Falling For You, Like A Boss

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My short story for the Cliche Romance Contest!
Heather Lance finds herself (against her will) attracted to Blake Denson. It just so happens that he's her boss, and she's falling for him...like a boss!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Falling For You, Like A Boss

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Heather Lance took a quick look around the corner to see if the coast was clear. Whew! All systems go! She walked around slowly, then sped up fast when she heard voices coming from the right corridor. Her high heels clicked and her breath quickened. God she was pathetic, hiding out from her boss. God knows what he would find fault with today, he disliked her for some reason. Heather couldn't figure it out, but pretty much from day one he either completely ignored her or was extremely curt. She couldn't figure out why, God knows she was attracted to the man, but then again who wasn't? He had every secretary in the building mooning after him, which only caused her to feel more pathetic. Like the biggest nerd in high school crushing on the one popular guy who could care less if you even existed. Yeah that was her, big time nerd, of course in her most drunken state she could actually admit that the man that made her life a living hell 5 days out of the week also made her a knees weak. It was a sad moment when she came to that conclusion. God knows what epiphany was next.
She almost thought she could of handled the weirdness of it all if Blake's old Executive Assistant hadn't up and retired. So what if she was almost 70! She owed it to Heather to stick it out, just a few more years until Heather could get the experience she needed under her belt and then find a new job that didn't consist of Blake Denson. Now much to every other secretaries mortification Heather Lance was Blake'sexecutive assistant. Little did they know she would gladly switch with them any day of the week. How did this happen again? Oh yeah she was Heather Lance, never had luck where men were concerned. They always started out handsome and sexy and ended up handsome and sexy players. Stay away from the good looking ones, now theres something you don't learn every day.
"Hey Heather! Over here"
She could see Stephen walking down the hall to her right, he turned direction and started walking with her to the main office. Stephen was cute in a surfer dude sort of way, trim, blonde hair, tan skin and a big smile. Heather wasn't surprised in the least to find he often surfed in his spare time on the weekend. Not sure how a guy like him landed this job but life was full of surprises.
"So I just got back from coordinating the big company anniversary party that's coming up."
"Oh that's right you're on the committee, when is that again?"
"Next weekend, you going?"
"She groaned, is it mandatory?"
"Oh come on now, how is it that a girl as beautiful as you doesn't like to have fun?"
"I've told you this before, I'm nerdish. I like to read and do yoga in my spare time."
"I know, its a turn off. Most men are hoping against hope that I watch porn and participate in wet t-shirt contests."
"Not all at the same time of course."
She laughed "of course."
"Well I'm not giving up, I know theres a wild child in there somewhere."
"It's not like I don't ever have fun or go out on the weekends! It's just that a company party with 'you know who' doesn't seem like the event of the season."
"Speaking of 'you know who', word on the street is he's dating that model from Brazil, the one that was here last week to go over her insurance claim."
"What is she insuring, her breasts implants?"
"Oh come now, this is a juicy bit of gossip."
"You must have mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck"
He snorted out a laugh
"Fine but I thought you should hear it from me, all the other bitches are talking about it"
'Bitches' was their code name for all the other women in the building who were enamored with Blake. Probably everyone but herself, oh and the lesbian on the 3rd floor who worked in filing.
She pushed the button for the elevator.
"Well what else is new."
"Come on Heather, if anyone knows anything its you, you work with the guy. You take his calls, you send out the invites."
She raised an eyebrow, You're describing it like I have allot of power. In reality I'm just his bitch. No wait..that's not right."
"What I mean is, what's the low down? Where did you send the last piece of jewelry?"
"Are you betting with the bitches again?"
She couldn't help the laugher. The elevator door opened and they walked out.
"Don't shake your head at me, I could win some money off of this."
She laughed harder, "You're adorable Stephen, have I ever told you that?"
He looked offended and pleased all at the same time
Just then the proverbial cup of cold water splashed in her face
"Heather" Came the sharp command
Blake leaned out of his office door "Any day now would be great."
She sighed, "His Lordship calls."
"You know your little nick name for him might come out at the wrong time some day."
"Oh no! Whatever will I do!"
"You smile any brighter I might pass out."
"I'm sure" She waved him away as she walked off. Placing her copies and coffee on her desk. She grabbed the folder she needed, rubbed her glossy lips together and prepared to enter the lions den.

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