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Hey guys im soooo super duper sorry I havn't posted in a MONTH.. that to me is just sickening. So I promise to make it up to you. btw, I will be posting a new short story soon so look out for that. Until then here is the next chapter my lovelies

I nodded uneasily and scurried out of the classroom into the crowded halls. I have never been in a place where everyone acts in the same way. Everyone walks the same and speaks the same. Makes me wish more and more that I never came here. I walked back to the dorm room and was greeted by a cluster of people crowding me. Everyone was speaking at once so I couldn’t understand what they were so hyped up about.
“ARE YOU AND BLAKE GOING OUT?!” I heard one of the girls scream over the top of everyone else.
“Wh-what?! ME AND BLAKE? HAHAHAHA, you have got to be joking!” I shouted trying to scream over the other girls high-pitched voices. Everyone stopped shouting and the noise died down to a subtle murmur.
“Then why is he going around saying that your his girlfriend?” Said another girl. Oh he is so dead. I stormed out of the room desperately looking for Blake. I found him sitting with his ‘mates’ and he got up to greet me with a smile but I just gave him one cold, hard slap across the face leaving a hand print on his cheek.
“What the f*** was that for?” He shouted, extremely angry at this point.
“THAT was for going around and telling everyone that I’m your girlfriend.” His face dropped and he opened his mouth to say something but I covered his mouth with my hand.
“Save it.” I said before leaving the room. After that I went to the bathroom and cried, CRIED?! Over this guy?! No way, I have never cried over a guy. It felt like I was crying because I really wanted him to treat me with respect and like me. WAIT, did I just say “like me”? Oh no, this can NOT be good.
The next couple of weeks were torture because I really wanted to be around Blake but I was meant to be acting “pissed” at him. I finally decided that it has been long enough for me to be mad at him to I approached him from behind while he was at lunch. Luckily for me he wasn’t with his big group of friends but it wasn’t like him to be sitting alone, yet I didn’t see anyone. As I got closer I saw a figure sitting in front of him. Wondering who it was I came closer; I saw that it was a girl sitting with him. Their hands were intertwined. This made my stomach drop. He can’t have a girlfriend, not when I think I have feelings for him.
The rest of boarding school went past as a blur, a sad and confusing blur. I lost any feelings I had for Blake because I knew that all would come was trouble plus he got pretty freaked out when I told him what I did to my sister. I thought that Isaac would bring something interesting but I was wrong. He is really boring, even though I was hoping for something interesting; boarding school was the worst experience I have ever had. On my final day I was really happy to finally go home, well to my new home with dad and without Honey and “mum”.
After the hour-long drive, I arrived at home and smelled the sweet, fresh air of home. I ran inside, gave dad a big bear hug and ran upstairs into my room. But, it wasn’t my room anymore. Everything was trashed. I stood in awe, my mouth gaping like a goldfish staring at my room. Nothing was in its place, my clothes were thrown out of my closet and onto the floor, and everything on my desk had been either destroyed or chucked onto the floor as well. I ran up to a photo frame that was lying face down on my desk. As soon as I looked at it I had tears in my eyes. It was a photo of me and James but there was a rip down the middle and the screen was cracked. I went to sit in my beanbag but even that was cut open and the little foam balls had fallen out. I walked downstairs with tear-stained eyes and the photo frame close to my chest and walked into the kitchen. Dad saw me and his face turned into a scowl and looked at mum and Honey. Honey rolled her eyes and mum just snickered.

Submitted: June 22, 2010

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