Mixed Bloods

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Wolverina Slays has always been different. Abandoned at a young age, and alone except for her two friends Ron and Slade She has never had much, until one day she wakes up tied, or rather chained to the one thing she hunts the most. A vampire.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mixed Bloods

Submitted: September 17, 2013

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Submitted: September 17, 2013



Chapter 1: An unexpected suprise

I groaned out in a pure guttural pain as bright white flashes of pain exploded through my skull. It felt as if I had been hit by a truck, and I felt the weight of my arms pressing into either side of my head. They were heavy, like that empty weight you feel when you have raised your arm for a bit too long. I twisted, trying to get in a better position, then froze as I raised something wasn't right. This wasn't a normal pain. I had felt it before... Right after being drugged. 

My eyes snapped open and immediately scanned the dark room surrounding me. Nothing. Just a blank dark room that was jagged around the edges. A cave maybe? The walls were a stone colored grey, so definitely a cave. After scanning the room I looked down at my restraints. A rope of pure silver wrapped about my waist, and corded my legs together. 

Good, so that means whoever captured me doesn't fully know about my powers. I was a half demon, the only of my kind, and the only thing that could hold me was black or white magic. However whoever got me did know how to restrain a vamp, so it was nearly as bad as knowing how to restrain me. I pulled on the cord that wrapped around my wrists and hissed as the silver dug painfully into my skin. It may not hold me but it still hurt like hell.

"It wont work, love. The cord is pure silver." A deep voice drawled behind me. The voice had a weak lilt to it, as if said persons voice had been worn out. Plus the person had a sort of foreign lilt to it... Like a mix of British and Irish, but oddly beautiful

I turned my head as far as it would go, and only ended up being able to see the side profile of whomever was behind me. After a moment of trying to get a better look I gave up, and sagged in my restraints. The person behind me was no threat due to the fact that he too was restrained.

"Where am I?" I ground out of my parched throat.

The man laughed softly. A sound oddly similar to low bells, and crunching gravel, "I don't quite know, love. But we are apparently in demand of a strong line of vampires."

"Vampires, huh? I know only two people who would want me dead, and one of them is dead, or rather undead."

"And who might that be?" I heard a softly dangerous note in the man's voice. He was seeking information.

"Never mind that. Can you sense anyone near by?" I asked quietly, not wanting anyone to over hear.

"Oddly, no. Apparently they were reliant on these to hold us," He said with a rattle of the chains.

I grinned wolfishly, "Good"

With a soft amount of concentration I softly willed the ball of power in my chest to well up, and trail down my arms. It sent my body up in a soft wave of ice, and heat as the power began to spill from my palms, and spill about my body, illuminating the room in a soft glow. From one palm A power as pure white as snow welled up and around my body, and from the other an inky black wrapped about the white. Another oddity about my powers. I controlled both dark, and white magic. Ron had mused that it had something to do with my other white tiger form.

After a moment I slipped from my bonds, and stretched my sore form. With me being a tigress, bonds do not do me well. 

"What in the bloody hell was that?" The vampire behind me scoffed.

I softly padded around what I now knew was a thick silver pole running from floor to ceiling. And as a looked down at the man my breath caught in my throat. He was beautiful, and I gawked down at the bare expanse of muscled chest, and the fine line of hair leading down his abs and disappearing into his low slung black jeans. I flushed as I snapped my eyes to his face. That was even more beautiful. His face looked to have been sculpted of a pure cream marble, thick dark brows, softly pronounced cheekbones, a dark sexy stubble that lined his jaw perfectly, and beautiful electric blue eyes that stared up into mine as a knowing smirk curved those thick lips. He was nearly perfect but for one long scar running from temple to cheek bone on the left side of his face.

I shook my head and with a shaky hand reached out and touched his forehead. Immediately his aura burst to light around him, and I sighed in relief as I saw it was not evil. Without a second thought I pulled on one of the silver chains, and it snapped from the pressure.  

He snapped up with a jolt, the rest of the chains falling free.

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