Code Geass: Voleureine and her Vampire lover

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Blood, how to take it from you

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




“You turn me into a pureblooded vampire?” voleur said “yes, and you’ll be my consort” florient said “what! I don’t want to be yours!” voleur said and florient slowly walks on her back and suddenly and embraces voleur as he said “whether you’ll like it or not, you’ll be mine as it should have..” and voleur breaks away from florient and she follows a scent of a very pure and very strong blood and when she saw that tybalt’s blood is being suck by a very mysterious beautiful vampire and voleur slow hide she felt strange as her eyes turns to crimson red and she said to herself  ‘what’s happening? Why is tybalt’s blood makes me this very thirsty’ and “mmm.. A scent of a pureblood is very sweet and so irresistible and it really turns me this on.” Sovelle said “a familiar blood” said tybalt and voleur run and florient suddenly walk to the main staircase where sovelle and tybalt; “it so nice to see you together, sovelle” said florient and sovelle said to florient “is she your consort?” while she stare at voleur and florient said “yes, she’s my consort and my sister” and voleur run out to the royal gazebo and tybalt run after her and voleur said “tybalt, will you hate me? If you know that I’m no human now” and she fainted with tears in her eyes and tybalt carry her to the royal gazebo bench and he answer her “no, I can’t hate you, even if someone else bitten you hardly and turn you into a vampire, don’t worry I will protect you” and he leaves her and he went to the staircase and tybalt saw them chatting and he said to florient “what did you do to voleur!” and tybalt attacked florient and they fought in front of the royal guest and the guests are all vampire, florient blood is the cause, they drink it without knowing that their drinking a vampire’s blood; and the newborn vampires  helped florient but tybalt killed them all including florient but sovelle escaped and tybalt said slowly “I can destroy all of them, even if it’s my ex-lover sovelle I can kill, just to save you voleur my princess” and voleur woken up from her sleep as she is lying on tybalt’s laps ans she said “tybalt.., I’m a monster I’ve turn into a vampire” and tybalt said “was that mean I’m a monster for you?” “no, I mean a vampire like you are the lovely and gentle one, but I’ve turn into a vampire by a filthy tainted hands by my brother florient” voleur said “I’m now a criminal” tybalt said while caressing voleur’s forehead while she is on his laps “I killed florient and his subordinates” “ I don’t mind, as long as you won’t leave me alone” and voleur kiss him surprisingly tybalt felt warm even if she is already a vampire and he said to his mind “it’s better now, I love a girl like you this much” and voleur’s eyes suddenly became crimson red and she lick tybalt’s neck and pierce it and tybalt said “yes, drink from me, my voleur” and voleur fainted and tybalt drink her blood as a sign of his unconditional love for her “this is the way how it ends..” sovelle said while she saw tybalt and voleur “I’m gonna kill you,voleureine di Britannia!”

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-End of chapter 4-

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