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Chapter 4 (v.1) - @ The Hospital

Submitted: March 09, 2011

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Submitted: March 09, 2011



..If I had actually known that my dear friend Tweak was going to be hit by a vehicle, I wouldn’t have let him leave. As if it didn’t hurt enough that life was sucking for me, my best friend had died.

That night was stressing for me…I had a choice to make. Should I just sit there like a dumb ass? Or cut myself and relax a little bit. Hmm…not so hard to make the decision.

I grabbed my blade from under my computer’s keyboard and picked up the red silky-soft towel on the floor from my shower that morning.

I looked to my wrist and glided my finger across my fading scars from earlier cuts. Taking in a large sigh, I placed the razor on the previous scar and dug in deep. The dark, thick liquid bled out, running down my arm onto the towel.

“Mmm…,” I sighed. I got goosebumps when I even bled a small amount. There was no end to the exact moments that my adrenaline wore down.

I giggled to myself and started cutting a rose onto my skin. Very tolerant to pain I was, so I didn’t really flinch much….but as I was cutting, I hit too deep, and the blade slit my main vein in my wrist. I loved the fact there was so much blood coming out at first, until I began to get dizzy, and so weak that I slid off my bed onto the floor, and passed-out cold.

I woke up in the hospital, dazed and confused by all the flowers and balloons in the room I was in. All for me? I thought to myself, I am never this loved… My eyes swelled with tears as I imagined my mom and little sister, caring so much…until I looked over to my left at the other bed that seemed to have just appeared.

There was a teen-looking boy there, approximately seventeen or eighteen…and looking—emo..? He looked back to me and smiled, and said, “Hey beautiful. I’ll bet you’re in here for cutting yourself too…? I was actually going to—never mind. Uhm…I think you’re pretty cute. Why would you ever want to die…?”

I hesitated to answer; for I was staring into his beautiful glistening eyes and dying to know him even more. Who was this stranger? And why didn’t I have any balloons or flowers…?

“I’m Kailee,” I sighed, blushing. “Thank-you, and uh, what’s your name?”

He smiled a smile worth a million dollars, and it made me shiver and quake just from his gorgeous tempting grin.

“I’m David.”

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