Silent Hill: Ailment

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Emberess Montgomery has ran away from home. She stumbles upon a town in the mountains known as 'Silent Hill.' The town holds valuable secrets and darkness unlike anything she had ever experienced before. But when she is befriended by Claudia Wolf and the Order, will she chose God, or will she be doused in darkness for good?

A/N: This story is a mixture of Silent Hill (the movie), and the video games Silent Hill 2&3, so expect to meet a heap of characters. And don't worry, I've spent some time connecting all of them together.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue: Welcome to Silent Hill

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Emberess Montgomery, age seventeen, kept her eyes straight and her hands gripped the wheel of her ’99 Volkswagen Beetle tightly. The road she traveled was desolate, surrounded heavily by pine trees. The road obviously was not popular, for there were barely any guard rails. The moon, a brilliant crescent, was high above the tree tops, illuminating her way.

Emberess gave the tears streaming down her cheeks no true recognition. She knew they were there, but she refused to let them bother her. They were tears of nothingness, just there to make her remember. As she drove, she took a sleeve of her favorite white hoodie and wiped angrily at her left eye. She drove with a straight face.

She wouldn’t go back. Ever, she decided. There was no point in it.

She had taken a road she had never heard of. It was rumored to go to Pleasant River, a town she had heard of but had never had the chance to see.

She pushed her Beetle up to a blazing sixty five and reached into her console for a tissue. She dabbed her eyes, her face remaining still. It was as if her eyes were sad, but the rest of her was unaware of it. Pushing a fiery red tendril from her face, both hands met the wheel once more. She applied more pressure to the gas and breezed up to seventy five.

Most teenagers her age would have enjoyed being able to speed like this. She had no particular reason for it, didn't even care. If the police were to catch her, so be it. As long as they wouldn't send her home, the idea was plain. Not caring that she knew if she were caught, she’d serve imprisonment, she continued on.

She took a moment for a time check. The florescent green numbers on the radio clock glowed 9:55pm. She figured that she was approximately an hour from home.

As she entered another cluster of trees, her Beetle became encased with a thick layer of fog. It swirled around her, practically convincing her that she would be lost in it forever. It concealed her for the remainder of the night. By the time that the morning sunlight was visible, although all it did was illuminate the fog, she was so tired that she felt she could drop her face to the horn.

Then along came the sign.

She was so exhausted that she barely saw it at first. When the form of it caught her eye, now almost past her Beetle, she slammed on the breaks, put it in reverse, and backed up speedily. After placing the car in park she studied the sign wearily. It was a navy blue, with white lettering. The paint was peeling and gave the whole thing an ancient look.

Welcome to Silent Hill

“Silent Hill?” Emberess whispered to herself, breaking the silence that had lingered for hours.

It was not Pleasant River at all. She had taken a wrong turn. But Silent Hill was a town, and it was better than no town at all. About fifty miles back, the need for a restroom had came upon her, and now she was just glad that she had found somewhere.

Although the fog was at its thickest, and she was alone in the wilderness of West Virginia alone, Emberess sighed heavily, put the Beetle in drive, and drove speedily past the sign.

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