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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008




Monday came quicker than I anticipated and I was a nervous wreck getting ready for school. I turned on my iPod and hooked it up to some speakers so I could rock out while getting ready. I definitely had to get into rock star mode so I wouldn’t be too nervous.

Rock star mode was like my altar ego. It didn’t have a name because I could never come up with one to match the meaning of it. However, I loved getting into rock star mode. Nothing could bring me down and I used to love being in rock star mode with Mandy. It was so much fun. I turned up the volume really loud and then walked over to my closet.

I hadn’t put too much thought into my wardrobe for my first day. However, the instant I opened my closet I wish I had put a lot more thought into it. I really hadn’t paid too much attention to what people wore down here except that it wasn’t cowboy attire. That was good though, I didn’t have any of that. I was freaking out completely until I was fairly sure I had found my perfect outfit. Mandy picked it out for me at my birthday at the mall extravaganza.

My sixteenth birthday really didn’t go over to well so Mandy took me to the mall and we had a fashion show in almost every store we entered. There was one outfit in particular, however, that just looked too good on me. I hadn’t worn it since that day and I figured today would be the perfect day. I slipped on the American Eagle jeans and the white shirt that read “head over heels in love” and then love was repeated all the way down the shirt in pink and the word lust in orange. I loved it. It matched perfectly with my silver hoops and I put on my white ADIDAS and I was ready to “roll out”.

My mother got into the expedition and Chase and I followed her. Chase didn’t seem to put any effort into his appearance. He was slightly bitter about the fact that he had to start his senior year in a whole new place. I didn’t blame him. At least as a sophomore I had a little bit of a chance to make high school in Dallas everything I wanted it to be. Chase really didn’t have too long. Although, he seemed to be less bitter about it now than he was two weeks ago when we found out about the move.

As we drove about thirty minutes to Townview I started getting really nervous. It wasn’t the good nervous like I had yesterday with Damien. This, this was the kind of nervous you get after watching a horror movie and you’re home alone with the electricity out and a cockroach is crawling on your floor. That was the nervous I was. Maybe that wasn’t the best analogy because I’m pretty sure not everyone has the same feeling about cockroaches as I do. Let’s just say…I’d rather face a serial killer than a cockroach.

Finally we exited the highway and pulled up to the school. It seemed really small compared to my school in Chicago. It was definitely not the ordinary school on the outside. The structure and materials and architecture were different and I really liked it. Chase and I climbed the steps slowly behind our mother as she was escorted to the High School of Health Professions office for Chase. We walked down the hallway and I looked through different windows and down different hallways. It was crowded with people who seemed to be having a really good time.

We went into the office and got Chase enrolled and his schedule made. My mother and I wished him well and he was off to explore the school while my mother and I headed to the School of Government, Law and Law Enforcement. I had no real interest in being a lawyer but I figured the school could be a really good experience and seemed more my style than the other five schools. It was easier for Chase to choose. He wanted to be a heart surgeon since I can remember. As we walked the stretch we had just previously walked going to the office I looked at the people. So many of the people looked really happy, especially this one awkward looking boy who kept jumping on these two girls’ backs. It was rather humorous.

The door to the office was opened and we were greeted with a warm smile by some lady. She seemed very nice and very generously directed us to the counselors’ office so I could get my schedule done. I had a feeling sophomore year here could be really fun. She explained a little bit of the program and the more I heard the more I really liked it. I was in the Criminal Justice program as opposed to the debate or the Government program. I think it’s for like the people who want to be cops and stuff.

The counselor smiled at me and handed me my schedule. Once my mother and I left the office it was 8:49 and almost time for me to report to first period. The counselor had also explained that the school had block scheduling which was very new to me. I only had to go to four classes every day as opposed to eight. This was very appealing to me and I was starting to like the school already. As the bell rang I hugged my mother goodbye and began looking for my first period class. I had Chemistry first period. The room number was 237 so I couldn’t be far from the room because I was on the second floor. However, this was much more complicated than anticipated. As I was walking I saw the awkward looking boy and he looked rather approachable to I went up to him.

