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“Uhh no. Why don’t you go running back to the plastic surgeon to fix that fake nose of yours? He really screwed it up.” She gasped covered her nose and ran off. I chuckled then turned back to what I was doing. When I finished fixing up my sheets. It was time for lunch. I quickly threw on my uniform and quickly scurried after Tasha to the dining hall. When I got in there I laughed because it is as cliquey as any ordinary American school. You could see who the geeks were, although they weren’t as lanky as the ones at school, you could see the popular bitches because of their “bling” and fake hair and skin colour, you could also see the band geeks, who would’ve thought there were band geeks at a military academy and finally there were the jocks and in the middle of the huddle of the group was the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. He had gorgeous aqua eyes, jet black “flick” hair, chizzled chin and when he smiled I was speechless. I took away the mesmerised feeling because I knew I was staring and that soon I would’ve started to drool but then I stopped because I remembered that I am in love with James and I can’t give that up after all that we have been through, I tried to forget about the gorgeous guy sitting there and followed Tasha to her group. I sat down with her friends who seemed to be really quite normal which I was happy about.
“Guys, this Jennifer. She’s new here.” I smiled awkwardly and sat down next to all of them.
“So what brought you here?” Asked a small girl with long black wavy hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled as she spoke. She was gorgeous, probably more gorgeous than that bitch.
“My sister’s a bitch.” A wave of ah’s flew across the table, apparently all of them understand what it’s like to have a bitchy sister.
“One little punch up and it’s hello boarding school. But that’s only because of my mum, she loves my sister and doesn’t give a flying f*** about me. My dad does. So once I’m done here, I’m going to live with him.” Everyone nodded very intensely and Tash tried desperately to change the subject so we weren’t all going to be in a sh!tty mood.
“So what brings all of you here?” I asked trying to be as friendly as possible.
“My dad is the principle of the school, so I’m kind of obligated to come here.” Said one of the quieter guys. He said short, blonde, spiked up hair and hazel eyes. His face was small but his eyes we’re big and when he smiled, I saw his braces. E was alright.
“My mum thought it would be a good idea for me to not be home because she knew I was stressed out about the fact that my parents were fighting a lot.” Said quite a small, lanky girl with medium length curly brown hair, she had a high pitched voice but it wasn’t too annoying and her eyes were the darkest brown, almost black.
“My parents thought I’d get a good education here.” Said a guy also with brown curly hair but he had green eyes. He was pretty buff but he didn’t have too much muscle and he had a long face.
The last person sitting at our table was really to himself. He was wearing a black hoodie so I couldn’t really see his face but I noticed that he had black “emo” styled hair but it contrasted with the amazingly bright blue eyes that sparkled. He also had a snake bit piercing. He looked like a bad boy but somehow I could tell he was far from it inside.
“What about you?” I asked him leaning forward in my chair.
“My parents think I’m... troubled.” He said with a gruff tone. There was an awkward silence and crouched back into my chair.

Submitted: April 08, 2010

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haha thankss hunn :) I shall post more like now :)

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