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“Well, first of all, he asked me who I fancied. I obviously told him and when I did I saw a depressed expression on his face. I felt bad then asked him why he had asked. He told me that he liked me and then I couldn’t keep eye contact anymore, it was too hard. I sighed, looked up with a worried look and he got me to tell him what was wrong, so I told him about the love circle. Don’t worry I didn’t make it obvious that you are obsessed with him.” “I AM NOT.” I argued. “You so are, admit it.” She taunted. We sat there talking for practically the whole night and she ended up sleeping over. The next morning we walked down stairs in our pyjamas at saw that James had fallen asleep with his laptop resting on his chest. We lifted up the lid carefully and saw that he was on facebook, not only that but he was looking at photos of Lily.

“Looks like he is the one that is obsessed.” I whispered to Lily. She gave me a “screw you” look then we both laughed. It seemed like we laughed a bit too loud because we heard James groan then turn over to his side, almost pushing his laptop off his chest and onto the floor, luckily I have the reflex’s of a ninja and caught it before it hit the ground.

Lily laughed at the sight of that then I flexed my tiny guns then laughed. This time our laughs completely woke him up. He sat up abruptly then looked at me holding his laptop and gave me a confused look then I saw fear in his eyes, probably because he realised that we looked at his computer. Then he looked at Lily and was completely mesmerised. After a while, he realised he was staring and looked down quickly.

“Good morning!” I said while giggling.

“G’d mornin’” He said back while rubbing his eyes and stretching. Lily and I sat down on either side of James and I turned on the T.V. As I turned it on, I noticed that it was paused on Mean Girls. Lily and I burst out with laughter. We both even started crying from laughing so hard. I finally stopped laughing and looked at James, he was as red as a beetroot! I laughed again.

“Umm, James....What were you doing watching mean girls?” I asked, trying to keep a serious tone.

“Umm, well, you see....umm, it was the only thing on.” I knew he was lying because he couldn’t keep eye contact and he was fiddling with his fingers.

“Mmhmm, I totally believe you.” As I said that, Lily burst into laughter once more. We watched the rest of the movie and afterwards me and Lily decided to go to the pool.

“Hey James, you wanna come with us to the pool?” Lily asked.

“Umm, Sure!” He replied. He’d do anything for her. I was starting to get used to the fact that he liked Lily so much but that didn’t mean that I was over him.

Lily and I ran upstairs to get changed. I went into my bathroom and got changed into my favourite bikini. I came out when I made sure that Lily was done and she looked at me and her mouth dropped.

“IT’S SO UNFAIR! YOU’RE SO SKINNY AND I’M SO BLECH.” She said holding her stomach.

“You see how you’re grabbing your stomach, yeah well there is nothing to grab....YOU’RE WAY SKINNY!” I argued back. She just laughed and I gave her my “I’m serious” look. She laughed again then hugged me. We both grabbed towels then went downstairs where we saw James lying on the couch. He had the most PERFECT body. 8 pack, really big guns and a perfect V. He was amazing. I looked over and saw that Lily was also quite impressed with him.

“Ready to go?” I said. He jumped. We laughed.

“Yeah, yeah but can you promise me one thing? Don’t do that again!” We laughed again. I grabbed Lily’s hand and walked to the door with James close behind. We walked down to the pool which only took about 5 minutes and when we got there, James lifted me up, over his shoulder and threw me into the pool; clothes and all but luckily I had dropped my towel before. As I rose to the surface, I gave James a really dirty look then swam up to the edge.

“Let’s just call that revenge.” He said while squatting down and as he did, I grabbed his arm and pulled him in; he did a full flip before he smacked the water. I waited for a bit but he didn’t rise and as I was about to look underwater for him, I felt arms grab my legs and pull the towards the surface, pushing my head down underwater, I started pounding at his stomach but I knew that it would make a difference, his stomach was a stomach of steel. He finally lifted me up before I died and I quickly swam away to the edge and climbed out. As I was walking to Lily, all I heard was “WIMP!” being shouted out to me from across the pool.

“Looks, like you had fun.” Lily said with a huge grin.

“Very funny, but I’d like to see you handle that.” I replied. I lay down my towel on one of the chairs next to her and as I did, she got up and left.

“Wow, thanks!” I shouted.

“Not like you did any better!” I heard her shout back. I shrugged my shoulders, lay down on the chair and close my eyes. I was laying there for about 10 minutes when I started to feel my stomach burning, so I turned over but as I did, I opened my eyes to see Lily and James having a full on make out session.

Submitted: January 05, 2010

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Awe James just HAD to like her best friend!! Great story keep it up!!?

Tue, January 5th, 2010 10:26pm


Yeah :( Thanks :)

Tue, January 5th, 2010 6:26pm



Mon, January 11th, 2010 4:00am


ahahahaha why thank you :)
love you

Mon, January 11th, 2010 4:37pm