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“I know it was you who sent me the letter, if Honey sees me with you, she will get Mark back here for good!” I sighed but then I remember something.
“BUT, she won’t see us together because we are such good actors, plus right now she is locked in the room under the stair case. Harry Potter style.” I said very excitedly. He smiled then hugged me again.
“We will see.” He said finally slowly closing the door and he crept away into the darkness beyond the front door. I skipped home in complete ecstasy completely amazed at what had just happened in my life. But of course, knowing MY life, something had to ruin a perfect moment, and so when I came home, I found Honey on the couch, HUGE red mark on her cheek, almost purple, mum sitting on the couch next to her with a completely solemn look on her face, and then finally I saw dad sitting in his special chair with his hands in his face.
“OMG Jennifer. This has GOT to stop. You can’t just keep hitting your sister over nothing. We have no choice but to send you to boarding school.” Mum said screaming so loud that I could’ve sworn that one of the glass cups in the kitchen broke.
“She’s right, Darl. Honey has had just as bad behaviour as Jennifer.” Dad said trying to compromise with her.
“NO! I am not listening to you anymore. I am not going to go easy on her again. She is going to boarding school and that’s FINAL! You leave tomorrow morning so go pack your stuff.” Mum said as angry as hell. I groaned but sulked upstairs without a sound. There was no way I would be able to talk myself out of this one. I packed my bag all the while thinking about how I won’t see my friends and James for ages which made me really sad. I stopped packing sat on my bed and started bursting out in tears. Obviously dad heard me because he knocked on the door, walked in, sat on the bed and rubbed my back.
“It’s o.k. Hun. I will get you out of there as soon as possible and when we do that, we won’t be coming back here anymore. We will move away from your mum and Honey and we will live with each other. Don’t worry though, we will still live in this neighbourhood because I know how much your friends mean to you but till then please try rough it out in boarding school. For me.” I grinned the widest grin I had ever made and gave him the BIGGEST bear hug. My dad was officially the best.
“But wait, does that mean you are going to divorce mum?” I asked very confused.
“Yes, but leave that to me. I will probably have it over and done within a couple weeks while you’re gone. But the sooner I get away from that witch and her fake baby, the better. I have always loved you more. You were the real one, the only sane person in the family but I always went along with what she did because I was scared of her divorcing me. I love you , more than you can ever imagine.
Dad dried my tears and helped me with the rest of my packing. After I was done, I decided to write letters to everyone telling them what had happened. For all my girl friends I wrote the same but still with a lot of love but honestly, I saved most of my love for James’ letter. It took me so long to really try to get into my brain to decide what I wanted to say. Once it was done, I went down to the post office and sent them away.
Next morning I was woken up at 5:30 am because it was 20 minutes before the bus arrived. What bus driver would want the job of picking up kids almost every morning at 5:50? Probably a bit you know what in the head. I hugged dad goodbye but I just gave mum and Honey death stares as I counted each steps that I took on that bus going away from home. Better be ready for some hell of an adventure.

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