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Today was first day of school and I was anticipating to see if my teacher would be a pain or not because here, I only get one teacher so there is no escaping if she or he is horrible. I took a deep breath and walked into the room. That’s when I saw her. The old miserable woman that seemed to be the teacher from hell. That’s when I remembered that she was the one that greeted me at the bunk beds. This day just went completely downhill. We walked inside and I grabbed a spot as close to the back as I could. People were chatting with people around them and I then Blake came up to me.
“Hey there baby face” He said trying to act like my boyfriend.
“Hey there douche face.” I sneered. He laughed the realised I was serious.
“So, second time I’ve seen you, another fact about you.” I sighed and he laughed.
“Okay. Okay. This time you get to know that I got sent here from my sister.”
“What happened?” He asked.
“Oh no, ONE fact each time a see you.” I scoffed. He quickly covered my eyes and when I eventually pried his hands away from my face he was grinning like an idiot.
“Now you’ve seen me again. TELL ME!” He said trying to act puppy like.
“Nup, sorry. But you have to give me another fact about you.”
“Fine whatever! Umm, I’m originally from England.” He said.
“OMG! So is my best friend.” I interrupted then realised how pathetic I sounded and hung my head. All he did was laugh. Then we heard the teacher tapping her foot. Blake jumped off my desk and quickly went back to his own seat where he was engulfed by “bitchface” I giggled to myself then I heard a loud “SMACK” which came from the teacher slamming a ruler down on the desk. I slowly lifted my head up trying desperately to not looking into her piercing and intense brown, almost black, eyes. I shiver sped down my spine and mouth twitched. This creature was pure evil, nothing makes me feel like that except when I know something seriously bad is about to happen. Like I expected, the class was a living hell. When the bell rang I sighed with relief and as I was walking out of the class, I saw a tall figure waltz in front of me. Expecting it was Blake, but no, it was Mrs. Scarywhatsherface. I looked up smiling, expecting Blake but my smile then turned into a frown.
“You’re not leaving quite yet.” I groaned and she grabbed my wrist and pushed me into a desk.
“Is something wrong... have I done something wrong?” I asked innocently.
“You better watch yourself little missy, I’ve met people like you and I HATE people like you. You better watch out or else I’ll make you pray you never met me.” She scolded. Trust me, I am already wishing I didn’t meet her.

Submitted: May 18, 2010

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yepp im with those two :)

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