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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: March 09, 2011

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Submitted: March 09, 2011



The bus ride home was full of giggles, and the “Nervous Game”. As we arrived to my house, I looked into his deep green eyes and said, “Be ready babe, because I am not so sure how my mom is gonna care about me. …protect me if it gets abusive?”

“Anything for you sweetheart.” He grabbed my hand and we stepped inside my home as I saw the wreck of a house I used to know as my home.

“Mom,” I said, loud enough to hear from anywhere in the house, “I’m home.” I heard a loud bang and her pounding down the stairs with fierce eyes. “Why the hell would you do this to your mother!? I gave you life you threw it all away, you had a loving family, you had everything and—who the hell is this?!”

“I rolled my eyes, and said, “This is David, he is my new boyfriend. He loves me, and I the same. We’re going to move into a house and make it our home—together. Dave, stay here baby, while I go get my clothes.”

He nodded, and I went in my room, where it was the only clean place in the house left I assumed. I pulled out some clothes and put them into my suitcase, gathering a few things here and there, but not too long before I found a picture that meant something special to me.

The picture of me, my mother, sister as an infant, and father, all together for a family photo. In fact, the only photo left of our family when we all were happy. I pulled out my savings box and grabbed my two thousand dollars I had saved up out of it.

I went downstairs, and nodded my mother goodbye, then David and I were out the door, and got into my Lancer, and drove off into the city to find a home.

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