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We sat in the cave for hours and then we suddenly herd thunder and saw lighting, then it started pouring. Shit, we are screwed. Luckily, Lily brought an umbrella, she is always so prepared, but I don’t understand how she almost knew that it was going to rain because today it was like 30?, horrible weather, but we knew that if we went to the beach, someone would be there and make sure that we leave very upset, so we thought it would be best to come to the cave. I got out of the cave and stretched then we walked around the park for a bit. We started walking back to my house and by the time we got there, the storm had gotten way worse. I invited Lily inside because I didn’t want her to walk by herself in this weather, wow, I just sounded way too much like a mum, scary. I avoided talking to my parents and just went straight upstairs into my room. My room isn’t big at all; of course Honey’s is much bigger. I’ve got a single bed in one corner of the room, A very, very small wardrobe in another corner, my very messy desk filled with different papers and other things in another corner and in the last corner I have my beanbag, it’s got a tie-dye pattern on it and it’s where i like to read my books and stuff. In the middle of my room I just have a very bleak white rug and the rest of my floor is wood. I looked around my room and then I noticed that there was a present on my bed. I picked it up then sat on my bed with Lily right next to me. I inspected it all around then listened to it, just to make sure it wasn’t a bomb. I saw a card on top and read it. It said,
“Dear Jennifer,
I know how you feel about Honey and all the attention we give her and I feel horrible because I have noticed how amazing you actually are. I hope you enjoy it.
WHAT?! Mum gave me a present?!?! She has never given me a present before, must be fake. I opened the small package anyways and I saw just an envelope inside. I opened the envelope and I saw a gift card for a hair and nail salon and $200 dollars with a note saying to buy myself some new clothes. OH MY G-D!! Is this really happening? I ran downstairs with Lily right behind me and I ran up to mum and squeezed her. He started laughing and said
“You like?”
“OF COURSE I LIKE, THIS IS AMAZING!!” I replied. I turned around to see Lily grinning. Did she have something to do with it? I started sprinting for the door and grabbed Lily’s hand on the way. We sprinted all the way down to the mall and we ran into the hair salon first. I was greeted by the lady at the front desk and she asked me what I would like, I answered with
“Surprise me.” She grinned.
I plopped down onto the chair and she started cutting away. I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see what was happening. She softly tapped me on the shoulder to signal that she had finished. I slowly opened my eyes and as I looked, my mouth dropped to the ground. My hair was now sharply layered with a really nice side-fringe and my hair was dark brown with light brown highlights. I sat there in awe for a couple of minutes then jumped up and hugged the lady there. She laughed and I handed her my gift-card. $30, alright, I decided to go shopping for clothes next. We rushed into some store and I grabbed all the clothes I thought were nice. I went into the dressing room and I ended up buying black short shorts, brown gladiators, a flowy top with small flower designs on it, a brown waist belt and a couple of bangles. I turned around to Lily and she gave me thumbs up.
Next, we headed to nail salon. I was greeted by a little Asian woman with a really strong accent and I found it hard to make out what she was saying. But she mainly talked with hand gestures which made it much easier to understand. She pointed to the table with all the colours and I ended up choosing an aqua colour. I sat down and got my nails first. Do you know how awkward it feels when they are speaking in a different language and looking and pointing at you? I thought they were insulting me the whole time. Then they start laughing and giving you dirties and then it gets way worse. But then they tell you
“She say you look so prettay.” I grinned and turned to look at Lily who was giggling. She finished my finger nails then went onto my toenails. I sat in this huge chair and there was a massage in it. I practically fell asleep in the chair. She lightly shook my leg and I jumped with fright then realised she was done. I then went to the drying station. When they were dry, I chucked my gift card at the lady and she swiped it into her machine and then we left. As we were leaving the store, we saw James walking past with Honey dangling off his arm. He was laughing but I could tell that he wasn’t really enjoying himself, his eyes were so sad. I then looked at Honey’s face and she looked so evil, her eyes were so fierce and piercing.

Submitted: November 26, 2009

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