These Ages Which Seperate Us

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Jobs and Tomorrows Plans

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Later that night, I spent my evening slaving over the hot stove, making Tess' favorite meal, chicken and tomato skillet. It may sound gross, but it's actually very tasty. Tess had me try it the first time I met her, and I actually really liked it. I was glad that my girlfriend was as much into food as I was, though I only ate once a day. I liked keeping myself thin for her.

Just as I was about to serve the food, Tess walked into the room, wearing her fuzzy pink bathrobe. Something big must be happening tomorrow, for Tess only wore that bathrobe when she took serious showers, which is only when something is happening at the office.

“Uh oh,” I teased. “Someone's wearing their serious bathrobe.”

Tess sighed. “Well, I have a big meeting Monday,” she admitted.

Now I had to be serious too. Whenever she was to face something serious, we'd consult about it. Just like a married straight couple would. “What's it about this time?” I asked, giving her a bowl of skillet.

She took a small nibble off her fork before she spoke. “Mr. Cheever is convinced that my report will be able to sell our new product. He's hired some big-wig investor. Said he's flying all the way out here from Chicago to see my report.” She sighed. “Oh, Ember, I hate my job.”

I walked over to her, and gently patted her back. “Oh, Tessie, I'm sure that you'll do great. I doubt that any big-wig will be able to resist your natural charm.”

I knew that this wasn't the right time to get flirty, but I loved flirting with Tess. She loved compliments and absolutely adored it when I gave them to her. I knew her job got rough sometimes, but I couldn't let that keep her down. Now, I have a job myself stocking shelves at the local grocery store. Tess is the executive of a high-rising food company. They create all sorts of food, from organic hippie-types, all the way to cheap, sugary kids cereal. Our jobs didn't compare what so ever.......well, maybe they do, they both have to do with food.

One thing I loved about Tess was that she was a beautiful singer. She had an opera voice that would blow anyone away. She's blown me away with her humming so many times in the past two years, that I had forgotten how to hum, myself. I've tried really hard to get her to sing for a living, but she won't. She says that she's not good enough to sing for such a thing.

“Come now, sweetheart, stop thinking about the negativities,” I said, gently making a circular motion on her back with my hand. I loved massaging her. “You got to think about the positives. You may get promoted, you never know.”

She lowered her head. “You're right.”

I decided that I'd give in to a request she's asked me for weeks. “Hey. How about we go riding tomorrow, just you and me,” I said.

She perked up. “Really?”

I grinned. “Sure. I haven't rode Blue for almost a month. He's probably starting to get fat.”

Blue was the beautiful black stallion Tess had bought for me after we moved into our ranch. He was a sweet horse with the demeanor of a quiet house cat. He loved to run, too. I could hardly hold on whenever Tess and I galloped the fields together. I loved Blue, for he was the first horse I had ever rode and cared for. Tess had a huge white mare named Gypsy that she rode.

Tess was the horse fanatic, and it was starting to rub off on me. I love riding with her. The way her flame red hair flowed in the wind as her skinny body bounced around in the saddle really turns me on. I am not going to lie. Riding horses at a fast gallop was like I was flying.

Gypsy knew all sorts of tricks too. She could rear on command, and even could pick up her saddle blanket in her mouth if it fell to the ground. Tess was in the process of teaching Blue the same tricks.

I watched as Tess finally finished her dinner. I noticed the clock, it was bed time for me. Tess must've decided that it was bed time too because she went around the first floor and turned off all the lights. The next thing I knew, I was cuddled in her arms, snoozing away in my comfortable four-poster bed.

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