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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008




Dallas was rather warm, even at ten in the morning. After we arrived and unloaded the plane and stepped outside I was already smothered by the humidity. It was definitely something to get used to. The sun was blaring and I could feel myself starting to sweat. That’s when I made the assumption that my CHICAGO sweatshirt probably wasn’t the best thing to wear. The people didn’t really fit my imagination. I was probably in the majority of ignorant people who expected to see an abundance of cowboy hats and possibly even horses outside. I can’t really consider a BMW a horse now can I?

My father surprised us with a Ford Expedition at the front of the airport. He even arranged for it to have one of those cheesy red ribbons on the roof of the car. I’m not sure if it was supposed to make us happier to be there because to be honestly I couldn’t have cared less about it. Chase smiled. He loved Fords. He had wanted a Ford forever and a day and he embraced this moment as if the car were for him. It definitely wasn’t. My father and Chase loaded the luggage into the back and I climbed in the backseat and quickly adjusted the vents to pour cool air on me. My mother turned around from the front seat and looked at me. She smiled a very reassuring smile and she turned back around. I had to do my breathing technique again. I breathed in the deepest breath I could withhold and let it out with a smile. I needed to welcome in this new opportunity. I was ready to welcome the new beginning. The drive from DFW International Airport wasn’t too bad and I eagerly looked out the window wondering when we were going to turn. Every time we turned I wanted it to be a residential neighborhood. I was ready to see my new home. My father had all of our furniture sent to the house previously and even had some hip stylish furniture guy to put our stuff in good places to have good chi or whatever. Either way, I thought that was pretty cool. I closed my eyes and dreamt of what it may have looked like. I was seriously excited.

Our house on Cicero had been a more, upscale house, than a lot in Chicago. I’m not going to say we were rich but we were obviously upper middle class. With my fathers new job making a larger salary I imagined a lot more glamorous house than what I saw. Esta Buena, I read on the street sign as we made a right on to a residential street. I had no idea what that meant and I was rather concerned that our street name was in Spanish. Did I look like I knew Spanish? I definitely didn’t. We pulled up to a house that was nothing like our house on Cicero. That wasn’t a good thing.

“Home sweet home,” my father announced with a huge grin on his face. Chase raised his left eyebrow at him as I raised my right. My mother slightly winced as she managed to pull a smile out that had been buried inside her. She had seen pictures of the house, I could tell, and I could also tell she lied to my father saying she loved it. He continued on grinning as he walked up to the front porch step and insisted we follow in a very quick manner. My mother tagged behind him and Chase behind her. I was still in the front yard gazing at what I had hoped to be so much more than this. Convinced the inside had to be better, I followed Chase.

It was at that moment, I learned to never judge a book by its cover. The foyer was absolutely stunning. There was a chandelier hanging right above the entry way. It shined brightly and gave off hints of an ocean blue that reminded me of the lake. My mother seemed appalled that the outside of this house could be ugly as all get out but the inside like a picture in a home maker’s magazine. My father could tell that the three of us were more anxious to see our own bedrooms than the living room, even though it was stunning. He shooed us away and off we went.

I followed Chase into a hallway where he opened the first door on the left. He then started exclaiming how “tight” his room was and that it was “krunk as hell!” I guess I agreed, even though I didn’t really speak ghetto. And I wasn’t quite sure why hell could be anywhere near krunk. I didn’t mind though, if that’s the terminology my brother liked, then so be it.

My brother and I had a really close relationship. When we were younger our parents went out a lot to “maintain a healthy marriage” and we were forced to fend for ourselves a lot. We became really close and my brother knew almost as much as Mandy did. Although, he was a boy and so I didn’t really want to tell him as much about my relationships because I knew he’d just want to go “grill their asses” about everything and I wasn’t really “down for that”. Talking like my brother makes me laugh.

I headed down the hallway to the next door on the left. I opened it slowly, with high expectations and was completely let down when I saw it was a closet. I shut the door and moved to the farthest door on the right. I figured it had to be my room considering it was the only door in the house that hadn’t been opened. When I did open it, it was everything I had ever wanted in a room. I had no idea I could be so very elated by just seeing a room. The walls were a baby pink and one was solid black…it was a chalkboard wall! I was stoked. I continued looking at everything and I was so excited. I had a pink fuzzy phone sitting on a cute little table next to my bed and I was instantly ready to call Mandy and tell her all about it. Unfortunately, before I could, my father walked in my room with my mother’s hand in his asking how I liked the room.

