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Me and Lily went back home and I once again ran up to my mum and hugged her. She held my arms tight and pushed her arms out straight and looked at me up and down. She smiled and said
“Jen, you look amazing.” I smiled and hugged her once more. This is the most love I’ve ever felt from my mum. We went upstairs and started raiding my closet for clothes that I can chuck out.
We got through all the clothes and we ended up throwing out more than half my clothes and only leaving the very pink and girly clothes my mum bought once in attempt to make my girly that we found at the very bottom of my closet.
I heard the door slam downstairs and I heard ridiculously high laughing which only means one thing, Honey is back, with James. I quickly fixed my hair and outfit and walked downstairs slowly. I saw both of them look up and both of their mouths dropped.
“Jennifer?” I heard James say in a low, quiet voice.
“JENNIFER?!” I heard Honey scream at the top of her lungs
“You look great.” I heard James say. I blushed and looked away and thanked him. I walked the rest of the way down the stairs and flicked my hair past both of them and walked into the lounge room. I gracefully sat on the couch and turned on the TV. James dropped his arm letting Honey’s fall and came and sat next to me. Then Honey came and swung her legs across James’ lap. I looked at James and saw him rolling his eyes. I laughed to myself and continued to watch TV.

Later on at night, I was up in my room listening to music and relaxing when I heard screaming coming from Honeys room. I paused my iPod and left the room to eavesdrop. They were talking about me and I heard Honey say something about him liking someone or something and then I didn’t hear a reply from James. I then heard Honey start screaming at him to get out, drama queen. I quickly ran back into my room and lay on my bed staring up at my roof with so many thoughts running through my head. James is now single.

Submitted: December 02, 2009

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