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“Sorry, I didn’t catch all of your names” I said urging them to tell me.
“I’m Skye.” Said the girl. Awesome name.
“Joe.” Said the blonde guy.
“Adam, said the other brown-headed guy.
“Isaac.” Said the “mysterious hottie. I’d like to learn more about him.
I thought that I should finish unpacking my things so I said my goodbyes to everyone and made my way to the door. I was about to open the door when a guy slid in front of me. I jerked back and looked up to see the guy I saw just before I met Tasha’s friends. You know the hot one. I laughed to myself and realised I was about to start blushing.
“Can I help you?” Asking him while trying to sound intimidating.
“Umm Yeah, I saw you just before and... I think you’re really hot.” Wow. What a bad compliment. This guy obviously knows that no girl likes to be told their hot. It’s nothing compared to beautiful or gorgeous.
“Uhh sorry dude, but I have a boyfriend so... see you.” I pushed his shoulders to the side and walked out the door. What he just said really put me off him. Plus, I know I already have James. I looked back just to see his reaction and he was standing there motionless with the most surprised look on his face. He obviously does not know how it feels to be dumped. I chuckled and made my way back to the bedroom.
While packing away the rest of my clothes into the storage cupboard, I was approached by the fake nosed b!tch from before.
“What?” I asked in an annoyed tone.
“I saw you with my BOYFRIEND at lunch. I swear if you go anywhere near my boyfriend again, I am going to re-arrange your face.” She said black-mailing me.
“Bring it on baby face.” I said getting “all up in her business”. She stomped her foot and walked away. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to mess with her so I decided to pretend to like her boyfriend and get her all whiny and upset just for the fun of making a bitch like her cry. Wow, my sister has made me too much of a bitch. O.k. no more bitchiness, I have to be as good as I can... right after I mess with the whore’s mind.
The next day at breakfast, I saw the guy staring at me so I walked up to him.
“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” I said menacingly. After all the oo’s and ah’s from his friends he smiled and took my hand. I quickly pulled it out of his reach.
“C’mon, I only want to get to know you.” He said pouting.
“Alright here’s the deal every time I see you, I will give you one fact about myself. BUT! You also have to give me a fact or else it won’t be fair. First, my names Jennifer, Jen for short.” I said un-crossing my hands and putting out for a shake.
“Deal and mines Blake.” We firmly shook hands and by then I was in the middle of a circle created by all his friends.
“I’ll see you around.” I said winking and pushing my way through the fort made by the guys. As I was walking away I heard all the guys shouting and hi-5ing Blake. Hmm, this will be fun.

Submitted: April 15, 2010

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