Nightmare of Lelouch

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Lelouch Lamperouge, Emperor of britannia fall's in love with a
girl named, Eureka Icenberg; but appears that she is a spy from lelouch's elder brother,schneizel. How can they face the sad duty of their respective destiny..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nightmare of Lelouch

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




Chapter 1 : The black queen awakens

On the first day of lelouch’s royalty, he went to the Tokyo settlement to face the order of the black knights but the order of the black knights are planning to execute emperor lelouch for being a traitor. And when the Avalon of emperor lelouch are arrived they pointed out their knightmares to execute lelouch, but suddenly a black and elegant 8th generation knightmare frame and was named “Elizabeth” appears and protected lelouch and all the knightmares of the black knights were destroyed the pilot of the black knightmare appeared and it was not suzaku nor Cc , and the pilot was a girl (she has a long straight black hair with a bangs like Cc, as tall as lelouch , a beautiful violet eyes, a white skin , a black knightmare suit with a dress like design and a cape like zero’s cape, and a britannian.) And she smile at lelouch and lelouch inquired “who is my savior?” and she replied “I am eureka icenberg” and she said to lelouch “I will be at your side from this day forward.” And lelouch used a geass on her and and question her “who is your lord?” and she replied “do you think that will work on me i have a geass too, a geass of.. what do you think emperor lelouch?” and lelouch replied her “hmm.. your just like Cc I can’t cast a geass on you.” and she replied “not exactly that I’m like Cc ; hmmp.. I  see your doubtful about my geass.. well I have five geass abilities” and eureka shows her Code on her forehead. and she added “I have a geass to stop the time like rolo’s geass but my heart doesn’t stop, I have a geass that can read mind, I have a geass that can rewrite memories like your father, I have a geass that can fear you, and lastly I have a geass that can travel hearts like your mother..”

And lelouch bring along eureka to the imperial palace, and lelouch let eureka stay to Cc’s quarter while Cc accompanies suzaku in chinise federation head quarters.


On the next day on the imperial garden, lelouch saw eureka (wearing a black tube dress with a ribbon on the side and a sleves like euphemia’s dress but the difference is the ribbon and the color but it’s almost the same dress.) while watering the roses and lelouch suddenly feel something special and he blush and he didn’t  notice that he has a growing feelings for eureka.

Eureka notice that lelouch is looking at her and she ask “why are you watching at me while I’m watering the roses, are you falling for me, don’t you?” but eureka hasn’t a romantic feelings for lelouch..

lelouch smiled and said to eureka “will you be my consort?”

And eureka replied “well I know that your just using me for being your queen, and I know your romantic feelings towards Shirley fenette.”

Lelouch questioned eureka “how did you know my feelings towards Shirley?” and eureka replied “it’s because it’s a part of my geass abilities I can simply travel your heart within a second.”

Lelouch said “hmmp...your worthy being my queen.”

And eureka said “well I guess your right but in exchange for being your queen I’m going to make love to you every night, will you continue your proposal? Lelouch said to eureka “so that’s one of your nature,” And he kiss eureka and continued “..being a pervert.”

Eureka smiled and she replied “well it’s not really my nature; I’m just testing your willing, hmmp I wonder who’s your weakness and I wonder what is zero requiem for? Is for you to grant the wish of nunally? But as I’ve known your beloved sister nunally was dead after the FLEIA warhead has been fired out.” And the upset lelouch forced eureka by taking her to his bedroom. And eureka said to lelouch “I know you’ve been upset for what I’ve said to you regarding nunally but I know that you wanted to see her smile again, hmmp.. I think you know for sure that your brother schneizel will let nunally die, I don’t think he will let that happened cause nunally is the only key to destroy your Zero Requiem.” And lelouch replied to eureka “eureka do you know why I brought you here in my private bedroom?” eureka answered “then why?” lelouch replied “you don’t wanted to upset me,right? Then comfort me, that’s what women do to make their man grateful,don’t you think?” eureka replied “do you think I’m a girl that can have sex with you in order to make you happy? i’m just kidding a while ago so don’t do my weakness.” But lelouch saw his necktie on the table beside his big circle bed with an elegant curtain and he get it and said to eureka “then.. turn around” and he tied the hands of eureka and eureka said “what are you planning?” and he whisper to eureka “I think I’m gonna punish you by telling me the tragic in regards to the FLEIA warhead.” And eureka said “hey! Stop it!” and lelouch turn off the lights and he kisses eureka and then down her neck and pulling down the tube dress and caress her breasts and he make love to eureka on that afternoon but eureka doesn’t want it but suddenly she feels a romantic feelings towards lelouch by making love at her and she also knew that its lelouch free will and not forced so she let him but she’s curious why lelouch makes it for his free will. And lelouch suddenly felt something special about eureka and he tries to deny his romantic feeling to protect eureka for being doubtful for being his queen but suddenly eureka whispers to lelouch “I’m willing to be your queen and promise to protect the secret of the Zero Requiem.” And lelouch tells to his mind (so eureka won’t hear it) “I’m honored to be your king, eureka and I hope you don’t leave me like Shirley did to me so I’m only saying it once : I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my queen eureka.” And lelouch said “I’m gonna marry you tomorrow, and you must promise me to protect me no matter what, is that clear, eureka icenberg?” and eureka answered lelouch while hugging him while lying on the bed “yes, your majesty.” And on the next day, Suzaku is finally finished to his mission by telling to Lloyd and Cecile about the zero requiem and as he return together with Cc he enter the imperial court and saw..

-End of chapter 1-

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