“Excuse me. Hi, I’m new here…uhm can you tell me where 237 is?” I smiled and tried to look like I wasn’t extremely shy and scared about asking him. Fortunately, and to my surprise, he was very…welcoming.

“Sup with it? I’m Todd but the cool kids call me Skype! 237 oh snap that’s the krunk class,” he speaks while making really weird gestures with his hand. This kid seemed rather humorous and I really wanted to learn more about him. “I’m in there too so you can just follow me and I’ll show you where it is,” he continued speaking and rambling and he was really funny. Almost everything he said had me laughing and I was glad I had made a new friend.

As the 9:00 bell rang I handed my schedule to the teacher to show that I was enrolled in that class. She looked very warm and welcoming and like a lot of fun. My chemistry teacher in Chicago was like my arch rival. Mr. Ray was his name and I couldn’t stand him. I think he didn’t like me solely for the purpose that I never really paid attention and got straight 90’s on everything I did in class. After she told me she was done with my schedule I hurried over to a seat with Skype and the other people who were at the table.

I’m not usually one to judge people but I definitely looked very carefully at the other two people at the table with Skype and me. The boy was rather skinny. He had black hair and brown eyes and a very tan complexion. He had a strange voice when he spoke but he seemed to be pretty good friends with Skype so I didn’t want to judge him the wrong way. Luckily for me, Skype seemed like he could easily be friends with anyone.

My eyes shifted to the girl that was to the left of me. She had long brown hair and really pretty green eyes. She seemed only slightly taller than I was and she had a lot of freckles, but they suited her. She was eating some Reece’s Pieces and was continuously going on about how much she loved them and how amazing they were.

“Class, I’d like you to welcome our new student. This is Marissa James,” she smiled as she spoke and she even gestured towards me. Not like the class wouldn’t obviously know who I was but I still found it nice.

“You can call me Mary,” I added. I didn’t really like Marissa. It just didn’t seem to fit me. Marissa meant “of the sea” and I didn’t really like to swim. Besides, I was raised around a lake…not a sea. I smiled at the class and they welcomed me with open arms. Well, not really, they all remained seated. The two people at my table started to talk to me as soon as Skype clarified I wasn’t “just some crazy broad”. I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that but I took it for a good thing. The boy spoke,

“Hey Mary, I’m Marco!” He smiled really big and shot up a peace sign when he introduced himself. I guess people were all about peace and love in Dallas? Chicago was borderline filled with violent people. However, I was the minority in that boat and was thrilled that someone was peaceful. I smiled back at him and shot a peace sign up right back at him and shrugged my shoulders. I looked at the girl. Her hair was messy all over her face, but it looked nice. She looked at me,

“Hey! What’s up?! I’m Skylar!!” She seemed very…enthusiastic about everything she said. I wasn’t quite sure what I thought about it but she seemed nice and I was not in a situation where I needed to be picky about my friends. I smiled at her and almost said “I’m Mary” but refrained considering the entire class knew that now already.

The rest of first period went by rather quickly. I really enjoyed it and the teacher taught much better than Mr. Ray did for the short time period I had him. I was anxious however, to get to English class which was my next class. I always loved writing. I could remember Mandy and I sitting in front of her computer writing stories about the most random things and thinking they were masterpieces. In our heads our stories were what mattered and I loved the simplicity of them.

The bell rang and I thanked Skype for his help and waved goodbye to my other two new friends. I was stoked that things were already going so well. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my schedule. I scanned it for the room number for my next class. It was 337. That meant it had to be upstairs so I trotted along and when I got there the time was almost up. Passing periods are a lot quicker in Dallas than in Chicago so I was used to taking my time from class to class. I entered the class room and gave this, rather large and scary man my schedule. Oh dear me, this was my teacher? Actually, this is a human?

