The Love Story (Eminem Story!)

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: July 04, 2009

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Submitted: July 04, 2009



So your all out to dinner at Applebee’s talking and having a good time. You guys decided to sit outside sense it was nice out. Then Marshall is like “Dude, I need ideas for ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ album, anybody have any?” he asks looking around at everyone.

“I have an idea………” yells Liz jumping up in front of Marshall and waving her arms in every which way. Then all of a sudden “BANG!” a gun was fired. Liz fell to the ground.

“Shit!” Marshall yells, forgetting there are kids around.

“OMG!” you cry while the kids are freaking out and the other people that were outside. “OMG, Marshall call 911.” you say starting to freak out.

“Ok” he says and pulls out his cell and dials 911. He talks to the police for a while and the hangs up and says “They on their way.”

Finally the ambulance gets there. You, Marshall, Hailie and Michael drive to the hospital. After sitting there for like 5 hours the doctor comes out.

“Carri, Marshall, kids I’m so sorry to say but ….”

“OMG..” you say cutting the doctor off.

“Look I’m so sorry, she lost too much blood.” he says

“I understand, thanks.” you say starting to cry.

“Carri, come here its gonna be ok.” he says getting a little teary eyed himself (you know when some one else cry’s you tend to cry to you know that feeling? Ya any way) you basically fall into his arms and he hugs you tight. Now your just sobbing. (I mean you lost your best friend you knew sense you were like 5)

“Come on Carri lets go home, lets go kids.” Marshall says walking out the door still holding you.

“Ok” you say your voice is very quivery, he kisses you on the head, and pulled out his cell to call his driver, didn’t want him to drive, you wanted comfort.

“Daddy” Hailie asks “Why Carri cry?” she says yawning.

“Honey lets not talk about that right now, ok?”

“Ok” she says and drifts off to sleep as well as Michael too.

“Hey, Marshall” you say wiping your eyes.


“What are you gonna do now. I’m worried about you, ICP probably realized that they shot the wrong person.” you say voice still quivery.

“I don’t know.” he says running his hands through you hair.

“You could stay at my place.” you say looking up at him.

“Sure” he says and closes his eyes. “Man, I’m tired, its been a long day.” he says putting one arm behind his head and the other behind yours.

“Well it’s almost midnight.” you say closing your eyes as well.

“Damn” he says opening his eyes and looking down at you, then closing his again. He’s about to say something but then he sees that you fell asleep, he smiles at his and falls asleep too. (its like a 40 min drive from the hospital)

Ok so FFW to you house

Your woken up to Marshall’s driver saying “Mr. Mathers, we’re here.”

Marshall wakes up and is like “Thanks man.” and you guys head up stairs holding your kids. You two put kids to bed. And you grab some blankets for Marshall. You are laying on the couch. Talking about stuff. Your not saying much.

“Hey, you ok?” he asks

“Not really.” you say back trying not to cry again, you still get a little teary eyed.

“I know how you feel.” he says as he looks at his Ronnie tattoo on his arm. (yes he took his shirt off, and your in your PJ’S)

“Oh, Marshall I know.” you close your eyes, and he does the same. He lays there awake for a min. and he sees that your asleep. He doesn’t wanna wake you so he just pulls the blanket over yourselves and falls asleep.

You wake up and you think *omg I hope that Liz’s death was just a dream, omg it wasn’t I’m sleeping with Eminem, he looks so cute when he sleeps I wonder what time it is* You rub your eyes, you see that you controlled you self and your not crying any more. You poke Marshall and say “Marshall wake up, its 10:00”

“What where am I?” he questions looking around.

“I guess we had a sleepover.” you say to him and smile

“Oh I remember now, I must of been tired, I know you were.” you both sit up and you lay your head on him and yawn. He puts his arm around you. Then you guys stare at each other for awhile. He leans over and kisses you, you kiss him back and your no making-out. But then Hailie and Michael walk in and they are all like “ooooooohhhh” you two pull away and smile at the kids.

“Hi, Michael, Hi, Hailie.” you both say to them.

“Mommy, me hungry.” Michael says sitting on the couch next to you.

“Me too!” Hailie says and does the same.

“I’ll try to make breakfast.” say smiling.

“I’ll help!” Marshall says walking into the kitchen putting on his shirt. So you try to do the whole breakfast thing but unfortunately it don’t work. So you suggest you go out for food. You and Michael get dressed, then head over to Marshall’s so he can get dressed too. So you get to Marshall’s. He’s just like “Take a seat make yourselves at home.” you smile at his gesture and sit on the couch and Michael smiles at you.

“Nice house.” you say as he’s walking up stairs.

“Thanks!” he yells back. You and Michael just sit there for a while and wait for them to get dressed. They come back down and then you head out the door.

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