Code Geass: Voleureine and her Vampire lover

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Beasts, a geass power

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




Tybalt walks to the secret door that only his blood can open it, the door is the passage way to the vampire council where he keep his subordinates and he said to ‘Shadee’ his right hand girl “can you give me the book of code geass” and ‘shadee’ give it and he finds an article about ‘The geass to turn a victim into a vampire

Every victim of the vampirism geass will suffer a change in his/her body his/her body will turn into icy cold, white as a snow, eyes will be crimson red, & s/he will long for too much blood s/he will turn to be a mad vampire longing for blood; The only cure is if s/he will kill a pureblooded vampire and drink it s/he will turn back to human eventually.

“The girl I love and care the most is you,voleur; you can kill me for your own sake, just always remember who give you the life of turning back to human” tybalt said while he is giving voleur a dagger but voleur said “I can’t kill a person who close to my heart, maybe there’s some purebloods somewhere out there, not one sacrifice again” and tybalt hug voleur saying “I just wanted to protect you from those horrible effect” “I love you” voleur said while Sovelle is going to attack the dawson mansion she is planning to kill tybalt voleur’s only chance to save her geass effect; voleur fell asleep while tybalt is waiting for sovelle and her army Shadee is pureblood the biological sister of tybalt, he said that shade must fight with voleur and let voleur kill her and shadee agreed because she believes that she will die for honor and so she did and voleur turned back into human but tybalt is wounded by the anti vampire sword and he finds an anti vampire gun while sovelle is chasing voleur, sovelle said while she and voleur in the rooftop “voleureine, you let tybalt suffer for so many years just to protect and save you, you powerless human, now tybalt is dead, your happy now, making him suffer because of you is unforgivable!” and sovelle attack her and voleur is being attack she closed her eyes and when she open it she saw tybalt lying on her laps and sovelle had died; “tybalt? Can you hear me?” voleur said and tybalt slowly open his eyes and caress voleur’s hair and said “voleur, I can’t keep my promise, a promise that I’ll be by your side forever, can you forgive me?” “Hey, tybalt don’t say your goodbyes I don’t want to hear it, you’re a masochist you always save me in times you could even if you’re life is the price” “voleur, can I ask you favor” “favor? What is it, my (…clovis rampelouge…)?” “voleur, you still remember my true name” “you told that to me when I was sleeping” “the favor is will you say what I am to you then after you say it, close your eyes and recall the memories we have been together and open it and smile for me” then voleur said to the wounded tybalt  “for me you’re my greatest rose that only blooms for me the beautiful and sometimes stubborn but that character I love the most everyone that will have envy me” and she closed her eyes and recall the memories with him and when she open it she smile and cry cause tybalt was gone to the air “tybalt..” she cry out loud as she cries her tears

(After four years..)

voleur rule the Britannia and live happily as tybalt wishes for her, and spent all her days ruling the Britannian empire turned out to be that she is the most perfect ruler of all the 1 decade, “I’m voleureine di Britannia my life is nothing now, I will follow you now, tybalt my saving person” “well done voleur” tybalt said and voleur died and come with tybalt.

. .

-End of The Night-

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