“I love it Daddy! It’s perfect. It’s every girl’s dream. Well, okay…maybe not EVERY girl…but…it’s just perfect Daddy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” At that point I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug I had in a really long time. It felt nice to be close with him again. I let him go and my mother handed me a new phone with a Dallas number and free long distance calling with Mandy’s number programmed on speed dial two. I smiled a really big “the world is full of sunshine and rainbows smile” and jumped on my bed to call Mandy. As I adjusted myself I looked out the window to see a guy about my age staring inside it. I kind of glared at him, not trying to be mean, but just a kind of “why are you looking inside my room?” glare. He shook his head like he was just knocked out of a trance and shut his blinds. I shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to call Mandy.

Approximately thirteen seconds into my phone call, the point I reached her voicemail, I heard a knock at the door. Who would be knocking at my door? I assumed it was going to be my mom or Chase or my dad but I was surprised when I saw a head of curly brown hair enter. It was the guy I had seen only moments ago. His curly hair devoured his head but not in a geeky “I’m going to go join the science club kind a way” it was in a really sexy way. He kind of half smiled and I could tell nerves were racing through his body as if they were running some kind of nerve marathon. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do and I definitely didn’t want to be rude so I smiled.

“…and you are?” I looked at him trying not to burn through him with my gaze. That was the only thing I could muster up to say. I waited for what seemed like an eternity. Seriously, how much though did he need for his name? Oh no…he was mentally handicapped…how could I have not realized it before…I can’t believe…

“I’m Damien. I…uh…noticed you through your window earlier. I think you realized that. Anyway, I realized I had never seen you before so I thought I would be…friendly.” He was stuttering a little bit and I could tell he was nervous. I didn’t blame him. If he felt only half the rush I got from looking at him then I definitely don’t blame him. I opened my arms as to offer a hug and he, thankfully, graciously accepted. He was rather muscular and you could definitely feel it when he hugged you. He was just really hott and now I had something else to tell Mandy about.

“Dallas is starting to look a whole lot better,” I said with a smile plastered to my face like the paint on the wall. He grinned as well. We sat there and wasted away a few hours talking. I learned a lot about him in such a short period of time and I loved it. For once, I found a guy that didn’t mind just sitting and talking.

“So then we moved back here from New York even though we had just left around twenty five days prior. It was really crazy and,” he was very abruptly interrupted by Mandy. I knew it was Mandy because she was the only one who had my Barbie Girl ring tone. I had a little spaz attack and asked Damien to hold on just one second.

“Mandy! Thank goodness you called me back. I love it here. Oh my goodness I love it here. I’m going to have to call you back later though. I’m dealing with a Jackson assignment right now.” I could see Damien with an immediately puzzled look and I heard Mandy’s excitement on the other line. A “Jackson assignment” is code for I’m with and/or talking to a potential or current crush and will inform you all about it later. As I clicked my phone shut Damien made a face and instantly I knew what he meant. However, Mandy and I vowed never to tell anyone what a Jackson assignment was.

“It’s just a little white lie. She thinks I’m doing homework,” I stated. Little did he know I wasn’t even enrolled in school yet. Actually, I hadn’t even thought about school yet. I was supposed to go Monday morning and enroll and I was kind of anxious. If this is the first Dallas boy I’ve seen I hope they ALL look like this. Of course, I knew that set my expectations high. In all the small talk we had made, ironically enough, we hadn’t even mentioned school.

“Where do you go to school Damien?” I questioned. I wasn’t exactly sure why I asked considering he could say anything and I’d believe him since I only knew about one school and that’s Townview and that’s where I had been accepted. With my dad getting this new job I got to apply to this school even though they usually don’t allow people to come in during the middle of the year. I guess I was an exception so I guess my dad’s job was fairly special.

“I go to Bryan Adams. It’s about five minutes from here max.” he declared not seeming too excited about talking about school. I guess I was a little…off compared to a lot of people my age. I absolutely loved school. I had the best school experience ever in Illinois and I held those expectations to Townview. I didn’t really know a whole lot about the school. Actually, I know enough to say that it’s not a school but a building with six schools in it. It seems rather complicated to me but I don’t mind. It seemed, different; I like different. I wondered what Bryan Adams was like but I didn’t want to ask for fear he might think I was some nerd with like a 4.0 GPA and so many advanced placement classes I couldn’t count them on my hands and feet. I just left the statement at that and told him that I went to Townview.

“Oh, so you’re smart huh? That’s cool. My sister goes there and she’s like really smart,” he kind of smirked at that. I started to get worried immediately about what he thought about that. I wasn’t about to dumb myself down for a boy. That’s definitely not what I do at all so I just kind of blankly looked at him and waited for him to say something else. He didn’t. We sat there for about five minutes in an awkward silence. The silence barricaded the windows and doors and wove itself into the carpet and my blankets and sheets. The silence was endless it seemed like. He looked at me blankly and kissed my cheek. He rose from my bed, opened my door, closed it quietly and a few moments later I heard the front door shut.

I wasn’t exactly sure what that was supposed to mean. However, I was very much sure that I liked the end result.

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