's just what I found in Mike. I would really like to give my dad complete credit for that quote but I know it's from A Rolling Stones song. Honestly, who knew Mick Jagger was so smart?

song credit: Up Against the Wall by: Boys Like Girls

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