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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008




The next few weeks at Townview were amazing. Every day, I think I fell a little more in love with the place. Aside from having chemistry and English with Skylar I also had her for my cluster law class which was awesome because that was two periods of the day. Over the weeks Skylar and I had only become closer. I was really feeling the bond that I had with Skylar to be rather similar yet immensely different from the one I had with Mandy when in Chicago.

It was a Thursday when the most eventful thing happened since I arrived in Dallas since Damien’s kiss. I woke up one morning and got into rock star mode while getting ready for school. My room was really dark and I wasn’t one for wasting electricity so I pulled up the blinds on my window that looked over towards Skylar and Damien’s house. My blinds flew up just as they normally did and I turned around before I could look out the window. The sun was obviously up but the amount of light that should’ve been pouring in definitely wasn’t.

I turned back to look at my window and my jaw dropped. Taped to my window was a big white poster with bold red letters that read,

“MARY. THIS FRIDAY, YOU, ME, A COUCH AND A MOVIE! YOU DOWN?” I quickly ran outside to take the poster off my window and tell Damien I would love to hang out with him this Friday. As I ran outside I was startled to see Damien right on the side of my house with a big smile on his face. His smile was to die for. He looked at me with a cute questionable face and raised his eyebrow just enough for me to notice.

I walked over to him calmly and collectively and gave him a huge hug and told him I’d love to watch a movie with him Friday. I was thrilled he didn’t want to go to an actual movie theatre. I just don’t quite get the concept of going with all your friends or your significant other to sit in silence. It just doesn’t seem at all appealing to me. That was one thing Damien learned about me that night we sat on the bed for hours talking.

As I let go of our embrace he looked at me and his eyes twinkled in the early morning sunlight. This was just too perfect. I had butterflies doing twists and turns and knotting up my stomach like it was some kind of pretzel. I was so ready to hang out with him tomorrow night. He kissed my cheek once more and again silently went back home. He always left me wondering and it was probably one of my favorite aspects of him.

I went back into my room and didn’t even need to be in rock star mode to finish getting ready for my day. I was in “stoked beyond belief” mode and that was surprisingly better. Life was definitely going my way in Dallas and I really hadn’t suspected that that would happen.

Once I got to school classes seemed to fly by even quicker than usual. They gave us a “discover you” day in English which was code for Skylar and I sat together talking for the whole hour and thirty minutes. She had the cutest laugh I had ever heard and it made me want her to laugh more. When she laughed her dimples were more prominent than they were anytime of the day and it suited her very well.

“And so then like my mom came bursting in…” she was going on about some story from her freshman year when her mom thought she was like on drugs or something when something really strange happened. She started laughing really hard and put her hands on my shoulders. I instantly got chills up and down my spine and she just kind of stopped and looked at me for a moment and got really silent. Then the whole room got silent and I felt like every eye was on us when in reality everyone was in their own little worlds and didn’t even notice ours. That was the way I liked it.

I quickly gestured her to finish her story and she did just that and we went on with our lives and didn’t let that little moment of…something effect us. The rest of the day actually seemed to drag on a little bit slower after that moment and I couldn’t seem to get it out of my head. I tried to shake it off and think of my date tomorrow with Damien. That didn’t work out to well. Then my mind was instantly bombarded with questions. What if there is another moment with Skylar? What if she doesn’t realize I’m on a date with him? What if she gets mad and doesn’t want to be friends? What if she doesn’t care about me anymore? The last question that entered my mind triggered the rest of them to stop. Why did I care so much if she cared about me?

That afternoon Skylar had to stay after school so I rode the bus alone which, unfortunately, just lead to more thinking that did my brain no good. Once I arrived at Bryan Adams I drove my car home which I had kept in the parking lot, to save gas, and continued thinking. Once I got home I, surprise, laid on my bed and started thinking again. All I could think about was how, pretty, Skylar looked today at school and how when she put her hands on my shoulder how quickly those chills shot up. I’d never felt anything…anything like it before. However, to my surprise, I really liked the feeling.

Around 10:15 I got a call from Mandy. I told her all about the poster and the date and intentionally left out the…moment in English today. I didn’t think she’d mind. She went on telling me about how there was some new transfer boy from Des Plaines and he was absolutely to die for. I insisted that Damien was to die for but she continued on telling me about Jonathon or whatever his name was. I couldn’t concentrate on anything he said. My mind was bouncing from one twin to the other and I didn’t think that was right.

