Humans are annoying creatures

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I don't know what to think anymore..... I've had enough betrayal from people of the outside world, no more

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Humans are annoying creatures

Submitted: June 13, 2014

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Submitted: June 13, 2014



Hello world.....Humans can't be trusted at points, i remembered when i made a friend at my highschool or so i thought i did.

He seemed nice and kind but i told him i was a shy person, i thought he would say no to that but he didn't so i gave him a chance. next day, he hasn't really talk to me at all and then i thought maybe something bad happened so i let him off the hook but days have passed and he still hasn't talked to me and when i looked at him, he didn't give me a smile at all. at that point i just realized he was never a friend in the first place............he lied to me.......i was so sad and depressed but i hated everyone there, Jared, Ethan and others.

Ethan is the one who could have seen my dark side and make him regret he ever came here....such a stupid child he was.

I wanted to kill him so bad but if i say i would people will say "Stop being silly!" do you think i joke around when there's someone who i hate really much that i want to kill him? do you? of course you think i'm joking because people will never understand how i feel......i only have one friend in this world and his name is Hunter.

Our introduction was so sweet, he thought i was a bully because he used to get bullied at his old school and i thought i was walking towards him with a smile but i think i wasn't so he pushed me to the ground, just like brothers would do if they got mad at eachother.........then after that i explained to him that i was a nice person and never want to hurt people and he said sorry.

I liked him very much, we played games and eat lunch together and other things that were was the happiest time of my life like it was dream...just like a dream.......things have changed from how i was before, i had confidence, hope, strength.

Now my life is nothing but evil............Thanks people for making me who i am goodbye

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