Mother's Boys

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Chapter 3 (v.3) - Oedipus Complex

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



Upon fulfilling the main orders of his mother, Brady proceeded to the kitchen. He immediately went to his eldest brother's side with the pitcher of milk, now slightly warmed to room temperature -- of which Brady dearly apologized for as he filled Brenden's empty glass. To the kitchen he would then go to return the pitcher to the refrigerator. 

"Hey, Brady?" Brenden said, his voice echoing through the dining hall and to the kitchen area. 

A moment later Brady was at Brenden's side, providing a tender towel for Brenden to clean his hands and face. "Yes, sir?" 

"Why do you act so..." Brenden stammered for words, not believing he would ever have to ask his brother or any family member what he was about to say now. "...Slave-like; filthy?" 

Brady collected his brother's finished dishes and utensils before he took another towel to the food remains and a drop of milk that sat on the table. "Well, sir, Mother is my Mistress. I must serve, acquaint, and please her for her respect in return. It is a sexual and emotional arrangement." 

"But you're so young. At your age I was out playing basketball at my friends', collecting Playboys and reminiscing hopeful wet dreams, enjoying drama TV shows, and the usual teenage boy stuff." 

Brady returned from placing the dishes in the kitchen sink. "I enjoy and consent to this confinement. We engage in this relationship with mutual interests and expectations." 

Brenden nodded, beginning to understand. "Servant, then? Obedience and discipline?" 

Brady hurried to shut and seal the windows that stretched along the dining hall. The crickets were becoming quite noisy, and, in habit to curing his mother's irritation, he'd been considerate of Brenden at the moment. He'd explained to his brother that he would then be serving Brenden and Cody along with their mother since they'd been guests and their mother had ordered it of him. 

"I just don't get it... The sex, and the filth." 

"Merely dominance and submission, with my many fetishes in play. I am a foot and breast guy myself, interested in taking orders; she is a controlling and passionate disciplinarian, a tease as well. I must earn what I desire while she enjoys watching my struggle in respect and self control, until we enjoy the reward together. We complete each other." Brady leaned in with a smirk. "I have a fetish for the woman herself. Ever hear of a thing called-?" 

"-Oedipus complex? Yes." 

Brady swallowed a huge gulp of warm saliva. "The way Mother walks, the way her soft fragrance makes me fuzzy, and the way her sexy hands rub along my back during intimacy so soothingly, and her lavishing voice as she spits commands and praises me. I'm hysterical, wanting to drop from my feet and onto my weak knees while my dick stands strong for her." His hand dug into his pocket at an angle to finger at and eventually grip his now aching erection. It was still there from earlier, waiting. He couldn't help himself now with his busty, slutty domme mother in mind, and the way he yearned her presence at that moment so she could continue to tease his dependent, pitiful ass. 

Brenden was very disturbed; watching Brady's face glow, flustered, was an implication of extreme lust and an erection more solid than cement. This was too fucked up, the way Brady spoke of their mother and Brady's overpowering lust and need for their mother's sexual advances. He didn't get the concept of this fetish and he definitely did not understand this kid's feelings or how it all ran through his head with oblivion to any problem. Their mother's appearance, especially the previous display, was far past the line of titillating, the way her cleavage poured over the laced sweater collar was so naughty that it was sickening, and her sexual demeanor was too intimidating. There was a problem, and why his brother enjoyed it so much he couldn't begin to think. 

Brady excused himself, trailing lust in his footsteps as he rushed to the den and into is mother's secluded reading nook. The feel of the cool daybed and fluffed pillows was too good on his already clammy body once he'd got done peeling his shirt over his head and tugging the pants off the shaking lower half of his body. He was too horny. The tease of his thoughts was too much for his pulsing cock. He'd been beyond the point of mild turn on, now even chuckling as he felt his nipples puff twice their size, stiffer than bone. He couldn't stop himself from muttering each time the breeze of the air conditioning gave the stiff buds a little brush; it didn't help his erection issue. 

"Mother... M-M-Mistress..." The image of her hot, puckered lips dragging kisses along his shaft, prior to bearing his moist head with one big suck, during a reward blowjob was too amazing. "Ugh..." he drawled. 

Brady palmed the large bulge in his briefs, feeling the radical sensation of his sticky precum being smeared along his tip. It needed a good choking. 

He was ready to rip the briefs off and start playing with his cock. That was, until Tina had appeared out of practically thin air, placing her hand around the bulge to slowly begin manipulating his tight foreskin through the thin clothing. "Oh, my naughty little servant, touching himself in the no-no places." 

Brady blushed, his eyes rolled up to find her hovered over him. 

"Looks like you're a little wet, baby." She pressed fingers to collect moisture of the precum through his briefs, then smearing her fingers onto his nose and mouth. "Naughty little shit," she hissed. "You horny little bastard, look what you've done! Taste and smell it!" 

Knowing what was best for him, he slid his tongue over her index finger and moaned. 
"Now Mommy's going to have to slurp it clean!" 

Brady moaned, his foreskin tightening up when his cock grew even bigger to the sound of those words, the hardest it may have ever been. His moist, overly sensitive head rubbed along his briefs with hot, painfully pleasuring friction. All he could do was moan. 

"Shut your trap, Brady Allan." She whipped the back of her hand to his flustered cheek, running tingles so far down his cock he could sense them in his balls. "Be useful, and pet my snatch." 

"Yes, ma'am." With that, his arm reached backwards and was guided between her spread legs. His fingertips tickled the puffy spot where her slightly large flaps were piled under the thin cotton of her panties. He then outstretched his hand and stroked it along her entire damp crotch. The lovely, arousing scent of her vagina and lubrication made Brady so sexually frustrated. 

She knew he was staring at the damn bulge, waiting fer her hand or face to drift over to tug his fluid soiled briefs off. She placed her hand over his bulge, where it would stay for some time. "Don't mind that now, baby. I'll have to blow you later." 

He was possessed in sexual energy, as his throat released grunts and he barely had his breath. His cock was cramped up under her hand and all the cotton material. 

"Stop being a pig and suck my tits dry." 

He glanced back her way to find her taking her free hand towards her cleavage, from where she popped an engorged breast out. It bounced for a second before he admired the deliciously large nipple and the dribble of milk that was warm and ready for him. Before he could moan again, she'd stuffed his mouth with her nipple and almost her entire two-inch areola. His eyes fluttered in complete sexual shock and overstimulation when the dribbles of warm milk ran down his tongue. He instantly flexed his tongue and trembling lips to latch on upon sucking so swiftly and roughly, gulping down the luscious milk as it flowed from her rock hard nipples. 

In moments, her gasping turned to moans, progressively faster and louder. The moans of her slow orgasm and the twitching he felt on her warm, wet crotch didn't allow his own nipples to go soft for even a second. His mother occasionally giving one of his perky stubs a pinch or a flick was not helping. 

Her orgasmic near-shouting and pulsing made his groin jerk so desperately. However, when she pulled back with deep breaths of ecstasy and left him to lay with a mouth dripping of her milk, all he could do was grin. He felt too proud making her come, and he could not have lusted over his orgasming mother and mistress any damn more. 

"Good boy." She was still trying to contain herself. 

"Will you blow me now, please, Mistress?" 

She got to her knees. "Sorry, my dear, but there is no time for that nonsense. Your brother Cody is gagged with a bar of soap waiting for the rest of is punishment." And with a pat to his bulge, she got to her feet and was off. 

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