To Make You Myne

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Sometimes love comes unexpectedly. For shy and beautiful Miranda Summers this was definitely the case. Her life planned out and her new found independence as her only companion. She was totally unprepared for Daniel Harper, even though she had known him for years the passion growing between them was not familiar. With Daniel in hot persuit of her it's hard for Miranda to differentiate her feelings for Daniel, is it just attraction or is it love? Come along for the ride as Miranda experiences a journey that will help her discover herself, and best of all to find that opening your heart to love is the greatest freedom of all.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - To Make You Myne

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Submitted: May 08, 2012




Miranda Summers took a deep breath and focused on the sight in front of her.  Today was the last time she would see her highschool, the place she had come to every week for the past four years. Life was moving fast, soon she would move to Texas to start college. She was excited and nervous all at the same time, suddenly she felt real life would begin in earnest. 

Her eyes squinted in the sun and her shoulders relaxed as she continued to wait for her best friend Sophie Hamilton to gather her things so they could begin the fifteen minute drive home. 

Miranda and Sophie couldnt be more opposite in personalities and looks, yet they had been best friends since 3rd grade. Where Miranda had been shy and more studious, Sophie was bright and energetic. She sometimes thought Sophies constant energy rubbed off on her, making her more out going and adding a little zest to her life. She liked that.

Sophie was a darker beauty, more of a light olive complextion, dark brown hair the color of mahogany, eyes a light brown with hints of gold, her nose had more character to it which Miranda loved. On someone else it might seem odd but with Sophies jaw line and full mouth she pulled it off, she was really a very beautiful girl.

The guys loved Sophie, her looks mixed with her bubbly personality she never failed to drive male attention. Miranda hid behind Sophie to a certain extent, even though she had admitted it, she didn't want to. It showed a certain weakness in Miranda, like she wasnt capable of being on her own. Six years away in college without Sophie would probably fix that though. Hell six years away from her mother would probably fix that. Since her parents divorced, Miranda and her brother Chace lived with their mother who was a sucsessful editor in a publishing company. Her Dad lived close by and would often visit, it was strange but they somehow could still pull off the whole family thing.

Mirandas current state of affairs came back to her and the thought made Miranda sick, why was she so damn shy? Her mother told her all the time that she had no reason to be, although she was fairer in complection then Sophie she was still every bit as beautiful. Her hair was a beautiful honey blonde that always turned lighter blonde in the summer sun. Her eyes were blue, her nose dainty and her mouth although not as lush as Sophies still caught a mans attention.

Where some girls still looked 15 at her age she looked like a woman, she thought and spoke like one as well. Ever to take things seriously, maybe thats why she had missed out on certain things in high school, she always thought like an adult. Her brother Chace often teased her for being so up tight and he was right. She sighed and leaned against the car, hoping Sophie would say goodbye to whoever was hogging her attention and just get in the car so they could go.

She had just taken out her cell phone to text Sophie when she heard her steps down the stairs, her voice soon followed

"Sorry Mir, I know I'm late"

Miranda looked up and tried not to show her impatience too much, besides Sophie always took forever to do anything.

Mirandas eyes held amusement

"who was it this time Sophie? Its so hard to say goodbye!" Mirandas voice was druamatic bringing humor into the moment.

Sophie laughed and shook her head slightly, "Miranda it might do you good to have a long goodbye with somone"

They both got into the car and it was Mirandas turn to shake her head

"You know I've tried its just not that easy"

The engine revved and Miranda backed out of the parking lot slowly, her eyes focused behind her

"Well how did it go at Staceys gaduation party last week? Whos the lucky guy"

"I couldnt Sophie, I just couldnt bring myelf to have sex with some random guy just to get it over and done with"

"I would hardly call Jason a random guy! You guys have done everything else anyways"

"Its not Its not like that, I would feel so much more comfortable wth someone who is experienced and who could last longer then 5 minutes"

Suddenly a thought popped ito Mirandas head, but it was too crazy she pushed it aside, it would never work out.

"well thats okay, there's still three weeks until you leave for Texas, trust me Miranda you dont want to be a virgin at college, its a cruel world out there"

"Sophie that is not the only reason I want to have sex, although that is a good one, Im 18 now, a legal adult and I need to come into my own more. I need to do something that will catapault me out of the rutt that I call my life, I need to grow up!"

Miranda swallowed and focused on the road, why did this have to be so difficult? If she had just been a little more social with the guys in highschool, maybe this wouldnt be so daunting

Sophie was also thinking, she let her breath slowly...

"well Miranda, there is someone you've known for awhile that would certainly know what he is doing".

Miranda gave her an uneasy side ways glance and then her eyes widened

"Are you reading my mind!" She laughed, a beautiful breathy sound and the color bloomed in her cheeks

Sophies smile got bigger, "I might be, does his name start with a D and end with an L"

Mirandas eyes brightened and she started to laugh again , this time she could't stop. It was a crazy idea. And Miranda never went along with crazy ideas!

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