Haunted Blood Lust

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

What happens one night that four friends stay stop at a huanted house for a night? You'd be surprised by what you find.

The fog parted for us as we approached the old house. My jeep ate the distance as I drove my friends up to our new place. We were all going to be spending a night in this old house, and the next day we would pack up and continue up to Vancouver.
Crystal bounced on the seat next to me, her face pinched and her brown eyes darting to the shadows outside. I guess she didn't like the house, bummer.
"Gotta go pee?" I teased her, giving her my best coy grin.
From the backseat, Tristen and Kaylee broke apart to look at Crystal.
"No you jerkface," Crystal glared at me and whacked me on the shoulder.
"I don't want to stay here. The house looks evil." she shuddered for effect and paled, when I weaved into the driveway.
Kaylee laughed from the back seat, "Your such a ninny, you know we asked Kevin to find us a creepy house."
"Oh be quiet! If you had half a brain you'd know there's something wrong with that house." Crystal growled, going back to her uptight demeanor.
I sighed, sometimes Crystal just needed to chill out. Life wasn't as serious as she thought.
Death was.
I parked the car in the gravel lot and got out. Crystal got out and latched herself to my arm.
"Wow, a real haunted house," Tristen said sarcastically and punched me on the arm.
"Hey!" I said annoyed, "At least I got us a place to sleep. Unlike you, I don't find sleeping in my cramped car with three other people to be very comfortable."
I glared at Tristen and went up the front steps, practically dragging Crystal up with me. The house was old, with big looming windows, Gothic agriculture and 2 separate floors. It wasn't even in the best of shape either, paint was peeling off, the porch stairs were rotted in places and collapsed.
But what had made me pick this house was the feeling of not being alone once you walked in the door.

Kaylee pushed past me and nearly tore the front door off its hindges as she rushed in.
I hadn't realized it was starting to rain.
Cursing, we all rushed into the house and out of the rain.
"Aw, this is great, now we're all trapped in this hole of a house. I wanted to sleep in the car." Crystal said, pouting and looking out the window at the pouring rain.
"Sleep in the car alone? Haven't you ever seen any horror movies?" I told her matter-the-fact, and picked up our bags and started up the stairs.
"Hmph, you think your sooo brave, but your no better- Hey where are you going?" she called after me and scrambled up the stairs clumsily up the stairs as a crack of lightning shook the house.
Suddenly Kaylee and Kristen couldn't get close enough togetter. They were actually stepping on my shoes as we found the right door to our room.
It had four beds in it, bare and lumpy. They were all seprated by night stands. I plopped down on the bed closest to the door and window.
Crystal choose the one next to me.
No surprise there.
And Tristen and Kaylee both collapsed on the same bed, leaving the last one to be fought over later.
Suddenly the room was stiffling hot. which was really bad, due to the fact that the house had no electricity, being ancient and everything.
I tore off my shirt and kicked of my shoes.
"Dude, please have mercy on my poor eyes. I don't want to see you strip." Tristen said dryly from his perch on his bed.
I rolled my eyes but didn't continue.
Crystal looked disappointed and I chuckled. I lay on my bed and dozed off.
I didn't expect to be woken up.

It all started with the screams.
They woke me up so suddenly I rolled off the bed and hit the floor. "What the heck?" I called out, struggling to my feet.
Crystal and Kaylee, were gone and only Tristen was in the room. He was already rushing for the door, but I was closer and reached it first.
I stumbled out and tripped over something.
A body.
Kaylee's body.
I fought down the urge to panic and bent down to measure her pulse. Her heart was beating, but very softly.
Her skin felt ice cold and she was pale, also bruises stood out angrilly on her arms and face. I looked at Tristen, a question in my eyes.
"I didn't do it man, I swear!" he said, lifting his arms in defense.
"Then who?" Tristen never got to answer me before another scream tore the air.
I bolted upright and ran. I half stumbled down the stairs as I made my way down. I jumped off the last few steps and ran into the kitchen.
My blood started to race and heat.
Crystal was on a table, her eyes closed and her skin pale as the blood drained from her body. The table was long and on it was carved a symbol.
Tristen looked ready to bolt.
My mouth started to water and a thrll went through me as the carving turned crimson with blood.
"K-kevin we have to get out of here man!" Tristen was shaking horribly and foaming at the mouth.
"No man, it's way too late for that. The exits are locked." I said calmly my eyes never leaving the circle of blood.
Tristen looked away from Crystal and looked at me, "Dude! Whats wrong with you? Why do you look.....Hungry?" he was backing away from me but the kitchen was actually small and he backed into a wall.
"You're sick man!"
I ignored him.
Tristen gave up on trying to rationalize with me and ran, but it was too late. The ghosts of the house were stalking the living.

My skin started to crawl, and I watched as Tristen and Kaylee were dragged in. Kaylee had regained her senses and was fighting the ghostly hands along with Tristen.
I felt my teeth sharpening, my skin loosening. my muscles flexed in turn and I shifted. Amber eyes blinked out at them, long talons grew out from my hands and feet.
My skin grew black, shapeless.
They both screamed and the sound fueled me.
"The perfect place to rest isn't it? You'll be safe here. Forever." my laughter filled the house.
This was going to be fun, and bloody delicious.

/_/The End/_/

Submitted: April 19, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Emerald Skye. All rights reserved.

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i super love your story!!

Fri, April 20th, 2012 2:12am


Thank you!! :D

Fri, April 20th, 2012 5:52pm


Eeek! Is this brilliance? I think so.

Mon, October 1st, 2012 7:49am

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