How to die with grace

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Strangely beautiful

Submitted: November 07, 2012

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Submitted: November 07, 2012



Suddenly, all the sadness I felt about me having cancer, changed and became sadness for him. This beautiful man I had just met was cursed in the same way I was, death was going to be his embrace in the end just like it would be mine.

"Really?" I asked touching his hand with mine, my skin tingled as our hands touched and I grasped for the little reality I knew.

"Yeah, if I continue with the chemo I have a 15% chance of living but if Istop I will die in 16-18 months," he mumbled leaning a little closer to me, "after chemo yesterday I decided I didn't want it anymore and after I met you I am sure of the decision I made."

"How are you so sure of that? You have a chance at living how can you take that for granted?" I asked getting a little mad at him for giving up a chance at life.

"Think of it this way, would you rather live in pain or die knowing you had the best life someone could live?" Trey said sounding wise.

"I never thought of it that way, I guess I haven't gotten over the thought of dying yet, I mean, I was just told I was gonna die 2 hours ago," I whispered leaning closer to him.

He looked at me, "I know how you feel, I was told 3 days ago and I still want to cry every minute of every day," we were two inches apart now.

I tried to smile, "I have never heard a man talking about crying, it's sweet and strangely beautiful to know a guy has a soft side."

He chuckled and closed the gab in between us touching his lips to mine, he kissed me with a strange passion. His tongue was down my throat and I felt a lustful yearning to be closer to him, closer to this man I just met than to any other person I had ever dated. Trey was strangely beautiful and magnificently gorgeous.

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