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“What happened?” They jerked their heads up in surprise then had looks of sadness on their faces.
“Oh it’s just you.” Mum said. Wow. A real compliment.
“Honey ran away.” Dad said. YES!! OMG WOOH SHE’S GONE! SHH ! Hide your excitement, I told myself.
“Oh, you know why?” I said, trying not to seem overjoyed about it. Oh wait, DAMN! I remembered where she was. She was at James’s house doing the assignment.
“It was this afternoon; she never came home from school. No, we don’t know why she left.”
“Guys, chillax, she is at James’ house, for an assignment.” OMG! I TOTALLY FORGOT! MARK! I ran as fast as I could upstairs and grabbed whatever I needed. I then ran downstairs again and said bye to my parents.
“WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Mum shouted from the kitchen.
“TO A GUY FROM SCHOOLS HOUSE!” I shouted back. I turned around to mum just in time to see her mouth to herself “slut”. My mum was truly a bitch, but what can I do. Dad goes with whatever she does. He is like afraid of her. I gotta knock some sense into both of them. I ran as fast as I could to Mark’s house. When I got to the front door, I remembered that I was still in my clothes from school. SHIT! I have to change, but where? I ran into the little alleyway between Marks house and the house next to him and frantically started to change. When I finished, I turned around and saw Mark standing there with his mouth gaping open holding a garbage bag. SHIT, F*CK, CRAP!
“Are you going to stand there the whole time or are we going to go inside?”
“Uh, Umm yeah sure. One sec.” He said pushing the garbage bag into the garbage bin right next to him. We walked back to his front door and he opened the door for me. At first I thought it was sweet but then when I walked up the stairs, he slapped my butt. I turned back and gave him a death stare but he tried to put on the biggest puppy dog face. Didn’t fool me, this dude was bad news.
When we got up to his room, I sat down on his bed and I started to pull the baby out of my bag and before I knew it he had pushed me onto the bed. I lay there in shock and watched Mark tower over me with the deepest look of lust in his eyes. I sat up abruptly and I saw a hint of disappointment in his eyes as he sat close to me, too close. I scooted across to the other side of the bed and watched Mark follow me quickly. He then ran his hand up my leg and I quickly brushed it off. He pulled my head closer to his and held it tight there while he started to kiss me. I tried desperately to pull away but his grip was too strong. Then he started running his hand up my top kept going above my stomach and tried to reach for my chest. I screamed and quickly pulled away with all my force and ran for the door.

“MOVE AND I SHOOT!” I heard a booming voice from behind me shout.

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