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“Alright class, I’m going to pair you up, boy and girl and you are going to look after this baby as if it were yours.” I looked at James and hoped that she would pair me up with him. She started calling out the pairs and when she got to me,
“Jennifer Stone paired with Mark Donahugh.” My mouth dropped open and I turned to James with a worried expression and he returned the same expression. I then looked at Mark who had the happiest look on his face. Then my teacher called out,
“James Morrison paired with Honey Stone.” I turned to the back of the class and I saw Honey smile evilly. I then looked at James who looked like he had just seen a ghost. This is not going to turn out well.
After class in the tiny amount of time where I wasn’t with James, Mark came running up to me and stopped me in my path.
“Umm, so since we are partnered together for this thing, maybe you should come over some time, so we can really get into it.” I knew that this was just an excuse for me to go to his house but I said “sure” anyway. After he left, James came up and took me to the big Elm tree out in the courtyard, I know, our school has many different types of trees. He sat me down and looked at me intently.
“Look, I know that we both have partners that have crushes on both of us but we have to stay strong if they make a move, remember that we love each other.”
“Yeah I know that but I also know that I will never go for Mark but you went out with Honey, and now that she knows we are going out, she is going to do all that she can to get back together with you.”
“Yes yes I know that and I pinky swear that I won’t do anything with her.” Between me and James, pinky swears are serious. When I got back home that day, I went on the computer and Mark started talking to me.
“Hey, do you think you could come over to my house tomorrow after school?”
“Umm, okay?”
“Cool. Cya bye.” Alright, I have to prepare myself for tomorrow, no revealing clothes, no good smelling perfume, pretty much nothing that will make me attractive or make him think I am leading him on. I need to keep talking about my boyfriend and not compliment him in anyway and if worst comes to worst, I have to insult him.
Next morning I woke up and went straight to my closet and found the ugliest clothes I could find and stuffed them into my bag, even though I have to look ugly at Marks house, doesn’t mean I have to look ugly at school. As I got to school, I walked past Lily and her new group I smiled and tried to be friendly but they all just gave me death stares. I knew that she had turned them all against me which was weird because half of the people in her group I had never met before and even they hate me.

Submitted: February 13, 2010

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