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As I walked through the huge gates of school that Monday, I was approached my Joe, Ken and Brad. They were Marks best friends. Oh my G-d I so did not need them in my life right now.
“You know Jennifer, you’re a real bitch. Why don’t you go out with Mark, he really likes you!” Joe said.
“Don’t you dare call me a bitch! Do you expect me to go out with some guy that I don’t even know?!” I screamed back at them.
“You can get to know him!” Brad said.
“Yeah sure, I’ll get to know him, BEFORE I say yes to him.”
“C’mon!!! He really likes you! Go out with him for a bit then if you don’t like him, dump him.” Ken said.
“No, I don’t want to do that because if I do, I really will seem like a bitch.” Before any of them could say anything, I felt a strong grip grab my arm and pull me away from them. I looked up and it was James. I stopped worrying about everything and just let him take me wherever he wanted. We ended up at the wall behind the gym. Everyone calls it the “break up and make up” wall. Pretty self explanatory. Me and James have never gone out....why is he bringing me here? He pushed me up against the wall and looked at me deep in the eyes, with a sorrowful look.
“Why did you bring me here?” I asked breaking the silence.
“I wanted to apologize about what happened between me and Lily and make up. Hence bringing you to this wall to make up.” All I could do was smile then he pulled me into a hug. I never wanted us to break away but he did and grabbed both my shoulders. He looked me deep in the eyes then kissed me. I had no idea what was going on until he broke away then ran off.” Wow. What was that about? Oh my g-d HE JUST KISSED ME! This is the best moment of my life! I wanted to scream his name but I was completely speechless. The rest of the day I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I kept daydreaming which really pissed off my teachers.
When the bell rang for the end of school, I tried pushing my way through the packed hall to try to get to James who was only about 10 metres away from me. Never the less, it was still almost impossible to get through. So I waited until the crowed surrounding me poured out of the doors and into the courtyard taking me with them. After everyone had gone off in their different directions, I scanned the courtyard trying to find James. I found him leaning against the big oak tree next to the gates. I walked up to him and when he saw me, an embarrassed look came across his face.
“What was that all about at the wall?” I asked.
“Umm, ahh.” Was all he said before he bowed his head and mumbled something.
“Sorry, couldn’t hear that.” I said
“I said, I really like you.” A wave of emotions rushed through me.
“Oh, umm what happened to liking Lily?” I asked. I am horrible with handling it when someone likes me.
“I didn’t feel anything when we kissed. But when I kissed you, everything felt right.”
“So you only kissed me to see if we had chemistry?”
“Umm, yeah sorta.”
“So now that we do, you like me?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“I have been waiting to hear that for a very long time.” We both smiled and I gave him a big bear hug which he pulled out of and made a very romantic kiss.

Submitted: January 30, 2010

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WTF!! no it just doesnt feel right!! it's 2 fast and 2 .. i don't know!
yea i know i startd ur novel kinda late but hey bettr late than nevr riht?! lol anywayz i like, u good!

Thu, August 19th, 2010 7:27pm