“Mandy, I think I need to go to bed. School tomorrow and my mind is so tired I can’t even listen correctly,” I told her while making a big fake yawn. I completely just lied to Mandy. Tomorrow was a “staff development” day and so we didn’t have school and my mind wasn’t tired it was actually rather busy. I had never lied to Mandy before and I felt rather guilty but I just really needed to try and get some sleep. Despite the fact I wasn’t even close to tired.

I laid my head down on my silky soft pillow and closed my eyes. Instantly I saw the silhouette of a person that I couldn’t make out. All I could see was their eyes and a smile that was absolutely stunning. The silhouette was rather curvy, much too curvy to be Damien. When I closed my eyes, I saw Skylar.

Friday came quickly and I tried to focus on the date. I had to push Skylar to the back of my mind and I did surprisingly well at doing so. I called Mandy right at four because that’s when I’d be getting out of school so that I could consult her about what I should wear for my date.

“You have to dress casual but really really sexy,” she insisted. I wasn’t the type of girl that had an abundance of sexiness in her closet. I was actually a rather modest dresser but we ended up coming up with a really good outfit and a really nice way to do my hair that made it seem like it was just another date for me rather than a huge issue.

Around 7:15 I walked over to Damien’s house with sweaty palms and way too much body spray. I guess I was afraid it might disappear before I could make it all the way next door but that definitely wasn’t the case. To my advantage, he didn’t really seem to notice. As he opened the door he gave me that smile that made me instantly crush on him before and kissed me. This time, he didn’t kiss my cheek. He, very innocently, kissed my lips and brushed his nose against mine. To my dismay, there were no fireworks.
I can’t say I hadn’t thought about the moment I would kiss Damien because I spent the majority of Friday thinking about it actually. I expected for me to close my eyes and see colors and fireworks and for my feet to “pop” like they do in The Princess Diaries. I mean, I can’t say I didn’t feel anything because that would be a huge lie but it definitely wasn’t what I had expected.

As he pulled away from me I smiled and he escorted me inside like a gentleman. Inside, he had his ottoman set up like some fancy dinner place and even had corny candles set up. He had The Notebook ready in the DVD player and as he sat me down in front of the TV he pressed play. I had never actually seen The Notebook, unlike most girls who dream of The Notebook being their life. However, I was instantly distracted when Skylar walked out of her room. I could tell that Skylar had been warned that we were on a date because she didn’t say anything to me. However, she did smile at me and that made me feel all warm inside.

The rest of the movie was spent with me thinking about the warm feeling I got from Skylar and I felt bad because Damien had gone to…somewhat a lot of trouble. After the movie was over he looked at me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I was slightly caught off guard from the movement, but I graciously accepted figuring that it would get all this Skylar weirdness off my mind.

After sitting on his couch for an hour or two after the movie I was about ready to walk home and so he walked me to my door. Right before I opened it he kissed me again and there were still no fireworks. This time, I felt less than before. This time, I saw Skylar’s silhouette again.

It had been one week since I accepted the offer to be Damien’s girlfriend and nothing was different and nothing was better between the two of us. Meanwhile, Skylar and I spent the majority of our days together in school and when I was out of school I felt merely obligated to spend my time with Damien. I guess I liked spending time with Damien but it really didn’t matter all that much. The majority of the time was spent at his house and I found myself doing that intentionally so I could see Skylar some more. However, this afternoon was rather different.

I walked over to Damien’s and figured I’d spend some quality time with him like I usually did after school. When I got there Skylar answered the door and I was taken aback. Today, Skylar looked absolutely gorgeous.

Her hair was a big mess and it was covering her face in so many places. Her green eyes were bright and alert like they knew something was about to happen. She smiled and gave me a big hug as soon as the saw it was me and I was thrilled. What happened next however, through me so far off track I couldn’t even do anything about it. She pulled back from the hug and I leaned forward and I kissed her. I didn’t just like peck her on the lips or anything but I straight up kissed her. My mind was instantly filled with sparks and fireworks and chills sent up and down my spine so quickly I wasn’t really even sure what happened. She ran her fingers through my hair and at that moment I knew this was real.

I knew. I knew I had feelings for Skylar Jacobs.

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