My Love, Tyler (Re-write)

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When country-side, Anne White moves to the city, in need to escape her crowding Mother, she meets and falls deeply in love with Mr shy, sensitive and troubling Tyler Linds. The sound of his voice, his scent, his touch and his warmth traps Anne and gives her meaning to life.

Tyler has had a terrible past life which Anne is determined to uncover. Anne is slowly unlocking doors which Tyler has never opened to anyone before, trying to make their relationship and knowledge of each other stronger. But, each time Anne finds something out, someone is always lurking around the corner, trying to ruin their love.

Friendships, families and people are destroyed, but one love remains at heart.

NOTE: This is a re-write of the first novel that I started but didn't complete. The literature wasn't so good. There are also extra chapters, detailed descriptions and new characters to make more sense of the novel. Thank you.
P.S: I am not the best writer, please do not criticize me

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Love, Tyler (Re-write)

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



The First Time

I gazed in to his eyes-admiring his form, his body structure, his skin. He pushed in to me, causing me to squeal in excitement. This was beautiful. I felt a small tear fall from my eye as I imagined the joy and delight he had given me-the smell of his skin, the feel of his hands, and the touch of his lips. He took me in, willingly. I wondered around his tiny apartment, feeling warmth almost immediately. I pushed a loose end of hair away and tucked it behind my ear. It was overwhelming, being the first time, exploring his life-his apartment. I grabbed a hold of his shoulders as he pushed smoothly in to me, making me cringe every time. I reached for his face, feeling the broadness of his skin, burying his cheek in to my palm. As I walked in, immediately I noticed a large plasma screen, sitting on a television unit, surrounded by two plush sofas, the colour grey-dark grey. To the right was his kitchen-small and homely. There was a door ahead, the bedroom. I followed as he led me in to it. I glanced around shyly, admiring his king sized bed and another plasma sitting on top of his tall boy. I noticed a bathroom, including a shower. The duvet cover was dark black, haunting but dark-erotic. I could feel and hear each breath he took as his body worked in to me, pleasing me and satisfying my crave. I wrapped my arms around him, placing them on his back, pulling him closer. I felt it. I felt his love, finally. I admired him, studied him, feeling him. My heart raced as I felt myself reaching its end. How great he was. How beautiful, in one piece he was. How significant this man could be. How fast things had suddenly flown past. We lay there, peacefully, pleased but with straight faces. Asleep, I awoke in need to disappear. I lifted the duvet, slowly and quietly. Dressing myself as quick as possible, I headed for the door. Turning my head behind, I smiled at myself. I was shocked by my bravery of letting myself get taken away. I shut the door quietly, engaging in my thoughts as I left.

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