Enter; Jared into the World of Pokemon!

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This is a fanfiction about Pokemon, mainly the FireRed and LeafGreen versions. This is a spin off the original story line, but happens a few years after it. Its not the cheesy, 'let catch 'em all!' story, it has a new twist to it. Something refreshing, new! And edgy, you'll see what I mean as you read on.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Enter; Jared into the World of Pokemon!

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



Excitement is in the air, it’s a very special day for many of the children in the Kanto region. Emotions swell, and ambitions fly sky high as the thought of going on their very own adventure comes closer to its realization. Every 10 year old child is eager to get their first Pokémon from Professor Oak…. Well, most of them anyway…

‘Pew pew pew pow!’ The sounds from the TV were loud as the game was being played, the tiny sprite on the screen hopped about, breaking blocks with his head. Coins flew about on the screen jingling loudly, and effectively drowning out the nagging from the boy’s mother.

“Every child wants to go on an adventure….. Why can’t he…. Ugh… That boy…. Yes! Yes! I Know!....”
Every sentence faded in and out according to what the sprite in the game did, the pew of the tiny fireballs as they slammed into enemies and turned them into more coins to collect. Hilarious.
“Jared, Jared… JARED! Will you turn that infernal thing down already? It’s hard to hear your aunt on the phone!” His mother called from the kitchen, trying to be heard of the insanely loud game. Still the volume of the game went on higher, effectively drowning out all snatches of the conversation going on in the kitchen that could float to him.

“Dammit Jared!” He heard stomping from the kitchen, and the sound of something crashing to the ground. He looked up from the TV screen in time to see his mother stomp to the power cord and effectively rip it out of the socket, with a soft whine, the TV screen went dark.

“Mom, I was playing that!” He protested from where he was sitting crossed legged on the couch.

“Jared, you’re 16 years old, when are you going to go and do what other kids your age are doing?” His mother started in exasperation, it was the same conversation they had every year on his birthday since he was 10, and somehow, his mother had not yet understood that the youth had no desire to go anywhere but to the toilet to take a piss.

“Look, what sane mother sends their 10 year old child on an adventure around the world with a strange animal for protection? Most of them don’t even know how to tie their shoes!” Jared started his argument, “Plus, who the hell wants to go hang around with a bunch of weird little monsters anyway?” He dug into the couch cushions and pulled out a DS, he pressed the power button and sank back into the comfortable couch as his mother began her side of the argument.

“It is a fun and enriching experience, you grow up and meet new people, don’t you want to see new places?” She asked hopefully.


“Meet new people?”

“Grow relationships with your Pokémon and be the greatest trainer of them all?” She sounded pretty desperate by this point.

Jared paused in his game, actually seeming to give the notion some thought, his mother’s eyes lit up in hope, had she finally reached him?

“Nah,” Jared finally said with a shrug, going back to his DS.

It seemed that his mother had reached her limit. She stomped away into the kitchen, leaving Jared to his video game for a few moments more. She steamed, and had finally seemed to come down before she returned, pausing before Jared with a small smile on her face. Bipolar mom. “Hey Jared, can you go buy me some Milk from the store?” She finally said in a soft voice.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure.”  He said distractedly, saving his game and putting it back in its place between the cushions. HE stood up from his favorite spot and stretched, watching as his mother went to the kitchen to get the money. “Here,” She put the money into his hand and walked him out, once he was standing on the porch, she shoved him so hard he fell right off the side. “H-Hey! What the hell Mom-?” The rest of his sentence was cut off by a bag full of items slamming into his face. The force of the throw knocked him backwards and he lay dazed for a moment before a pair of new sneakers landed on his chest.

“And don’t come back until you’ve beaten the Pokémon league!”

The door slammed shut, bolts locking into place.

This was how Jared finally embarked on his Pokémon adventure, 6 years too late.


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