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I stared at my phone for ages thinking if I should call him or not. While I was still arguing with myself, I felt my phone start vibrating and start playing “Sexy Bitch”, my ringtone. I looked down and I saw “James Calling”. I started getting all excited but I left it ringing for a while so it didn’t seem like I was hanging around my phone. I finally answered and said
“Hi Jen, I really need to talk to you...can we meet under the big oak tree in the park?” I heard him reply.
“Sure, sure, but when?” I asked.
“Umm, now?” He said
“Umm, ok sure, meet you there in 5.”
“Cool, see ya.”
“See ya.”
I slipped my phone into my pocket and went up to my mirror and fixed myself up. I then ran downstairs to the door then shouted to my parents that were sitting with the crying Honey
“I’ll be back later!” I didn’t get a reply so I took it as an “OK”. I walked out the door and looked up at the sky, grey clouds. There is going to be a storm soon. I fast-walked to the park and then slowed down as I got closer to the tree and saw James in my sight. He was leaning against the tree with a black hoodie on and jeans. His face was down so I couldn’t see his face.
As I got closer I saw him slowly lift his face. I was kind of confused about his expression, it seemed sort of happy. He had just broken up with his girlfriend, how could he be happy?
“I think I like someone.” Was the first thing I heard from his mouth.
“Oh really? Who?” I asked.
“I don’t wanna say” I heard him reply.
“Oh come on! Just tell me, you can trust me.” I started to get anxious and excited at the same time because I really felt a connection between us the past few days.

“Alright, I like...

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