“Marissa is it? Okay. Class this is Marissa. Now go sit down and I’ll handle this later,” he boomed. Oh my, I didn’t have a good feeling about this class. I sat at an empty desk at the back between the wall and this one kid who kept scratching his neck. It was rather annoying but I wanted to sit down quickly before he stepped on me. The teacher, in his loud booming voice, announced to everyone that I was there and I was too scared of him to correct him in saying to call me Mary not Marissa. It must have been obvious that I was frightened of this man because all of a sudden a vaguely familiar voice spoke up,

“Mr. Mant can Mary come sit over here?” Mary…they said Mary. I looked over and saw Skylar sitting at the front corner of the room with a smile on her face and a waving gesture. I, very cautiously, got up and scurried my way to the desk next to her. She gestured me to scoot closer to she could whisper in my ear,

“I know…he’s kind of a beast but he’s a real big pushover. Don’t worry you’ll be fine.” Her remarks were surprisingly reassuring. The rest of the class period was spent discussing Shakespeare and for once I really didn’t care about English. I was thinking about going home and I was thinking about seeing Damien after school…and I was thinking about who I was going to eat lunch with.

As the bell for C lunch rang Skylar linked arms with me and looked at me with a huge smile on her face (people smile a LOT in Dallas). She then let go of my arm and grabbed onto my hand and dragged me down to the commons. I was very confused as to why it wasn’t the cafeteria but here they called it the commons and so I went along with it. Skylar was all over the place bouncing in happiness all lunch period. It was adorable and every minute she was starting to remind me more and more of Mandy. Lunch went by too quickly and the next two periods weren’t nearly as lovely as the first two.

Third period was theatre arts and all we did was watch a movie. I didn’t really talk to anyone and I don’t think anyone really noticed I was there so I guess that was that. Fourth period was AP World History and I could already tell that there class was a little behind my AP class in Chicago so I was okay coming in late…luckily. After school I had to take the bus home and considering I didn’t take it that morning that made me slightly nervous. All I knew was my “home school” was Bryan Adams and that was the bus I needed. As I was exiting the building I saw Skylar bouncing in the distance,

“Skylar!” I called out for her and luckily she heard me. I asked her where the Bryan Adams bus was and she immediately became ecstatic telling me that that was her home school as well and we could be bus buddies. I could see this friendship blossoming into something somewhat like I had with Mandy and I was thrilled by that.

The bus ride was filled with laughter and learning more new things about each other. Skylar and I were a lot alike and we talked about the silliest things but we just clicked and I was lucky to have found that type of friendship so quickly. We talked about everything from shot glasses to what we would want to be if we were resurrected as an inanimate object. She was hilarious and friendly and I had a great bus ride with her.

As we arrived at Bryan Adams she gave me a hug goodbye as I saw my mom in a cute black Toyota Corolla. I hopped in as she showed me a belated birthday card from my aunt that lives here in Dallas. I read it in my head. It went through the usual blah blah you’re growing up blah la di da crap…until it got to this next part,

“I hope you can love Dallas half as much as you and your family loved Chicago. To help you get around town here is a little belated birthday gift for you. If your mother followed my instructions correctly you should be sitting in the passenger’s seat of it now.” I started flipping out. THIS WAS MY CAR! I was so excited and I think you could probably see my smile from five miles down the road. My mom got out of the drivers seat and let me get in. I had my license from Illinois but because we lived here now I needed a Texas one. My mother instructed me on how to get to the DMV and after a little bit of time I got my license. I was stoked and drove all the way home.

I ran inside and threw my backpack across the hardwood floor in my room. I fixed my make up a little and redid my hair and then calmly walked over to Damien’s house. I was so excited to show him my new car and tell him about school and Skype and Marco and…

“Skylar?” I questioned when she opened the door to Damien’s house. She started jumping up and down and giving me a hug. Then immediately began questioning on how I knew she lived there. I was rather confused as to why she was asking me because I was totally aware I was making a face that proved I had no idea she lived there.

Oh no, she was Damien’s sister…

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