When He Loves You Back

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: September 27, 2008

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Submitted: September 27, 2008



"Dearest Mistake, I can't forgive it,

one things for sure:

He's not worth your time and heart"

When school started up again, I got more involved and met a lot more people. With the help of Mike, the real me was coming back a little more everyday. Little by little I was beginning to realize I never really loved Matt. I loved the memories and the overall thought of loving someone and he certainly did not love me. He didn't deserve me.

Tonight was homecoming. A lot of my friends went and it was a great time. The girls looked absolutely stunning in their dresses and the guys looked handsome in their ties. We danced to almost every song, but I still couldn't help but feeling alone when the slow songs came on and everyone paired up. Some of my new friends know a little about my past but no one knows the whole story, not even my best friends Lauren, Riley and Sam. I have a hard time letting people in now. I'm trying to get over it and I am, slowly but surely. I'm not sure i'll ever fully recover but I suppose what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger...or even more desperate.

"Brooke I have got to tell you something!" Lauren practically screamed at me when I was at my locker Monday morning.

"God Lauren, I'm right here. What is it?" I answered as I kicked leftover "Homecoming 2007" posters out of my way.

"I think I like Dylan. At homecoming we danced and it was amazing." Oh God, here we go again. Lauren likes a new guy every single week. It gets annoying at times. "You don't say." I said dully back. "Oh I do say! I'm so happy. Do you think he likes me?" She either didn't sense the sarcasm in my voice or she didn't care.

"OH MY GOD NICK STOP IT!!!!!!!!" I turned quickly to see my friend Abby trying to push this boy off her. "Nick you're such a jerk, look what you made me do." she pointed to a giant pile of books that came crashing down out of her locker.

"Here Ab I'll help." as I pushed Nick out of the way. "Oh hello there beautiful. I love you." Nick said to me like I just appeared out of thin air and I wasn't standing there 3 minutes ago when he was on top of my friend. "Yeah, okay Nick, whatever you say" I said. See Nick was the type of guy you don't get too hooked on. He has this tendency to flirt with everything wearing a skirt and you can never tell if he's serious or not. Everyday when I arrive at school he walks up to me, gives me a hug, and says he loves me. If it was anyone else but him I would be totally excited about it. But he just makes it seem too easy. He'll tell me he loves me then 15 minutes later he'll be hugging some other girl or holding their hands.

I know I could like Nick, probably just as easy as he would be able to throw me away and watch me get hurt again. I don't want to get hurt again. I won't let myself get hurt again. I've been trying to avoid him so I don't accidentally fall in love with someone who most likely won't be there to catch me. It's just so hard when he looks at me.

He has the most amazing eyes. Oh God, those eyes are gorgeous. I would probably stare at them all day, if I could without him thinking I was completely insane. You just look at him and you instantly know he has a story. His story probably explains why he is the way he is. You can just tell there's so much more to him then what people see on the outside. And his sense of humor! You know those people that can just say the most random stuff and do the most annoying things but still they make you laugh? Well, that's Nick, for me anyway. Some people find him...well they find him mean. I do admit some of his jokes come on other people's expense but he doesn't do it in a harmful way. I think most people just see Nick as the stereotypical bad boy. The "I don't really care, nothing is happening in my head, I'm just here to make everyones life a living hell" bad boy. I don't see him that way at all. When I look at him all I can think about is his big green, blue, and brown eyes.

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