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When my eyes fluttered open I noticed Mum, Dad and James crowding around me with horribly worried expressions on their faces. Especially James. I smiled and reassured everyone that I was okay. They all sighed in relief but they did not move from their positions which were staring right into my eyes with very strong intensity. As I sat up a little, my head started spinning and I saw 3’s of everything, after that, I blacked out again.
When I woke up again the first thing I heard was, “Gosh , you’ve GOT to STOP doing that!” and of course, James had said it. I smiled, sat up again slowly and hugged him tightly. My mum just rolled her eyes then left the room. But Dad ignored mum’s gesture to leave and stayed right in his spot. Mum huffed and walked out of the room.
“If she doesn’t care about me, why did she come?” I asked dad.
“Because I dragged her here.” Dad said with a huge grin on his face. I smiled and leaned forward to hug him and he hugged me back. Seems like Dad is more on my side than Mums. At least I won’t be alone in the battle of the family anymore.
For the next couple of weeks after I had gotten out of hospital, I tried my very best to stay completely away from Mark but even with James’ help, he still showed up everywhere I was. The thought of calling the police ran across my mind a number of times every time he looked at me. But I kept brushing it away thinking that it’ll only make things worse. But as I soon realised, that not calling the police was causing more danger to come my way, and when I thought nothing else could make it worse, James pulled me to the side in the middle of study hall and told me that he “can’t be in a relationship with someone who has this many problems” and broke up with me.
Now, my life can’t get any worse. But surprisingly, after James had broken up with me, Mark had left the school. Rumours said that he was sent to jail for selling pot and another rumour said that he was a runaway child from the orphanage and the sisters were coming back to get him, of course I didn’t believe either of these rumours but I still had no idea why he would have left, now that James had broken up with me, I am completely vulnerable. Even though all of this didn’t add up, I brushed away the memory of Mark and hoped that he would never come back again.
After I completely forgot about Mark, I started remembering what had happened between James and me. I burst out in tears. He told me he would always be there for me, through thick and thin, but I guess I was sorely mistaken. After 2 one litre tubs of ice-cream, I finally calmed down but when Honey walked into the room and saw the tissues and empty ice-cream tubs around me she just snickered and strode towards me.

Submitted: March 02, 2010

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